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Just saw the latest Claudette skin and while I expected nothing I was still let completely down.

Yes I main Claudette (Myers and Ghostface). Yes this is a rant.

I'll be Frank. I'm so tired of y'all (BHVR) disrespecting Claudette. Every other survivor has at least ONE good complete outfit in the sea of ugly but Claudette is here still sitting on the struggle bus for a decent skin. I have struggled so hard to put together outfits for my poor baby but y'all really make it impossible. IDK what's worse between y'all incessant need to give her dark tones or dressing her up in these 90s Sisqo dance extra at an after party ass outfits. I would let y'all slide on the 90s style clothes if they were GOOD and FIT HER.

Like I have legitimately given up hope of her getting a yellow sundress or sun dress period. And it sucks because she looks the best is skirts but I guess we're lucky we got that. I know damn well we're never seeing the beautiful wedding dress Claudette model I saw a while back in game. I get why we're never getting the maid cafe outfit that's been floating around because it doesn't match her aesthetic (but neither do 80% of her outfits but I'm not about to get started on that).

I know we're never getting Claudette dressed up as and of the "nerd staples" in reference to Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, hell ANY ######### DND CLASS THAT IS COMPLETELY LEGIT BECAUSE YOU DESIGN YOUR OWN CHARACTERS!

I just...I don't understand why y'all hate Claudette so much. What is it going to take for her to get a complete outfit that matches her personality. She is a quiet mousey girl. Y'all were going in the right direction with the sweater and uniform outfits (the colors just needed to moved around) and then came this clown fiesta of 90s hiphop video clothes out of left field like #########? I thought the horror ended with that belle of ball nonsense where she looked like a prostitute because he makeup was god awful and her hair didnnt fit her frame at all. I had SOME hope with the medice traveler outfit, but know. Here y'all are with the same horrible gown now in gold.

I see why most Claudette mains just wear whatever. Hell she just looks rushed and thrown away so often most of just thinks it's normal to look like we got our asses beat by the inside of the closet.

I just can't anymore.



  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,035

    The one in the next rift or the most recent one in the store?

  • BabyClaudetteBabyClaudette Member Posts: 109
    edited April 2020

    Claudette is getting another outfit in May that looks really really good.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,600

    I'm just gonna say that Claudette may have bad cosmetics....but Adam has less cosmetics by far and finally got another full outfit after a while and it wasn't that good of a cosmetic

  • OtakuBurritoOtakuBurrito Member Posts: 512

    is that the oogly gold recolor or is she getting another one?

  • BabyClaudetteBabyClaudette Member Posts: 109

    She's getting another one in the shop. If you go to leaksbydaylight on Instagram you can see it.

  • OtakuBurritoOtakuBurrito Member Posts: 512

    I will admit the skin looks good but I dont trust BHVR and I'll believe it when I see it.

  • TaigaTaiga Member Posts: 366

    Jake doesn’t have any good outfits either.

  • Stitch7833Stitch7833 Member Posts: 632

    i mean most claudettes all run prestige gear to blend in with everything, its honesty sad and stupid... id love them to change her shirt to white and reduce the blood and watch how many people change, personally id like a full on lab coat for her

  • GrannyonAcidGrannyonAcid Member Posts: 476

    I like Claudette cosmetics. I have the silver dress thingy. I have a white jacket and a pink jacket one. I think they all look really good. Not sure if she's really needing a lot of cosmetic work. I'd say she has some of the better looks in the game. There's a lot of survivors in a lot better shape. I had to play Jake last night for a game and his were pretty terrible.

  • Stitch7833Stitch7833 Member Posts: 632

    i know right? considering her lore and background you would of thought theyd have one, like i know shes more into the study of plants etc. and so she has the apron cosmetics but they wear lab coats too and it`d suit her so very well. I always try match my survivors to their lore so a lab coat would be my dream

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,592

    I was very confused until I realized you meant the "new" Rift cosmetic. The upcoming store one looks like her best one in a long time. But the Rift is just a recolor of an already unattractive store item, goes without saying it's not good.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,640

    Claudette mains are like their cosmetics...trash 🤣

    But now on a serious note, I thought claudette mains enjoyed the silk set she got and the urban one, also the one in her lore rift

  • DocDoc Member Posts: 94

    I don't think sundresses are possible since torsos have to be separate from pants

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,642

    I like a bunch of her cosmetics. Also, maybe consider taking a deep breath.

