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Claudette Morel - Neon Rave Kitten by 2bzzi

2bzzi2bzzi Member Posts: 19

Hello, here's my entry. It's not actually finished, but I may lose my internet for a few weeks, so I'm sharing it now just to be safe. I may come back and make some adjustments later (if that's allowed...?). AnD LISTEN,,,

I know this concept would probably fit Nea more, but I want Claudette to have a colorful, cool outfit too, alright?? I was actually going to do something more...normal, but I was feelin' like a crackhead. So behold, some hot garbage.

Outfit descriptions below.

Whole Outfit:

In an effort to fit in to the crowd in University, Claudette tried participating in the whole 'rave' scene. So, she threw together a mix of what she presumed was fitting for the event and attended a local party on campus one night. But her strange ensemble of glow sticks, mesh, and glowing neon accessories had her sticking out worse than a sore thumb. Her mistake was confusing a simple party for a rave. And when she couldn't stand all the odd looks passed her way, she crept into a relatively quiet corner and buried her head in her school books. She left an hour later when the party was busted. 

That was the first and LAST campus party she ever attended. 


To hide her identity in a room full of strangers, she covered up with a kitten-whiskered neon mask, a cropped hoodie, and let her natural hair conceal a majority of her face. Her hair is only spray-dyed, of course.

Upper Body:

A cropped hoodie pulled over a simple black crop-top, a mesh shirt, and many accessorizing glow sticks. She packed her backpack with schoolbooks and decorated it with a variety of fun, glowing stickers she hoped would fit the occasion. And-... Wait, who stuck that note to her? 

Lower Body:

Skinny jeans cuffed on one side, hips strapped with a neon pink belt, and a pair of sneakers tied with glowing lace. Oh, and even more glow sticks. Can never have too many glow sticks.

And that's all! I was going to draw the alternate head, but I don't know if I have time to, since I may lose my internet and all... Anyway, I looked at a ton of other entries and feel like a clown for posting this. Bye now 🖖

Edit: Added the alt. head! And a chibi bby... And yes, I put more work into the chibi than I did the alternate head.

Edit Edit: So I redrew the whole picture to give it more clarity and to make some small adjustments/changes. One such change was the writing on the shirt. Now it says 'meow' to add to my overall cringe factor. 

And I got proof shots this time! If my ugly sketches qualify as proof, anyway...

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