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New Rift, Old Complaint



  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,886

    If you are playing killer.

    There are more survivor challenges than killer.

    Survivor queues at the time of Rift 1 could take me anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes (after the first couple weeks anyways, of which then I had been playing killer). For some people on console, survivors queues were taking up over an hour.

    So yes, it took 290 hours to complete the rift, because I'd be lucky to get 3 games in an hour if somebody didn't disconnect immediately causing the game to cancel and restarting the entire process all over again (which happened A LOT) and if somebody didn't rage DC/suicide on first hook which would generally cause the game to end much shorter than it would (which happened A LOT against Spirit and Freddy) and if I didn't die early assuming the earlier two did not happen in the first place anyway which would generally happen when I was attempting to do challenges that I was struggling with, like the flash light challenges, because I've barely ever use them aside if I get unfortunate enough to look them from a chest which usually ends up with me getting slapped with the killer's weapon anyways.

    This isn't even considering the other [BAD WORD] that could happen. Getting kicked from dedicated servers being stupid, or the killer rage quitting, or my internet/power just going out or getting stuck in a locker causing me to DC -- these didn't happen often, but that's still time efficiency down the drain and more time sat waiting in queue.

    Eventually I said [BAD WORD] it and started playing killer and just AFKing after I got all of my tiers done in the last two weeks because I wouldn't have made tier 70 otherwise, but when a Rift's grind takes so long to the point that it makes you just not want to play the game, then is that really something I would want to support? Something that burned me out so badly that it made me take an extended hiatus from the game?

    I'll let you figure that one out yourself. I'm sure you can do it.

    If your not playing the game much, why are you here complaining? Obviously the Rift is not for you, it's for the people that dedicate a lot of time to playing the game already. Again you have an entire store full of cosmetics, why do you care about the Rift cosmetics?

    This is an open forum. I am more than welcome to give me opinion or critique on something. I don't need a reason other than that. I simply stated how I felt about the Rift and why. Then other people decided to take my criticisms on the Rift like it was somehow a personal attack or something. The fact that people are way too defensive over my opinion is the proof.

    I already said plenty of times that I do not care about the Rift cosmetics or that I don't like the Rift at all. Just because I do not like it doesn't mean I am barred from speaking about it or having an opinion on it. And as far as I am aware, you also don't need to play a certain amount of hours of the game a week to be allowed to have an opinion, either.

    I was already suspicious about the Rift in the first place and if you really care to look that far back in my post history, then you will see that. I also said however that despite my suspicions, if they nail it, this could be something really, really great for the game, and despite my suspicions, I was also excited about it!

    And in my opinion, they did not nail it.

    I gave the Rift a full complete try anyways despite my suspicions. My suspicions were confirmed true. I gave feedback on my problems with it. I explained what I liked about the Rift (what little there was, but there was still a couple things). I gave my feedback on what I felt was bad about the Rift. I gave my feedback on what I think needs to be changed about the Rift. Not a single one of these things has happened to change the Rift. I can't do anymore than that.

    I'm not shitting on people's parade, I simply stated my opinion. You need to stop taking my criticisms on the Rift as a personal attack. This is like grabbing my face, smacking it across your own face, and then trying to accuse people that I hit you. Stop it.

    And no, I am not blowing smoke about Myers and Ghostface. I am simply relaying my experiences. Again, just because you have a different experience, does not make you right nor me wrong. It means you had a different experiences. But when you keep trying to stalk someone, and it doesn't stalk, and then when you finally can stalk someone, it takes you into tier 3, only to tier you back down to tier 2 without your knowledge, or that you stab someone in tier 3, and you see them go down on the floor, only to disappear and be several meters away injured instead of downed, well, maybe our views on the definition of "working product" differ, but that doesn't seem like he's working as intended to me and I have no interest and playing a killer that's riddled with so many bugs.

