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Moris need to change



  • rephaimrephaim Member Posts: 96

    How about an annoying ghost offering for survivors that let's them come back as a shadow version of their character so they can point and emote to their fellow survivors and run around annoyingly with the killer?

  • its_garrusits_garrus Member Posts: 4

    I never understood nor do I seek to understand why keys equate to moris in some people’s heads. Until a killer has to hook all survivors once like a full survivor squad has to do 5 gens before a hatch spawns, they do not cancel each other out. One-hook mori a survivor before 3 gens are done and THEN tell me what imbalance looks like.

    ”Ohh but toolboxes, uhhh BNPs...etc”

    This comment is over a year late and things have changed, but the situation stays the same. Eliminating one gen means absolutely nothing in comparison to Thanos-snapping a surviving at the beginning of the damn game with a mori.

  • pizzamess11pizzamess11 Member Posts: 149

    I absolutely agree that moris need a change dont necessarily agree with your change but a mori change should only come with a key change as they basically accomplish the same thing, which is to skip your obj. Keys to a lesser degree but still they have the same problem.

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