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Remove DC penalty

Honestly, I get the whole point of trying to reduce dcing; however having it will not discourage people from dcing. People will still DC. And chances are you'll be losing people more and more. People dc because killers camp, or killers wanna Dodge lobbies/teams because they feel they can't win a match. There's zero penalty for killers that slug and/ soft camp/camp. As it is of someone tries to save a survivor, the killer can yank them off in seconds, meanwhile its like a slow cut scene to get a survivor off the hook.

In all honesty, all that the ban is doing is encouraging toxic gameplay such as trolling, camping, tunneling and farming. People will still DC.


  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,563

    I don't understand how the ban is encouraging toxic gameplay. BM Killers does camp and tunnel all the time, and they don't do that more often because of DC ban. If you want to DC, then DC and take your penalty, while you not in the mood to play the game.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343

    Camping and tunneling aren't toxic, they're strategies. Just not particularly fun strategies.

    And it's not true that penalising something doesn't disincentivise people from doing it, nor should we neglect to punish people for doing the wrong thing just because some people will do it anyway. Imagine if we applied that logic to laws in real life.

  • n000b51n000b51 Member Posts: 282
    edited February 2020

    "People dc because killers camp, or killers wanna Dodge lobbies/teams because they feel they can't win a match."

    @Nyxis_Fier : and the only guilties for this bad behaviour are the managers & developpers because they openly disapprove & try to eliminate with camping BP sanctions when killer stay too close to the hooked survivor. We all clearly see now how useful this sanction is for survivors and how the killer's behaviour are today ingames.

    Very good, "pretty job so far" again, best games of our life !

    @Fibijean : if camping & tunneling are killer's strategies, DC & camping are survivor's strategies as well.

    Killer as you just make me a lot of laugh when some of your kind of players to lecture others about "camping strategy". How noob are you campers to buy a game to stand on the same place ? What the point ? Don't have you something else to do ? Are you even aware playing Barbie's and Majorettes for kiddies are more "active" game contrary to the way you pretend to play ???

    It is another absurd behaviour as only an absurd game can openly show to the public.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343
    edited February 2020

    Camping as a survivor would be a strategy, I suppose, although I'm not really sure how you'd do that.

    It's debatable whether DCing for strategic reasons is a legitimate play or not. Personally, I would say no, since DCing is quitting the game, not playing it, and the developers seem to agree.

    EDIT: I didn't realise that last bit was also directed towards me. I'm not even close to being a killer main, as you would know if you did your research before trying to discredit my argument on that basis, but nice try. Nor do I camp when I play killer, I just don't demonise those who do. The rest is just blatant insult, so I'm going to go ahead and ignore it.

  • n000b51n000b51 Member Posts: 282
    edited February 2020

    I supposed you was playing this way as killer because you was defending killer gameplay by this single sentence.

    You can ignore my message if you are upset by these simple but true words, but you can't go ahead about DbD since this game is already on bottom of the wall and I'm convinced you already know that.

    Still in games, behaviours can break rules & things. DbD is the best example.

  • WilliamzWilliamz Member Posts: 143

    Absolutely and completely disagree.

    Every problem you listed is a skill based issue. "Slug and soft camp, camp" these are counterable by first identifying it, playing objective, using the correct perks to counter and most importantly be willing to trade yourself for the hooked person who may be about to enter struggle state or death.

    First off, slugging can be dealt with a number of perks but more specifically, Unbreakable. Camping is dealt with by pushing gens while someone waits for the opportunity to take the trade on the hook before a hook phase ends. Taking Kindred will help massively if you are a solo player or even in a swf, I run this every game as survivor as it's an S tier perk with the amount of information you get off this alone.

    Trading yourself for the hooked teammate before their struggle state is an advantageous play. If you have BT this can help massively if the rescued player can take the hit in protection of the rescuer and can even body block the hook if the killer picks up the rescuer instantly.

    If the killer is sitting very close to the hook they are most likely looking for a grab in that case and you need to get to hook about half way before the hook phase end state and keep feinting the rescue animation, just keep doing it constantly until he hits you as he will be pressured in that situation and then take the rescue. Don't go over the half way point of the progress bar and you wont be grabbed.

    If the killer is slugging during the end game when all survivors are down and not finishing it this a game hostage situation which should be recorded, reported in-game (put your name in the report) and then sent to bhvr customer support service (including your name again to trace) using their player report under ticket support service on their site.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,620

    If you want explanations: Hooking survivors near 99ed gens kinda forces killer to camp, BBQ and Thrilling can give you even more information that "camping" might be a good idea then, so do scratchmarks and stupid survivors revealing themselves by any other ways. That's about camping "strategy"

    You are probably talking about facecamping for no reason. And that, as said in like 100 other threads, should force the survivors to rush gens to punish the killer behavior. People complain about NOED rewarding bad killers? So does DCing. Hang in there to give your team the time needed to finish the game and flame in chat as you like, when you need it. But don't DC

  • Nyxis_FierNyxis_Fier Member Posts: 112

    Camping and tunneling aren't strategies. They're cheap ways of getting high points and beating the game faster. Which 9/10 the killer walks away with 13k.

    And this isn't real life it's a game. Lmao It's one thing of you're cheating and another when you're trying to have a fair match but can't because you keep getting toxic killers. It draws people away in the end which loses customer/gamers.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343

    Whether in a game or real life, the laws of common courtesy still apply.

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 464

    Just let them hook you and move on to the next game ????