    But hey, I guess that's just me being bitter and just wanting to "look for something to hate" eh? Totally no valid criticism here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • UseTheValveUseTheValve Member Posts: 112

    League is free and DbD also give you free skin now and you can buy killers and survivors with shard which before you couldn't.

  • rottmeisterrottmeister Member Posts: 157

    Apart from the empty spaces and the over the top grind, I'm not that bothered by DBD's battlepass. I've seen way worse in another game I play.

    The grind is imo the biggest issue. Even if I put all my free time into it I don't think I could even complete it.

    Currently I'm grinding hard, because I desperately want the Kate and Legion cosmetics. If I get far enough into the pass I might buy it.

    I've completed all the challenges already (of this level) and on top of that played a bunch of other matches, yet I'm only at tier 15.

    Last time I got to tier 65, I think? And I even used nearly all of the obtainable auric cells to skip a bunch of levels.

    It just sucks that you're expected to play this game every day for a couple of hours, to complete the pass.

    I hope I get to tier 70 before the pass ends.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,486
    edited May 2

    You seemed to have missed the point I made that if you play killer you can easily get about 1 tier per hour just on XP. If survivor que times are that bad then play killer. You will get the Rift faster than if you played survivor for challenges just from XP alone. So what if you don't get kills either, play for BP and emblem points. Better than waiting as long as you do for a survivor game. You can basically skip over them if it's necessary.

    "I'm not shitting on people's parade, I simply stated my opinion."

    You are though. You called it a "unethical and anti consumer" which it's not. It's just not the system FOR YOU because you don't want to play the game enough to earn the rewards. Once again there is an entire store full of cosmetics, so why do you even care about earning anything in the Rift? If anything you are getting more BP from challenges regardless of how long it takes you to do them, so you still kind of benefit even if your goal is not to finish the tomes or the Rift.

    Some of your complaints are valid yes, but then you go off on how the system is exploitative which it's not. That's you being bitter.

    Know what I do when a game has a battle pass and I don't play the game enough? I DON'T BUY IT! I also don't sit there and complain I don't get the stuff in the battle pass either. Gears 5 has this whole mess of a system, and I have been playing Gears since 2006. I have over 25k hours across the entire series. I played Gears 5, didn't like it, didn't care for the stuff they offered in the battle passes (operations) and simply walked away from it.

    If you are playing the game as little as you say you are, and NOT paying for the Rift anyway, you shouldn't really be complaining.

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 759

    This rift is actually pretty good, it improves every time. A lot of the charms are less tacky and more realistic killer belongings in this one, I love most of them. The challenges are nu.berous enough fof both sides at last too. They should do their pass mord like ghe one in Magic arena in terms of payouts but it's good enough now

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,886

    If I don't want to play killer when I don't want to play killer, then I don't want to play killer when I don't want to play killer. Is this concept difficult to understand somehow? Again, I don't want to be locked into playing "whatever role has the lowest queue time" for the next 2 months. I want to play what I want, when I want. This shouldn't be difficult to grasp. You are literally explaining why I hate the Rift grind so much, forcing me to have to do something, and yet somehow you are unable to grasp why I find manipulative and unethical and don't want to support it when I have said many times I hate having to be forced, to be manipulated into do something I don't want to do in the first place.

    I also don't sit there and complain I don't get the stuff in the battle pass either.

    Show me where I allegedly did this or even alluded to this? Because I specifically recall saying that the battle pass is not worth both my time and money. Multiple times. Not that I am bitter because I can't get the stuff or that it should be free.

    In fact, I vividly recall saying that I don't want this season's battle pass specifically because I already own the one cosmetic set I would be interested in (the Claudette one) and that I think the recolor looks worse.

    Here's me saying that here, in fact:

    ...And again here:


    It's almost like I never did or said anything remotely close to the things you claim that I did.

    Funny that.

    I am pretty sure I said at some point that I would prefer to just have an option to turn the Rift off. Not sure if I said it on this thread or another thread, but yeah, I would like an option to just pretend the Rift doesn't exist. Challenges and all. I don't care about the blood points nor the charms. I still have yet to even equip a charm.

