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Flash lights should be removed from the game

In nearly every game a survivor has a flash light.

You down a survivor go to pick them up and boom drop them because some blinded you and this happens multiple times in the game.

You chase a survivor and they drop a pallet and boom yet again blinded and this is happening on every pallet drop going.

Flashlights needs either nerfing of removing from the game because they're so over powered and used by really good players or really good swf groups.

I for one would like them removed from the game or set on a timer so they can't be used as often to avoid being so over powered.

Your thoughts are welcome.



  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    If there is a wall I'm forced to face it even though I don't want to.

    How can you fake picking someone up if the survivor who has the flash light is hiding out of view just waiting for you to pick the survivor up. I don't know they're there hiding. All of a sudden they're there blinding me.

    It's every pallet drop. Drop a pallet, blind, run to next pallet, drop then blind, repeat all the way around the map. It's costing to much time to get blinded on every single pallet.

    I play on the PS4 and I SC every game at the end if I remember. Over the last (SC) 109 matches I've had in this game, 54 games didn't have flash lights and 55 games had flashlights. 1 game had 3 players using flashlight and 5 games had 2 players using flashlights and the rest of the matches had at least 1 player using a flash light. So that makes a ratio of at least 1 in every 2 games has flashlight players.

    So to sum up nearly every game I'm having to deal with a flashlight user blinding every possible chance they can. I think it's a time the flashlight got a nerf so it's not able to use as often or some sort of nerf for it.

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    You know what's OP in this game... SWF using comms. Let's killer have out flashlight nerf.

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    Use it a few times and obviously you get better at using the flashlight. Practice makes perfect. Then that player will be blinding every pallet drop all over the map and blinding the killer on survivor picks up.

    The flashlight must be useful because in my games 1 in ever 2 games have flashlights in them.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,896

    Hard disagree, they're one of the only truly interesting items in the game unlike boring toolboxes that just make a bar fill faster, and basic medkits that make you fill another bar faster but with the added bonus of being able to heal yourself.

    And come on, you "shouldn't have to look at a wall if you don't want to", really? You have a great counter available right there whenever you down someone near a wall, if you don't use it then it's your fault if you get blinded as a result. Should NOED be removed because someone "doesn't want to do totems"?

    Someone hiding nearby sort of has to predict when you're about to pick someone up unless they're hiding extremely close to you. Fake the pickup, spin around and unless they're behind a tree right next to the downed survivor you can often see them going for the save. If they keep their cool and wait for you to actually pick up and then get the save then they simply did a good flashlight save.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    1) "If there is a wall i'm forced to face it even though I don't want to."

    ...I'm sorry but that sounds... Ridiculous...

    2) I'm pretty sure I already said how to. You go over their body and wait there for a second. Unless the survivor is really smart they'll come out because flashlights need perfect timing and you can't really run out last second. I've had killers do it to me many times, it works.

    3) You're saying this like flashlights have infinite batteries. And if that survivor is hard to catch give up and go for someone else. The gens are being done while you're chasing them - they're not worth it.

    Listen... You seem like you struggle with killer. Maybe try playing survivor more or find a killer you feel more comfortable with... or you know... Find a different game that doesn't aggravate you so much..

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    To say I'm playing the game. I guess I already know how to play.... :|

    You will not get any reply in the future if you're just being a bad troll.

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    Yes I'm forced to look at the wall. I don't want to look at the wall just because their mate is sat there ready and waiting to stun me. I always look at the wall now even though I don't want to.

    I'd agree with a good flashlight save but almost every time there is a flashlight right there ready and waiting. It needs a nerf to stop it being used as much as what's it. I've seen a lot of players complain over flashlights about this game and I'm one of them.

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    I see what you're trying to do. You're trying to aggravate me. I'm doing really well on this game tbh. I mean really really well. It'd surprise you in the rank I'm. You shouldn't be telling any players to go find another game to play at all.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,315
    edited May 2020

    I rarely get light saved and even when I do I give props to the dude who got it. They're hard to get (unless the killer misplays), if the killer even has an inkling you're going to try it it's almost impossible due to wall facing/pickup baits/looking in the other direction.

