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New purpose of t-bagging

HelloThereHelloThere Member Posts: 54
edited April 2020 in General Discussions


Can we give t-bagging a new meaning. Like a friendly hello, thank you or something like that, instead of mocking and making fun of some one. Like survivor at another a survivor.

Since i think that would make the game more fun for everyone.


It was not meant to be a trigger posting. Respect if you not get triggerd of T-bagging.

It was just meant as making the game more positive as negative. To make it fun for everyone. The game is literally all about fun. I play on both sides and i don't t-bag just when i meet up with a survivor as a hello.

But as i read it already has a lot of meanings, that make it difficult to find the actual meaning. I know i have to learn not get triggerd any more but its difficult as it sounds.

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