    I don't care how much you think me having a differentiating opinion than you is "shitting on people's parade". It isn't. It's me having a different opinion. That's a fact and it isn't up for debate. You don't know me and you do not get to tell other people what their intentions are, especially when you apparently claim they made statements they did not make in the first place.

    I think it's unethical and anti consumer and I explained why I think so multiple times. I am not going to repeat it for the upteenth time. There's no room for interpretation here on what I said. I've made it pretty clear.

    Either actually read the posts without putting words in my mouth and making up statements and brash assumptions that I very much did not say or even elude to, or alternatively, please accept at least on the most basic level, that we have two different opinions about the battle pass, it's okay for us to have two different opinions about the battlepass, and to stop bothering me about it. Because my opinion about it is not going to change, and my opinion is not an attack, or some "bitter rant", or anything else. Just. My. Opinion.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,213

    Hah, I just so happen to not care for any of these Charms, and find the last one to be the least appealing of the final Charms so far. 😜

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 216

    Lets just be simple. DON'T BUY IT!!!!!! if it takes so long and you don't enjoy it don't spend your money. I finished the first rift with time to spare playing both killer and survivor on XBOX and survivor queues are terrible on xbox. But it wasnt ANYWHERE near 290 hours for the first rift. you could finish the rift in a week if you really wanted to. GGs

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,886

    I'd love to see someone try to finish the first Rift in 1 week without buying any tiers, considering there is only 168 hours in a week and you would not have access to the other three tiers of the tome.

    I also think you are forgetting that we had an extra 11 whole days for the first rift.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,263

    I'd like to see some rewards in the empty spaces of the free track as well. 🙂

    Maybe something like this...

    Empty Spaces within 2-10: 5,000 BP

    Empty Spaces within 11-20: 10,000 BP

    Empty Spaces within 21-30: 15,000 BP

    Empty Spaces within 31-40: 20,000 BP

    Empty Spaces within 41-50: 25,000 BP

    Empty Spaces within 51-60: 30,000 BP

    Empty Spaces within 61-70: 35,000 BP

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 216

    I finished that first rift in a little over a week. and no i didnt buy any teirs. we had an extra 11 days but i finished it in a little over 17 days. ggs

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 216

    Also i just started the rift on one of my smurfs 2 days ago and im already on tier 11 in less than 8 hours of gameplay.

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 216
  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,886
    edited May 7

    Sorry but I find that very, very hard to believe, when many streamers who play this game at least 8~12 hours a day still took at least a few weeks to finish their rifts.

    The math just doesn't line up.

    It takes 800 EXP to get one rift shard, and it takes 10 minutes in game to get 500 XP (the soft cap; any longer means you lose efficiency, any shorter also means you lose efficiency). Which means, in the best case scenario every time, not even counting queues, or loading, or just sitting ready in the lobby, it would take 2 perfect games of 20 minutes to get 1,000 XP. We can basically chalk this up to about 3,000 XP an hour, so 3,000 XP an hour best case scenario which is VERY unrealistic but let's just give it the benefit of the doubt.

    That's 3.75 rift shards an hour. We need 10 to go up a single tier.

    Let's say you did all of the challenges in the first tome as well -- didn't even do them; they were all just completed, which was about 80 rift tiers -- which is actually a very generous estimate as well, by the way. 8 rift tiers, so 62 to go. That means we need to get 496,000 XP. We're making 3,000 XP an hour in the best case scenario. So we divide 3,000 by the 496,000 to get the number of hours it would take us to do the Rift.

    In this case, even if we got the first tome challenges done for free, giving this the BEST possible scenario which is incredibly unrealistic, it would still take 165 hours out of the 168 hours in a week to do if you never slept, if you never ate, if you never took a break, you had absolutely perfect games, with absolutely no queue times, no ready up time, no loading times, if it was just pure match time of absolutely perfect games.

