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Camaraderie - Buff - The anti-camp perk

What it does:

Life has taught you the importance of friendship which has given you strength.

While you are on the Hook 

 in the Struggle PhaseCamaraderie activates.

If another Survivor is within 16 metres of your Hook while Camaraderie is activated, the Struggle Phase timer is paused for 26/30/34 seconds.

"So, remember once you get in there... pretend like you don't care. There you go, you're learning my friend. You're learning." — Steve Harrington


The perk was usable ONCE per match, YOU had to run the perk, YOU had to be on the hook, ONLY USABLE IN STRUGGLE PHASE.

Camaraderie sure, but Steve doesn't just help himself, he helps others.

My idea:

  • If you are hooked or another person is hooked, the hook timer will be paused for 20/25/30 seconds WHEN you or another person is WITHIN that 16 meter radius. The perk will ONLY activate if the person hooked or the person nearby has the perk ! It will work in 1st phase and 2nd phase of the hook, not only struggle. Radius can also be increased per rank: 16/20/24 instead of 16

What the new change does:

  • Can save a person's life from hitting the 3rd phase or 2nd phase while activating in the nick of time.
  • The unhooker or the person hooked only needs to have the perk
  • Killer will have to go out and look for you and either down you to stop the perk, or push you out of it's effective range. Thus granting other people or yourself a chance to unhook.
  • Will work in 1st phase and 2nd phase of the hook, NOT just the 2nd phase.
  • Can be a viable SOLO PERK, for those that play Solo
  • Buys the survivors more time to do gens / unhook.


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