  • ChampagneChampagne Member Posts: 110

    Yeah I’m disappointed in that new Claudette skin, both the one in the rift (skin recolour) and that ugly winter looking thing,

    an outfit I’d actually love is like an Afro on Claudette and the pants and shirt would be a 1980s Colourful jumpsuit, no more blending for you Claudette!

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    you're welcome

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    Funnily enough people have found more reasons to play Claudette than her P3 outfit. Crazy I know.

  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285

    Bro. Just use P3. You literally become invisible. Why would you want anything else

    *hides reciept from elf Dwight purchase*

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,667

    but claudettes og jacket is so iconic 😔 dont diss her like this

  • starkiller1286starkiller1286 Member Posts: 846

    Feng min has that event dress from chinese new year so it is possible

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467

    There's a wedding dress Claudette model? Do you have any pictures of it?

  • OtakuBurritoOtakuBurrito Member Posts: 512

    The 3D model was removed because ALLEGEDLY (Please don't come for me DBD) the creator was asked to remove the 3D model as it would give people an incentive to modify game files which BHVR slaps as a no no. In my OPINION (again please don't come for me BHVR) from what I've heard around the artist mill it does seem believable as despite the games success and engine used to create models there is a chronic lack of 3D models for DBD outside of certain SFM animation channels and there were are not only any models available in the in Niconi Solid Pixiv or Art Station community (unless they are the official creator on behalf of BHVR) community but many 3D artists and modelers make it clear they do not take and DBD related commissions because "it's too much of a hassle". (Which is SUPER weird IN MY OPINION since the popularity of DBD in Asian countries is insane and compares to MOBAs and MMORPGs)

    I can provide you however with the artwork (Because 2D artwork is perfectly fine) that was the inspiration for the model. And while the artwork is wonderful it however does little justice to that dress model I once saw that had been tuned to have grit dirt and blood on it and really sold the "run away bride" thing. I can ask around in my 3D communities to see if anyone managed to save the files for it though before it was removed.

    Oh yeah and HD Renders are okay as long as they don't modify the models is ANY way. Also "what they look like renders" but that's an iffy grey area and I wouldn't suggest getting into that.

  • Melodys_RhythmMelodys_Rhythm Member Posts: 10

    I actually really like most of her outfits and think most of them actually fit with her. The only outfits that I will say don't fit her at all is her Frosh Week Warfare, Open Day Student, Belle of the Ball(Other than the hair, I actually really like the hair).

    I also don't find it hard to mix and match her clothing. Many outfits I put together are:

    The Jenpai Hat, Two-tone Coat, Pale Jeans

    Wild Violet Waves, Fitted-Button Up(Pink), Jeans Tucked into Riding Boots

    Woolen Beret(Light Gray), Official Botanist Apron, Jeans Tucked into Riding Boots

    Tropical Dreads, Fitted-Button Up(Brown), Muddy Combat Boots

    Golden Rings, Earthly Delights, Jeans Tucked into Riding Boots

    Golden Rings, White Strawberry Sweater, Bootleg High Waisted Leggings or using the two dark sweaters with the Lyrical High Waisted Pants

    Glorious Black Waves, Wild Violet Jacket, Burgundy Skirt

    Glorious Black Waves, Sap Splatted Apron, Wild Tartan Skirt

    Most of you probably don't care about the things I put together, but anyways I really like what she has. Also, cosmetics is subjective due to it being up to personal taste. Though, I will say the next skin coming into the store isn't the best. I like the bottoms, but everything else I feel like could of been better done. I do kinda what to see her in a disco themed outfit though, bright colors, an afro...etc. I think although that wouldn't really fit with her lore/personality it would be probably kinda cute. Something that would be more lore/personality fitting for would be like an outfit should would wear when gardening or studying plants, like her top we could have sort of flower designed tee-shirt with a long sleeve beige(or any other neutral or pastel type of color for the jacket) denim jacket over it that has flower and bugs embroidered into it with sleeves rolled just below the elbows for you can see her gloves. Her head piece could have some sort of straw boater hat(or some other straw hat) with either some sort of ribbon, while she wears those blue glasses of hers, and her hair in dreads or something. Lastly the bottoms could be some worn and torn jeans, not sure of the color, but it would have grass stains and some dirt around the knee area, with some nice looking boots to match. Stuff like that is probably what I'd like to see, because her color palette is a bit dark for me, I would like to see more pastel and soft colors on her, but that's just me.

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