    I very, very, VERY highly doubt that is what happened and therefore I do not believe you.

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 216

    you believe what you want to believe but 290 hours?!?!?! come on my dude you are either not very good at the game or you're exaggerating. i know how long it took me to finish the rift whether you believe it or not it happened. As i said previously even in this rift in two days i did 11 tiers NO challenges. don't believe it you can watch the VODS from my stream. I have receipts. I respect your opinion and all, but I in no way see this game as anti consumer.

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 759
  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,213
  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,750

    This. Or put XP/Bloodpoint Boosters in those spots. Make it last a day or so. Or add universal offerings, like splinters or party streamers. There's plenty too be done then just have empty space.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,750

    This. If every free spot in the pass gave something, it would make less people buy it, thus less sales. And since BHVR is happy too go too the bare minimum just too appease people, they add just enough too keep most people happy and buying instead of filling a 10$ battle pass in a 30$ game with over 100$ of DLC too make it fair.

    As i've said for a while: BHVR is super greedy, don't forget it lol.

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,886
    edited May 8

    I will believe what I want because the statement you provided is impossible for you to do and I backed it up with some pretty easy to do math and fact checking.

    Skill has nothing at all to do with how long it takes to do the pass.

    Aside from challenges (which again, in the first Rift, I completed all but 4 of them) the only difference between completing the rift or not is how quickly you are able to get into games. The difference between a killer who gets a double pip to one who just AFKs and gets 0 emblems as killer would get the exact same amount of EXP. EXP in a match is based solely on how long the match lasted, and nothing else. It does no matter how good you are, it does not matter how bad you did. It is solely on the amount of time spent in a match, up to a cap.

    We can do the same thing again. The first Rift, barring the 4 challenges I didn't complete, was about 300 rift shards, or 30 rift tiers. That's 320,000 XP I was required to grind through matches alone.

    It took around 20 minutes for me to even get into a match (which was actually better than what it was for some people on console), plus queue times, plus the fact not every match was perfect, So I was only able to get around 3 matches an hour. Because the XP wasn't perfect. Most matches would net around 350~400 XP, but we should also count the first match of the day bonuses (which I was getting), so let's even give this a boost and say I was getting only about 1,200 XP an hour. Or 1.5 rift shards an hour. Again we need 10 rift shards to get a tier.

    Making 1,200 XP an hour, it would take me roughly 266 hours for me to get the Rift done with as many challenges I did with at the pace matchmaking was going at.

    However, sometimes queues would take longer than normal if say, we got 4 players, and then someone left, or the lobby itself bugged (remember when that happened?) Sometimes a match just wouldn't start for some reason because someone didn't connect so it was forfeit and back to the lobby we all went. Sometimes matches would be shorter than normal (this was a time when people just LOVED to kill themselves on first hook against Freddy and Spirit, or DC against them, causing much shorter matches than normal and thus, less XP). Or sometimes the game would get stuck in an infinite loading screen, causing me to have to restart the entire game, thus wasting more time, etc etc. Or even more, sometimes a game just lasted an absurdly long time, longer than the 10 minutes, causing the time efficiency to drop. This was common too, as a lot of people would be a lot more immersed than normal, trying to get their challenges done, especially the escape ones, meaning practically nobody is doing a generator and are too busy hiding. Had games like that too. Or hell, some games I died early or escaped, and just wanted to spectate the rest of a match until its complete conclusion.

    This is also not counting time when I wasn't queuing into a match, but may have been spending blood points elsewhere (like on a killer when I wanted to play survivor but needed to dump points so I didn't cap out on them), or waiting for friends to be ready in a SWF, and whatever else people do on DBD that isn't sitting in a queue/waiting in a match.

