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In-Lore, Who Would the Most Powerful Killers be, Best to Worst?



  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285

    Everyone is saying how Spirit is the most powerful. I disagree. All killers can dream except Demogorgon, so Freddy can easily manipulate them into potentially killing themselves.

    In terms of sheer willpower? Michael Myers and Spirit are the most powerful. The entity cannot fully control either of them, so if there ever is, a "final chapter" of DBD, I believe the catalysts for the end would be Myers and Rin.

  • I_Eat_WormsI_Eat_Worms Member Posts: 324

    spirit is invincible can destroy world, entire cities, little petite Asian ghost can do anything, can never be harmed just phases in and out

    -crys at pallet

  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 550

    She can feel pain, she just isn't physically damaged by it. All you accomplish by trying to hurt her is making her even more angry, just like her perk Spirit Fury.

  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 550

    Technically dead people/ghosts don't dream, so if Spirit can't enter the dream world and Freddy can't enter the real world they'd probably just obliviously coexist and kill whoever enters either area. Though I'd imagine Freddy might catch on to her existence at some point and continuously try and fail to get rid of her.

  • I_Eat_WormsI_Eat_Worms Member Posts: 324

    if we were truly going by "lore" freddy would techinically be invincible and kill all of them because they have no dumb teens to interfere with him. you saw how he ######### up immortal Jason in the dream world up until the kids came in the picture (like all the other noes movies). also everytime freddy dies he just comes back because he is a dream "demon". but in dbd he is not like that, it says it in his story, plus it would be boring. you are just saying that because entity made spirit look like an onryo means she inherits all powers of every single onryo in fictional existence. she just looks like one it never says she can destroy entire cities, if she could the survivors would all be dead, but they aren't, entity doesn't MAKE killers into extremely powerful things like an actual onryo but he can make them look like one (oni)

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,869

    It's very much implied or even stated That The Entity messed with Freddy's power so he's not as strong as he used to be before he got trapped

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 890
    edited April 2020

    This post right here, chief. ^^^^

    If the Spirit was half as strong as she is being talked up to be, she would merk every survivor within the opening seconds of a trial. The Entity is like a kid with a tub of Legos and a deep understanding of what's OP and what isn't (foreign concept for most people, let alone a kid). It makes or pulls in killers based upon their lives or their emotions and sorta just makes em look like something to either convey the image of power (Spirit) or to piss em off tenfold (Oni). Freddy was nerfed to hell by the Entity on purpose because he's almost godtier, people really think the Entity would let the Spirit have the true power of an Onryo and let her raze cities? Pfffftttttttt.

  • I_Eat_WormsI_Eat_Worms Member Posts: 324

    ah yes this only applies to petite asian ghost spirit none of the other immortal bloodthirsty undead demon killers. most of them just sound bored that they were stunned again spirit cries like the baby she is. oh wait but why didnt she phase out to avoid pallet???????????????????? i thought she could phase out of danger whenever she is attacked lol

  • I_Eat_WormsI_Eat_Worms Member Posts: 324

    yep, people who say spirit is most powerful is just horny spirit fanboys who are obsessed with petite asian ghost girls wanting their precious baby girl to be most powerful being in existence with the only argument being a crappy excuse of "SHES BASED OFF ONRYO REEE"

  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 550

    Please don't sexualize the spirit, that's disgusting. And please don't mock other people for not changing their minds if you do the exact same thing.

  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 550

    The whole discussion was about who was the strongest killer without the entity's restrictions. And even if she was restricted by the entity she'd still be pretty much unbeatable, razing cities aside. She can flicker in and out of existence at will and teleport anywhere she wants in game, which is pretty much impossible to win a fight against unless you have the ability to stop time or something

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 890

    Stubbornness is only a worthwhile trait when it comes to things that are 100% undebateable. The Spirit's power is not something a wise person would be stubborn over. Without restriction, Freddy would melt the world because he can. Without restriction, the Nurse would teleport anywhere she wants and exact her psychotic tendencies. Without restrictions, the Trapper could hold all his bear traps (scary AF trust me). Without res-

    Point is, the Spirit isn't the end-all-be-all killer when we have a literal dream-demon and a woman who can phase through walls. She's strong, but not the best.

  • I_Eat_WormsI_Eat_Worms Member Posts: 324

    sorry i wish i didnt have to but its kinda true

    teleport anywhere (thats close by because it doesnt last long and goes on recharge), flicker in and out of danger (yet fails to flicker out of pallets or flashlights)

  • LexilogoLexilogo Member Posts: 584

    Why are you assuming that things like getting hit by pallets/flashlights aren't restrictions placed by The Entity?

    When making discussions like this, you have to make some kind of speculation as to what components of this game are just game mechanics/imposed rules and which aren't. I mean, in lore terms for example, Myers wouldn't even be remotely phased by a pallet bumping into his side. While Freddy is the only Killer explicitly mentioned to have his abilities altered a little, we know this is the case to some extent for all of them, as if that wasn't the case they'd be able to Mori anyone they wanted, would just grab Survivors and kill them instead of hitting them and letting them run for a few seconds, ecetera.

    So, what do we draw off as fuel for this? Look at material outside of Dead by Daylight. Freddy has a film anthology, Spirit/Nurse have specific character inspirations we can draw on for material.

