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Boil over needs desperately needs a buff.

1. It should still make the killer move around more when you wiggle.

2. It should still remove the killer's ability to see hook auras, but from slightly further away than it is currently.

3. It should increase wiggle speed by 10/15/20%.

The wiggle speed bonus would not stack with flip flop, or breakout.

If the survivor has boil over and flip flop equipped at the same time, they will only recieve the wiggle speed bonus of flip flop.

If the survivor has boil over equipped and their teammate tries to use breakout on them, the wiggle speed of breakout will be ignored.


  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946
    edited April 25

    as I said in your other thread, 90% of the perks do, but you should probably post this in feedback or so

    but to react to your suggestion, I dont think you understand how flip flop works, it does not give you wiggle speed bonus.

    It allows you to build up the wiggle meter by recovering on the floor, so at max, when you are picked up, the wiggle bar starts at 50% completed.

    It not stacking with breakout is just weak game design imo, allow for mix and matching of perks but then messing up badly that 2 working together would be too strong sooo uhhh they just dont work together....cuz ermm cuz they dont.

    Personally what I always wanted for Boil Over is for the survivor to be able to steer the killer a little bit, obviously subject to balance but yeah make the wiggling automatic as long as you press A or D and allow using A or D to steer the killer a bit left or right making them run into objects as much as you can.

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  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 306

    Boil over really shines in indoor maps. That is when I loose a survivor to it. Open field maps not so much.

    Maybe increasing the amount of wobble would be good. Not the increase wiggle speed. I think that would make it too strong. Plus would make the perks you mentioned obsolete.

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