    So yes, with all of the above issues, 290 hours is perfectly reasonable. Hell of a lot more reasonable and believable than finishing the Rift in 165 hours anyway. Besides the fact that I was sitting at a perfectly even 792 hours when the Rift came out (including the 11 extra days), and when I completed the Rift and achieved tier 70, I was sitting at 1082 hours, which is how I measured how long it took, from start to finish.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,486
    edited May 8

    I can confirm that @ill_Boston_lli went up 11 tiers in less than 8 hours of playing.

    Fact is you should be earning about 1 tier per hour of playing. AT WORST 1 tier per 90 minutes. We both tested this and you can easily do it that fast, survivor or killer.

    That means it would take, at most, about 100 hours of playtime to do the Rift JUST from XP alone. This doesn't even factor in challenges, which would cut off about 30 hours at least.

    If you play about 2 hours a day on average, you should have no problem completing the Rift with time to spare.

    Also your argument about big streamers struggling is unsubstantiated. Most of the big streamers outright buy the entire Rift day 1. True and Puppers were both sporting Rift cosmetics on day 1. That means completing the Rift is irrelevant to them. This besides the fact that they should definitely, 100% be completing the Rift way early if they actually play that much.

  • Terra92Terra92 Member Posts: 235

    Yeah but the stuff this time is just utter garbage. Tome I was pretty cool because it looked like a lot of Legacy alternatives. Tome II was cool because Feng's ogre costume, Hag's icy leaf costume, and several other parts. Tome III is another Feng outfit, and it's not even good looking. Ew. And the paid rewards are just ugly as sin, too. They should have picked a different character, like maybe one of the featured survivors or killers in the current Tome? No let's give everyone a different color palette of Feng's default, that'll get people to play our game more.

    This is the first Tome I'm not paying into, and it's because the rewards are mediocre at best.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,258

    And this is why my idea will never form I'm already lv 55 on the rift lol

    They need to let me donate rift point to a friend (they still have to buy the pass) just let me help people's with a life get some of the rewards. Yes I have a 50 hour a week job before you ask lol

    There was a guy who wanted puggles knife but was only 30 if I could of donated he would of got that knife no matter how many levels he needed I'd of grinded it for him. With all the negativity that could of been a positive just saying.

  • haglinghagling Member Posts: 200

    it's literally the free track they're giving you that stuff just for playing, i really don't get this. i have a very minimal income and i can easily recycle $10 from one rift to the next to the next, if you wanna be frugal you're paying $10 essentially for endless rifts full of outfits and charms that would cost much more sold separately in the store.

    or you're not paying anything and you're still getting free stuff, again, just for playing. I think it'd be generous if the devs put s'more filler in the free track, maybe throw in a few more recolors and all the people who don't wanna pay to support dbd can just have those, but to suggest it's corporate greed that they're not giving you enough free stuff is a bit much for me.

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 216

    you say impossible??? a 10 minute game gets you about 600 xp 800xp gets you a rift fragment. do the math. to top it off you have challenges that bump you up 3 to 5 fragments per challenge. This rift is more dooable than getting wet in a rainstorm.

  • Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 788

    Devs, just put on each empty space 100 shards. By doing this you'll fix also the problem of iridescent shards being farmed only mindlessly.

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,886

    No, you can't confirm nothing. "I saw him do it" proves nothing. Besides, getting 11 tiers in 8 hours (with challenges) is a HELL of a lot different than claiming he did the Rift "in a little over a week". getting 11 tiers in 8 hours is possible, but to complete the Rift in "a little over the week" is impossible. And someone who lies once about something, probably lies twice.

    We already did the math with being again, INCREDIBLY generous with it. I already showed my math when I personally did the rift as well so we know with my earlier claim that it is quite in the realm of possibility with what I was claiming earlier.

    He made a claim, I did some basic digging into the math, and even without even going too deep and giving the most ridiculous generosity in the math as possible, I could see he was lying. Therefore, he has no credibility. Even if we were to give him two whole weeks, with the generous math, that still leaves a frighteningly scary amount of little wiggle room if you just account for needing to sleep, let alone everything else that was omitted to give the best chance to make it possible like queue times, loading times, ready up times, non-perfect games, etc.

