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PC - Random Audio Cues throughout matches

DiamDiam Member Posts: 50
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Step 1 : Boot the game (PC)

Step 2 : Play as killer in a public match

Step 3 : Walk around

Step 4 : Notice random audio cues play, such as David groaning.


  • Character played - Demogorgon (Happened on Legion too)
  • Perks played - Devour Hope, Save The Best for Last, Discordance, Pop
  • Map - Irrevelant, any map / most maps
  • Frequency of the issue - Every killer game I go in as of update 3.7.0. I don't believe it happens when I play survivor. Happens randomly but also frequently when I enteract with something (kick gen, close hatch).



You can hear what seems to be a David moan after I close the hatch, it sounds like it comes from the hatch.

Then you can also hear another noise from something near the fire bin. It sounds almost like a crow but this plays randomly throughout matches also.

These random noises keep happening and make me lose chases, please fix.

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  • DiamDiam Member Posts: 50

    Update: The 'David Groan' sound plays whenever I interact with breaking a pallet, searching a locker, kicking a gen, and closing the hatch. I am not sure about vaulting.

    The small crow chirp sound plays randomly throughout the match, and possibly in the lobby as well. This might happen when I play survivor also, but definitely as killer.

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