    It takes 3 seconds to pickup and 1 second light blind. So the momment you pick up the survivor essentially has 2 seconds to be in the correct position to get the save.

    If the killer is smart about it this means that really the only way to get a save is for the killer to not know where you are and getting a suprise blind (which means you got outplayed) or if the killer picks up unsafely and gets punished for it (which also means they got outplayed)

    Also unless the light comes from a chest (and sometimes even then) you'll know they have a light and will need to play around it.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    Are you joking? I can't tell

    Just in case you're not, no... I'm not trying to aggravate anyone... I'm just giving you advice on how to play against flashlights. And thats nice? If you're happy playing the game then you do you but from all the posts i've seen you don't like the game very much.

  • drakonukarisdrakonukaris Member Posts: 118

    Flashlights are mostly fine and really aren't anything to cry about, the only thing I would suggest is to make it so batteries don't stack with each other and the low amp addon might need a bit of a nerf.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,089

    That goes for everything doesn't it? Also if you're facing flashlights that often how about Lightborn? Or Franklin's Demise?

    (and as someone above mentioned, Looking at a wall, fake picking up+180)

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,043

    You can look at a wall, bait the flashlight save, look around and run perks like Infectious Fright to stop flashlights. Flashlight saves are already a bit difficult to pull off and have a limited use. They don't need further nerfing.

  • KwijtamineKwijtamine Member Posts: 4

    I'm not a killer main (but i'm a rank 1 killer) and I don't care if I happen to get a swf with 4 flashlights. I'd be glad cause that means they'll be trying to be more alturistic which is the more fun side of dbd instead of humping gens. There are no good killers that complain about flashlights unless they just like to complain about everything to hide the fact they're just a bad killer. Flashlights can be annoying but it can be a very rewarding or very useless item and it depends on the survivors skill to pull off flashlight saves but most importantly the killers knowledge and awareness because no matter how good u are at flashlight saves a good killer can avoid it from happening easily. I think this post is based on your experience in this game but there is things that actually need to be removed/reworked such as moris, keys & a lot of addons that require no skill at all.

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    Franklins hasn'd unlocked on any character yet. Not one of my killers has it.

  • Lymantria_LunaLymantria_Luna Member Posts: 7

    I have to disagree. As a survivor, the flashlight is not an easy tool to master. It takes quite a bit of practice, and luck, to successfully save a team mate with one. I'm very new to playing killer, and it seems like someone brings a flashlight to almost every match. But you learn very quickly how to avoid it if you're smart. To be honest, it's easier to avoid the light as a killer than it is to use it successfully as a survivor.

  • KolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolby Member Posts: 499

    If you get blinded during a pickup more than once in a game that is 100% your fault. There's a dozen things you can do to avoid flashlights, and you don't even need a perk. Don't go staring into an open are like a dog looking for snacks when you pick up a survivor.

  • SmeagolthevileSmeagolthevile Member Posts: 171

    Gotta echo another comment here. Problem isn't flashlights, problem is SWF groups using them. Its when you get someone down after players constantly harassing all game, and they bodyblock you in and flashlight.

  • MerokoMeroko Member Posts: 104

    You actually cannot hear them running when you are blind, when blinded you are deafened. So that's false information my man.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    Can you provide some evidence of this please? Because I hear them just fine when they're injured.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,506

    FYI flashlight are the biggest handicap for survivors. I never get tired of flashlight warriors who are just running at me as soon as I stop next to downed survivor. You instantly have 1 slugged and another one in chase, which means 3rd survivor will have to drop everything to come and help the downed one.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    Gotta agree with this. Most games I have with flashlights screw me over more than help - though that could be because i'm just goofing around :P

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 539

    I picked upa survivor earlier on the game and my dcreen had 1" of view on the right (50" TV). So we're taljing this gap is tiny.

    I got a flashlight through that gap.1" gap.

    The flash lights atm are so over powered.

    Another map. I was running towards a survivor 15 to 20 feet in front of me. someone flashlight me while i was going towards them.. Whers from? I dunno.

    The distamce thesw flash lights is umreal right now.

  • SpookyPumpkinPiezSpookyPumpkinPiez Member Posts: 273

    Nah man flashlights are hard to use, especially with controller

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