    To get a tier per hour, you would need to earn 8,000 XP an hour. This is physically impossible to do without the aid of challenges and even that is pushing it, though ultimately impossible to calculate without knowing how many rift shards will be in the next 3 tiers from the challenges themselves but with having to deal with queue times, ready up times, and loading times, as well as each game unable to be perfectly efficient, I very highly doubt it's possible to do the Rift in just 2 hours a day, even with completing every single challenge unless the amount of rift shards given per challenge completion is considerably high (in the ball park of around 100 rift shards per tier, give or take), which I've yet to see a tome tier actually give 100+ rift shards from challenges alone.

    10 minute games do not give you 600 XP. They give you 500 XP, the soft cap. 600 XP from game time is the hard cap. And in reality, even if you could get 600 XP per 10 minutes, in reality, you still couldn't do it in a week because again, queue times, ready up times, and loading up times exist which I omitted from the calculation to both, be generous, but also to prove how ridiculous your claim was. You'd still have to never eat, sleep, or take a break at all to even have a chance. The only other explanation was that you literally cheated with a bot to play and enter games for you while you slept, but if not, then it is impossible for you to have done it in "a little over a week".

    I've played a 45 minute long game (approximately) before. Still only got 592 XP. My longest game of 2 hours (hatch standoffs were fun btw) gave me 597 XP. These are not counting emblem XP (which is a mere 1~2 XP per emblem point you earn)

    Getting the hard cap of 600 XP in 10 minutes is physically impossible and is simply not how the game works. You can't just make up false statements and argue with cognitive dissonance to try and prove your false narrative because all someone has to do is test out your claim themselves to know that what you're saying is impossible. Anyone could go into a game right now, play for 10 (or even slightly longer) minutes, and see that they would not get 600 XP as you claim, aside from the fact that it's already fairly well documented. Please, just stop making stuff up.

    Unlike you, I did do the math. That's how I figured out your statement that you did the Rift in "a little over a week" is complete bull, even with being ridiculously generous with the estimates. You threw out a random low time frame to white knight the Rift and got caught lying and proven wrong with basic math, even with my being incredibly generous with said math that your claim is impossible.

    The only exception would be if you started late on the Rift with all 4 tiers available, but then is that really doing it in a week? Did you not play DBD at all for nearly an entire two months? I find that hard to believe as well. Even still, again, you would be pushing it incredibly tight if you so much slept, let alone all the other issues I keep saying exist.

    Just move on already, please. You're cannot convince me that the Rift is fine by making bold-faced claims that are literally impossible and making up false information to try and "prove me wrong" even though anyone can easily go and test themselves that it's impossible to get 600 XP in 30 minutes, much less 10. All you've done is achieve the opposite effect by being apparently so desperate to white knight the Rift that you needed to lie.

    I'm out. This discussion has run its course.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,486

    Except he did it on stream which you can watch. I'll leave it up to him if he wants to give that information.

    We played 6 games together in about 2 hours, we could have had 10 but we were wasting a lot of time between games (15 minutes at one point). I got 5 almost 6 Rift fragments on XP alone, and we had a killer DC in 1 game which would have been the extra XP to get a full 6. That means I could have gotten 10 Rift fragments in about 2 hours of playing as survivor. We did the math on the Rift and you can get 42 full tiers from JUST the challenges, leaving 28 tiers you need to earn XP. If it takes 2 hours to get 10 Rift fragments, extrapolate that and it means 56 hours just to get the XP needed to finish the Rift outside of challenges. If we assume you do majority of that time while doing challenges, you could VERY EASILY complete all 70 tiers on the Rift in under 80 hours of playing.

    Also I love how you say "11 tiers in 8 hours is possible" but then go on to say you couldn't finish the Rift in under a week. If you extrapolate that time, it would take about 60 hours to complete the Rift, which is entirely possible in a week. Your statements are contradictory. What is it? Can he do it or can't he?

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