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Random FPS drop during games

KerychKerych Member Posts: 3

After the recent patch during games, the FPS randomly drops by 30, making it really hard to play. It seems to be not dependent on the map or game phase, as it will start at random, reducing FPS for about 1-2 minutes, and then returning to normal. Number of players or who the killer is doesn't seem to influence this either. My friend has the same issue, even though his computer is better than mine. Has anyone encountered something like this and maybe knows how to fix it?


  • BarpleBapkinsBarpleBapkins Member Posts: 36

    I've encountered this issue while playing Leatherface on Rotten Fields. The framerate would absolutely tank and go down to 15-18 FPS. Then again, it could be the fact that I run the game on a potato, but with tinkered graphic settings I can usually get about 30-40 fps, but I digress. I'd usually average 30 fps on Rotten Fields, but my most recent match as Leatherface the game for some reason just dropped dramatically in frames to the point where I was tempted to DC.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 11,099

    What version of Windows are you running? There are current issues with Windows 10 1803 (and to a degree 1709), that causes FPS drops in a variety of games - Rocket League, Battlefield 1 and I believe people are also reporting it happening in PUBG with the latest update.

    I couldn't run 1709 for example as my fps drops would be immense, I would go down to 5fps from 60 at random times in the game, so had to roll back to 1703 (actually ended up doing a full clean install of 1703 to get my fps back to what it was), I've been ok on 1803 so far though - no idea why it should be different seeing as more people are reporting issues with 1803 then with 1709.

  • KerychKerych Member Posts: 3

    I have Windows 10 1803. I guess I will try to roll back to 1703 and see how that works out.

  • KerychKerych Member Posts: 3

    It did not help. I am inclined to believe that the problem is with DBD, as other apps and games work fine. Maybe I have to change something in config files?

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