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New licensed DLC killer ideas

Know1357Know1357 Member Posts: 1

I think chucky, pinhead, candyman, slenderman, killer clowns from outer space and the tethered killers from Jordan Peele’s Us movie would be perfect in dead by daylight ps4


  • Spectre13Spectre13 Member Posts: 179

    Yes to Pinhead, Candyman, Chucky yes but Idk how they'll make that work and no to the others.

    Let's get A Xenomorph (alien to the uncultured swine), Predator, The Thing, Headless Horseman (a good Halloween idea), Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankensteins Monster, Black Lagoon Creature. The movie possibilities are all there.

    And let's not forget other horror games. We can add Pyramid Head, Nemesis Tyrant (RE), That crazy giant cross bitch from Outlast 2, that snow monster from Ski Free lol again lots of possibilities

  • SrTenediniSrTenedini Member Posts: 1

    Hannibal would be great to see too

  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 561

    Chucky would be cool, but I think they said they can't not for size but because he's become more of a funny haha guy than a horror guy. their words not mine.

    Pinhead YES

    Candyman seems already likely (I mean, the actor who is playing candyman in the new film followed DBD recently) although we can't be sure. would be cool

    Slendy boy I personally think would be cool as a one and only creepypasta one, but I could see everyone saying he's cringy and stuff which I find disappointing. SM is rooted so deep in the horror culture that he feels like he should be in, but his correlation to creepypastas makes everyone have the thought process of "creepypastas = cringy. slenderman = creepypasta, so therefor slenderman = cringy" thanks to how poor a lot of the creepypastas are as of today.

    KCFOS is way too unknown to be featured, although I think it could be cool

  • RaveanRavean Member Posts: 94

    Godzilla, King Kong, The 50 foot woman, The Blob, Tarantula and Octoshark

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