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Suggestion: Exhausted status buff (Killer side)

Hi everyone.

Actually, exhausted status funtionality is to share CD with others Exhaustion perks.

This funtionality is only survivor side. If a survivor is exhausted and he/she hasnt any exhaustion perks, the status is useless.

My suggestion is add to Exhausted status an aditional effect.

 Exhaustion (buff): Survivors with Exhausted status have regular breathing considerably louder.

This change have a few impacts:

  • A survivor with Exhausted is more easy to find
  • Have synergy with Stridor perk.
  • Its not countereable by Iron will (Mindgames are more dificult for Exhausted survirors)

P.S: I play survivor more than killer. Thanks for reading me.


  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 8,393

    Exhaustion Add Ons are already some of the strongest Add Ons. And should not exist anymore in the first place since they were created in a time where Exhaustion did recover while Running.

    They will most likely be removed once the respective Killers get their Add On Overhaul.

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 47
    • Exhaustion addons are ok
    • Exhaustion addons are strong because a lot of survivors use Exhaustion perks in his builds.
    • Exhaustion perks are very good and potencially strong and thats why people use it.
    • All potencially strong perks should have a counterpart or especial conditions (like mettle of men, Second wind, Borrow time, Deliverance, etc).
    • My suggestion works as a counterpart of this survivor perks.
    • If people normally didnt use those perks, Exhaustion addons will be a wasted slot.
    • Survivors are not obliged to have those perks in his builds.
    • Im trying to do Exhausted Status less specific and more generic. (Like oblivious status, broken status, etc)

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,206

    All potencially strong perks should have a counterpart or especial conditions (like mettle of men, Second wind, Borrow time, Deliverance, etc).

    Yet MoM and Second Wind's drawbacks are so strong they make those perks bad...

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 632

    No. Just no. Exhaustion perks are not OP or unbalanced.

    • Sprint Burst only lasts 3 seconds. Its a personal favourite because it avoids the first hit, but after that there is no use for it. All you'd need to do is remember who has it and don't try to hit them before their sprint.
    • Lithe only lasts 3 seconds and you need a window to activate it. The vault speed is not effected so you can still hit them while they're doing so.
    • Dead hard can get survivors out of a lot of situations, but on PC it is now used for distance more than anything... Again.. If you know they have it then wait for them to use it before hitting.
    • Balanced Landing was nerfed, so it's only good once and you need to find a place to fall from which can be a downfall (no pun intended)
    • Head on is mainly just for memes.
    • Adrenaline is strong, but killers can bring NOED too so it's even.

    If the devs were to remove all exhaustion perks the game will die fast. They are so valuable to the community it's too risky, and they don't need nerfs, because you can counter them pretty easily and they aren't a deal breaker 90% of the time.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 632

    I may have misunderstood what you wrote... awkward 👀

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 47

    I dont think they are bad perks, they are situational and little used. I also dont think that Exhausted perks are op. A bad perk for me is Up the Ante.

    My question is, why limit Exhaustion status to just a few perks when this should directly affect the survivor (like Blindess, Broken, Exposed, etc).

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