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Rank Update Error for almost a year now.

  • The platform you were playing on: PC (Also Mobile gets the same error )
  • The timeframe where the error occured: 24/7, random times of being fine, but majority is Rank Update error. Has been going on since around the Freddy Rework a year ago, the exact timeframe I don't remember, but an old ticket of mine claims that to be so, but the first actual screenshot I have of me getting the error I could find was September. A different error (likely unrelated and I think I might have mistook it for in said ticket) was Save Error, back in April of last year. On PC I have never been kicked mid-game because of this, only post game after Bloodpoints have been given. Mobile it will kick me out at any random point in the match and give me nothing.
  • Logs

I also have a DeadByDaylight_2, DeadByDaylight_3, and a DeadByDaylight_4, as well as 7 backups logs, under the name of DeadByDaylight-backup-2020.04.... (varies from there)


  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 108

    Also I should mention this about DBD on Mobile: I have never gotten this error if I am using my Mobile Data, but if I am connected to WiFi it will kick me out randomly, sometimes not even load the game past the title.

  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 108

    Bumping, hoping to hear any kind of update as to what's happening.

  • DeadBySunlightDeadBySunlight Member Posts: 2

    I'm no Dev but from what I'm hearing it might be something with your internet connection. I could or course be wrong. :) Hope it fixed soon

  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 108

    Based on what I've noticed, mainly that DBD Mobile gets the same errors when connected to the same internet my PC is on, that is likely probable. It might be this router I'm using is blocking something from communicating properly, as it's not the ISP causing the problem, I know that much for sure. Because of all the Corona Virus stuff I had to move out of my college dorms, from one Internet Provider in Michigan to a different one, and the problem still exists. But I've tried messing with the router, another post I made in a different section suggested opening ports, even to ones on console I think it said. Unless I did something wrong (which is likely, I never was that good at network stuff despite taking a few classes in high school around that subject), it didn't change anything.

    Based on the large number of similar cases, it might not entirely be my routers fault, but I think it's a very complex issue and the devs probably are having difficulties figuring out how to fix it. I do realize it takes a lot to fix what I assume is a network error, and especially in these times where it might be more difficult to resources be easily accessible, that this might take a while to be fixed. I'll try my best to be patient, though sometimes it is hard. This can be frustrating. At the same time, it's also probably helped me not flame a lot of people after a game (or get flamed), so I guess sometimes it's a bit of a blessing in disguise lol.

    I'm also not sure what the other logs I have are for, but I have a few others, please let me know if you would need me to upload them.

  • lunaposalunaposa Member Posts: 88

    They most likely wont fix it.. We've been having this problem for over a year now, and when I got an email they said they would use this as an expirence for future updates. Not including or asking anything for my details.

  • TommyMD18TommyMD18 Member Posts: 6

    They know about it. It's not your router or internet connection it's happening to loads of people who have pumped alot of money and over a thousand hours into the game.

    Theyre working on playlists and things that are super important at the moment for the game so if I was you I'd think about finding a new game because they'll be "looking into it" forever.

  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 108

    I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. I'll assume they don't have 1 team for everything. It might be delayed until after crossplay or some other network changes, but I think they'll get there. Sorry you feel this way, but even if the bug frustrates me, I still play this game a lot, because I generally have fun with this game.

  • TommyMD18TommyMD18 Member Posts: 6

    It's just a little bit annoying that it's been going on for so long is all... Its first choice for me but a huge part of it is ranking up after that rank reset and playing with and against good players to get to rank 1 yano and not having that anymore is fairly frustrating at times.

  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 108

    Bumping, still have been having this problem extremely frequently.

  • DE_DireWolfDE_DireWolf Member Posts: 22

    I have the same problem with the rank update error but I found a solution. You need to use VPN and connect to a server close by to where you live. So not changing country etc., just that you get a new IP-Adress. And this fixed the Rank Update Error for me and I never had the same issue again. (live in Germany and connected to a server in Germany, Frankfurt)

    Hope it helps you too:)

  • radwulfradwulf Member Posts: 109

    Same since the plague, worked for a while when demo came out, and with Oni its broken again, only on Up pip.

    this screen shot in from today.

  • lapizlasulilapizlasuli Member Posts: 8

    Same error, same solution .... Nothing ... Only a Silent hill DLC xDDD

  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 108

    I've tried using a VPN, but it ends up giving me network errors instead of booting me out mid or post game.

  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 108

    Still happening.

  • DartRunnerDartRunner Member Posts: 20

    I get these issues almost every game too so it isn't just someone's internet :/

  • julixnjulixn Member Posts: 6

    I am using betternet premium... And that solved the rank update error for me, if I don't use the vpn while playing, I will get the error 100% sure.

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