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Why DC or Kobi when someone is just about to save you?

Isn't that just being toxic to your fellow survivors?

If I'm racing to unhook someone and they attempt to Kobi or Deliverence I just stand there looking at them.

Survivor is supposed to be a team game!


  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 659

    Yeah, just rude folks honestly. They get their shits and giggles by being annoying. I've been running Deliverance a lot lately, and I try to use it as soon as the killer is out of sight. I'd rather not waste my teammates time. If they're already near by though, I'd let them save me.

    I've wanted to let those people die so many times, lol. Catch me on a bad day and I just might!

  • OwlzeyOwlzey Member Posts: 274
    edited May 14

    Probably because kobes give you points if you manage to pull it off. It is frustrating when they do it right in your face but oh well, I guess. Personally I don't bother attempting escape unless I know for a fact no one can save me.

  • DollsDolls Member Posts: 397

    Was it goes to be a safe unhook...maybe they didn't want to be farmed.

  • The_HordeThe_Horde Member Posts: 83
    edited May 14

    I used to do it at low ranks because I always run kindred and when I see I'm going to get farmed, because the survivor isn't paying attention to kindred and probably isn't running borrowed time. I purposefully run kindred for everybody else, and they still flock around the hook with the killer 2 feet away waiting for their unhook points.

  • andyollollollandyollolloll Member Posts: 853

    No, wasn't farming just saving them. I'm not sure how I'm going to get out of purple ranks if they keep doing this

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,067

    Because I want points too

  • DweeteaterDweeteater Member Posts: 30


    https://us.v-cdn.net/6030815/uploads/051/kobegiphy (2).gif There was an error displaying this embed.

    I'd do it if the guy attempted to farm me previously or is about to.

  • miachan22miachan22 Member Posts: 15

    I will suicide if the match is clearly lost or the survivors are potatoes and/or the killer has a ebony memento mori. I hate getting mori'd.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,153

    I had people suicide on a hook because I was doing a gen which was like 95 %. Some people expect you to save them 0.2 seconds after they got hooked and will then blame you for farming. Those are those people who will kill themselves if you don't save them instantly, they don't know what time efficiency is.

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,151
    edited May 14

    When I play as survivor sometimes it results to me having to sit there When my teammates Are working on a near by generator. I fight to stay alive once the claws drop on the hook Which Is fine with me if I’m able to get off of it. But sometimes they wait until the last second to save me. And also if the killer doesn’t leave when I’m Hooked . I Definitely will do it.

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