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Dwight "Basketball team leader" skin concept by Fabiansm94

Fabiansm94Fabiansm94 Member Posts: 21

Name of the skin: Basketball team leader 

Dwight had always wanted to be popular with his classmates, but he never did. He tried to join the basketball team but they didn't even notice him.

Despite being a scrawny and shy boy he has the skills to be a great leader, but not even the basketball team gave him a chance to test that skills.


  • For his uniform a combination of colors: wine red, black and white.
  • Sneakers without laces.
  • Bandage for his injured leg.
  • A wristband to prevent sweat from running down his hand.
  • A sports sleeve to help prevent injury
  • His typical glasses

Uniform colors could vary if required. I chose red and black because that color combination looks really cool.


PS: Dwight is my favorite survivor and I wanted to create a skin about the past of his history

PS2: I have the original sketch of the drawing to show that is my creation, i will upload it if necessary

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