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Are the Devs going to do anything about the hackers?

JollykinsJollykins Member Posts: 35
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I know that combating hackers is tough, time-consuming and expensive, but its literally getting out of hand. I play the game for fun and I do have a sense of honor when playing, so when I see a teammate hacking, it kinda gives some secondhand shame. Also I love watching content creators on Youtube play the game, but it really sucks when their livestreams are pretty much invaded by hackers like in Monto's streams.

Do the Devs pay attention to it? Do they watch Monto or any of their content creators to see whats going on? I dont mean any of this in a negative way, its genuine curiosity.

I dont know how long this youtube video will be up, but theres hackers going around letting players download hacks for free and showing them how to do it. I dont condone this BS and I dont know whats against policy on here but Im showing it so hopefully a Dev can see it and bring it to a higher-up's attention. Or maybe me pointing this out is all for nothing and will go unnoticed. -shrugs- I still care about the game to try...

EDIT: Video was removed on Youtube, no need in having a broken video up.

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  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 2,042

    Holy crud, BHVR you need to take these videos down!

    I'm pretty sure you could do that because it infringes on your EULA.

  • JollykinsJollykins Member Posts: 35
  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,660
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    Holy [BAD WORD]! 999 Iridescent Heads and wallhacks. Shocked that there's no superspeed or anything else. BHVR needs to fix this ASAP.

    It was hilarious seeing him play so bad even with the hacks.

    @Peanits @Almo

  • xTalon32xTalon32 Member Posts: 349

    This is something you should DM a mod or Dev about, not post on the forum.

  • JureissicPorkJureissicPork Member Posts: 20

    Yeah this is bad, to you too. You just cant post videos like this to the forums, thats against the rules even though you just want to point it out. Like others have said, just DM a mod or Dev about this.

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 573

    This is an issue with virtually all Unreal Engine games. Hacks can be patched out and sometimes easily detectable so I doubt any smart person would jeopardize their real account-- free to play weekends can be a pain in the ass tho.

  • OtakuBurritoOtakuBurrito Member Posts: 512

    Yeah there have been a lot of hackers. Some are for memes but most are Huntress and Deathslingers that levitate in the air sniping people and forcing them to bleed out. I think my favorite one was the Deathslinger on The Game whose hook hit 3 90 degree turns and the only reason IK it did that was because he stood still at the top of basement stairs and I got dragged out of bathroom around 3 turns while he was nodding his head and I was given no progression on breaking the chain.

    I had a few questionable Wraith games but the main thing is them being able to open the locker while stealth on the OTHER SIDE of a wall. Bubbas usually have the infectious fright locker opening thing where if they hit someone with IF every locker a survivor is in will open and let their location be known. See Freddy have 4 people permanently asleep. If I run into a Myers most either [BAD WORD] with models and walk around HUGE asf or with a big ass pipe or are just walking around literally sideways and levitating to the top of buildings. There have been a few who give piggy back rides and drop survivors in insane places.

    I make sure to report single one and send a vod if I can catch it clearly and while I don’t condone cheating I will admit some of these hacks are the epitome of bad Garry mods and are comical asf.

  • PayneMacLeodPayneMacLeod Member Posts: 81

    With all due respect to pc gamers, I think this is why I prefer this on my Xbox. They can’t hack that, can they? Am I just REALLY out of the loop?

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,798

    It is possible to hack consoles, but it's a lot more time consuming and costly than hacking a game on PC.

    Don't worry though, the Dedicated Servers have crossplay capability, so hackers on PC can play with you over them. You can tell they're from PC because they'll have a little globe icon by their username.

  • PayneMacLeodPayneMacLeod Member Posts: 81

    Oh, cool. I wondered what that was, lol.

    Dont suppose you can get the same levels if you switch, yeah? I’d love to try this on pc

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 1,856

    There has been people lately ddosing the killer to make him have lag in the match even tho he had green ping. Personally happened to me.

    There are still hacks to change the currency of bloodpoints.

    There are still hacks to get legacy and exclusives.

    There are still speedhackers andwallhackers.

    There is people abusing VPNs to connect into lobbies which they should be laggy on, but the game thinks the killer has green ping so the priority is given to the killer.

    There is people from PC who connect to ps4, switch or xbox matches because they're linked to the dedicated servers. They also use some of the hacks I mentioned before. Here a video:

    There was a hack to spam custom invitation messages in the middle of the match, it happened to a dev on livestream on twitch.

    Wanna know which one is fixed?

    The message spam one.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946
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    Kinda agree, at the same time this might pressure the devs a bit more, having it out in the open instead of keeping it "hush hush"

    more time consuming and costly? sorry but you have to send me some links etc to let me know where you got that from.

  • luka2211luka2211 Member Posts: 1,387
    edited April 25

    Speedhacks/ESP/Noclip are all cheats you need to pay for. Those videos are pretty much just viruses,and just because they are paid they stay in secret and are harder to detect. Anyone that has decent knowledge in C# or C++ could easily make one aswell,never release his method and it never gets patched. Edit:Forgot to say,but you can tell that vid is from the early 2019 by looking at the campfire and how it looks,regardless of when it was uploaded.

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  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704

    and you are big brain for sharing hacking videos on a public forum,if anything you either send a ticket with the video bhvr or not at all

  • JollykinsJollykins Member Posts: 35

    Im not all that savvy at forums, I wasnt aware I could DM devs. I dont use the forums all that much, I literally have less than 25 posts and most of those are comments, I just wanted the devs to see whats been happening in hopes they would fix it. Dont need to insult my intelligence dude..

  • MPGamer18MPGamer18 Member Posts: 98

    It's not actually. While the PS4 itself has been "hacked" ... it only works for very old OS build as any/all hacks are patched out with new releases and you'll need to keep that console offline to prevent it from updating. Regardless, that won't work with MP games due to the encryption. The Xbox is solid in this regards. I don't think it's been hacked at all yet. It's mainly done on console for piracy anyway.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,446

    I run into speedhacks and disabled hitboxes fairly often, as in once a day or so. It's getting really bad. I have clips of survivors running through closed gates to escape. The smarter ones are really subtle about it and I think a lot of people chalk it up to the servers. Even 2 or 3% movement speed here and there would be tough to catch for the naked eye. The smart thing would be to wait and ban in big waves. Don't want to tip cheaters off since they tend to play together.

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