    And, sorry to break it to you, but in Freddy's film anthology, he is regularly defeated by people far weaker than the Killers on display. And no, that isn't somehow a testament to his power like you try to spin it by saying "kill all of them because they have no dumb teens to interfere with him", dude, I think anyone in microsleep fighting Freddy instead of running from him would figure out his weakness of pulling him into reality very fast. (note: one might invoke Myers here, but Myers is typically evaded and only fought head-on with things like firearms and explosives. Not really the same thing to the teens of the Nightmare series, who all pretty much win the moment they pull Freddy into reality)

    He does do crazy stuff like turn people into cockroaches, but it's unclear if he can just snap his fingers and do that, or if he needs conditions like making them fear him. To be honest, given the frequency that he doesn't do that, despite him often knowing he's at great risk, I think something like that probably IS the case. If he really could do anything in the Dream World without restriction, how many times in Nightmare films should he have just instantly obliterated everyone? He sure hates many of the characters enough to resort to that instead of his preferred drawn-out kills, on at least some occasions. Or maybe just make their legs spontaneously explode or something?

    Meanwhile, in traditional ghost mythos, ghosts are rarely dealt with at all and are often considered far beyond human abilities to deal with, and those that can be dealt with are usually appeased, or tricked, or ran away from, not stabbed to re-death. Spirit is only ranked higher because she's clearly inspired from a specific category of ghost that can help narrow down roughly where she stands in that larger mythos (much like I might cite a Scream movie when talking about Ghostface, even though Danny Johnson isn't actually from that franchise), Nurse is generic so she's a little less clear in abilities, therefore she's ranked just under Spirit. (plus other factors like blinks being worse in a fight than yamaoka's haunting, nurse not having the rage factor spirit does, ecetera)

    I'd also like to note that this analysis is FAVOURABLE towards Freddy- Because DbD's Freddy is Remake Freddy, who showed himself capable of basically nothing except creating a dreamlike environment and slashing people. Allowing previous Nightmare films to be used as points of discussion is a massive degree of leeway the character is being given.

    With all that said... Seriously, dude, you have been EXTREMELY obtuse in this discussion which is why I at first stopped replying to you. That unhinged rant about sexualising Spirit is what got me back, for the record I don't give a damn about her character specifically, I don't even own her Chapter, and my personal favourite in the roster for design/gameplay, Trapper is nowhere near the top of my own list. I never questioned why you have the opinions you do or your character, I assumed and still believe you're being honest in your opinion, so do other people the same damn courtesy.

    Not changing your mind =/= stubbornness. I'm willing to debate because I think it IS debatable, this is a silly discussion about hypothetical characters over the internet with extremely vague powers in the cases of Spirit/Nurse and very sketchy powers in the case of Freddy.

    The primary reason why I personally put Freddy below Nurse/Spirit is primarily because... Well, do they even need sleep? Can they even sleep? That's kind of a big deal when you're facing Freddy. You could even make an argument killers like Hag or Oni may or may not still be capable of falling asleep, though I think that's too far into speculative waters.

    Is Freddy still an extremely powerful character? Of course he is. He is obviously not a flawless god-tier unconditional reality warper, though, and I think arguing that he could "kill" ghosts requires far too many assumptions about the ghosts and himself that go against the direction of what their respective lores indicate to take it seriously.

  • I_Eat_WormsI_Eat_Worms Member Posts: 324

    getting hit by pallets and flashlights are restrictions by the entity. spirit was made by the entity, therefore has complete control over what her power is. she isnt stronger than you see her. making spirit stronger than she is just to put "restrictions" when you basically created her, really wouldnt make sense. spirit is not an onryo, she was made by the entity, entity needs to put restrictions, so dont expect entity to make a killer an absolute god to only take it all away. you are thinking just because spirit is inspiried by an onyro, she is an onryo and inherits everything about an onryo, when she is really just a dead girl recreated by the entity so she can kill (but she cant kill everything because that would be no good for the entity). like saying, oni is inspired by an oni (immortal demon), so therefore he is suddenly an immortal demon? no he is a dead dude created by entity and clearly inspired by onis (its in his name). and also as dumb as it sounds, in a way its like saying macmillan is an immortal slasher because he is inspired by jason

    licensed killers already have powers, so they just get some of it taken away like it says in freddys bio

    freddy gets "killed" by stupid teenagers because b movie logic, jason gets "killed" by stupid teenagers because b movie logic, myers gets "killed" by stupid teenagers because b movie logic. if you put an onryo in a b movie, they are gonna get stopped at one point by a idiot teenager. in freddy vs jason, when there are no teens to interfere, jason gets his ass kicked by freddy, freddy pushes/kills asides teens easily in the middle half of the movie. in almost all the f13 movies, jason is an immortal killing machine but decides to walk slowly at everyone and teleport and kill the non protagonists. jason basically dies at the end from a dumb teenager and comes back in the next movie either instantly killing them, trying to kill them, or ignoring them. in noes movies, freddy is basically a god and could clearly kill people faster but soaks in the fear because he wants "vengence" so bad. freddy dies at the end from a dumb teenager and usually has a plot twist where he isnt dead and the credits roll, then he comes back next movie. in halloween, myers is an immortal slasher who could easily kill everyone, but slow walks and teleports just like jason at the non protagonists to only die by the protagonist. myers basically dies at the end from a dumb teenager or (smart) doctor or random person, and then has a plot twist where he isnt dead and comes back next movie (except the third).

    most of this community clearly goes insane for petite asian women which might be a pretty big deciding factor in why these people become stubborn and instantly believe spirit is the most powerful due to her being only based off an onryo and not being an actual onryo, because she is created by a being that restricts other beings it creates or pulls in. people who just actually believe spirit is the most powerful are blind

  • YeetusDeeletusYeetusDeeletus Member Posts: 14

    Michael is obviously the strongest, the man is evil made flesh. Hes durable as hell and throughout the movies takes so many hits and shots, hes also super strong and cant die

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398

    Pyramid Head may be the strongest now, not only does he have the power of Silent Hill and a huge knife, he can also outright kill a survivor at base. Even Michael needs an add-on to do this. Pyramid Head wouldn't fear Freddy so that manlet is getting chopped in half. As for Spirit.... we all know what he would do to her ;)

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