    Eitherway I seriously doubt there's been an increase in killers camping/tunnelling you.

    Just another serial dcer whining.

  • SiveriousSiverious Member Posts: 12
    edited February 2020

    There actually has been an increase I'm bm killers doing whatever they want because of the simple fact that you can't leave now unless you want to be penalized for it I was watching her stream last night and she got 3 games back to back with the killers just slugging everyone right off the bat they didnt make an effort to hook anyone til they were absolutely sure that everyone had been downed for good yeah much fun gameplay, then the last three killers completely tunneled her they saw other survivors even some tried to take a hit for her and the killers ignored them and only went for her til she was dead, so you saying there hasn't been an increase in this kind of crap is completely false

  • Nyxis_FierNyxis_Fier Member Posts: 112

    They are NOT skilled based. Slugging, tunneling and camping is a cheap way to end game fast. Yeah I can be identified, it's obvious as hell. How can anyone play and complete objective when the killer keeps coming by every min? There isn't even a trade yourself for them. Lol point for a survivor is to survive as a killer is to kill. Camping, tunneling and slugging is just a cheap and toxic way of going bout it this making the game less fun. Which is why people leave.

    The other massive problem is, there's way too many hooks. There's one like a feet away from the other an so fourth. There's no need. I never go to the half way mark, and they still grab me off. Lol

    I do report. But the main issue is when they slug in the beginning, zero gens done. I see it more in the beginning then in the end. Last night I did have a match where end game all was slugged. He soft camped and stood by his noed.

  • Nyxis_FierNyxis_Fier Member Posts: 112

    Lmao I see it happen 8/10 of my matches. I don't whine I'm simply stating for the general. I see people talk about it on FB as well and share videos of campers,tunneling And slugging. And yeah there has been a significant amount of toxicity increase.

    Normally I don't DC. With a ban or not it won't stop me from dcing. Especially when there's a toxic killer not allowing anyone to game. No point in it. Lmao it'll just encourage me to play another game as it has been for many others.

    So nice try.

  • Write_By_DaylightWrite_By_Daylight Member Posts: 126

    I agree. D.C penalities just encourage further toxicity and only push players away.

    Which at the moment, is what DBD devs and company has been doing ever since they were bought.

    I feel as if they are intentionally doing this.

  • WillWolf76WillWolf76 Member Posts: 19

    Lets be very clear, CAMPING is a strategy. You want to discourage camping then stop being a crappy survivor! Survivors being stupid are the reason killers camp!

    I generally don't camp but if 3 survivors are near me while I am hooking someone, why would you think I go to the other end of the map. If I get the one person who is great at looping and giving me a hard time, do you think I will let them go so easily for a whiny little survivor? It is whiners like you that RUIN the game, not killers camping and tunneling. If you don't like being tunneled, then learn how to loop! Stop being a crappy player! If you don't want killers to camp, then stop trying to save people on the hook! Go to a generator and actually DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DO!

    Survivors like you are USELESS to me and I won't save you because you don't do enough gens. You are too busy dying and I am trying to escape. I will leave a useless person in a heartbeat and running in to save someone being camped, you deserve to be put on a hook for that stupidity. BT is not an anti-camper perk and if you think it is, then you don't know how to play!

    So instead of WHINING about how killers camp, how about you either quit the game or start focusing on generators. The strategy to counter a CAMPER is to NOT FEED A CAMPER! You feed a camper, you are the REAL REASON we got campers. You want to get rid of camping killers, get rid of the stupid survivors who run in to save camped people! I don't like playing with those survivors.

    And yes, if I am being camped I don't want you to save me. I want to laugh at the killer in chat that I wasted his time defending my hook so everyone else got away! You ruin that, you are worse then the camping killer in my book!

    And to be clear, DCing is not a STRATEGY. It is AGAINST THE RULES PERIOD! It means you don't want to play. If you don't want to play, then don't click READY! It is as simple as that. When you click that READY button, you are telling the game you are ready to go into a match and play the game. If you DC, you are not playing the game and ruining it for 4 others who went into that match! Last time I looked, who the hell were you to screw around with the game for 4 others?

    So the penalties are not going away, but if you keep DCing then you will!

    Yes, I am blunt and I am to the point. Survivors are WHINERS and MORE TOXIC then any killer could be!

  • ZonZon Member Posts: 6

    thats stupid. its like saying camping in cod isnt toxic. lmao. camping is a toxic strategy. period.

  • ZonZon Member Posts: 6

    thats really situational. hes talking bubba facecamping or farming killers.

  • ZonZon Member Posts: 6

    slugging isnt toxic. its a viable strategy. camping and tunneling are toxic, but im never going to accept slugging is toxic. hell, i like getting slugged. dont have to takea hook stage. camping is cheap because its a guarenteed secure on a kill. thers multiple counters to slugging. tunneling has one counter but you can slug for DS. perks like soul guard, unbreakable, and tenacity counter slugging. however theres no counter to camping or tunneling besides BT or protection hits.

  • ZonZon Member Posts: 6
    edited June 2020

    again, very situational. hes complaining about camping when theres no survivors within a 10 mile radius. he never specficially said that they're camping because there was survivors near by. "survivors being stupid are the reason killers camp" by 'being stupid,' do you mean palying the game? do you mean gen rushing? do you mean looping? its a mandate for survivors to do these things to survive and win a round. however, its not a mandate for killers to camp to win, yet they continue to do it? you cant complain about survivors being 'stupid' when they're just playing the game. "survivors are whiners and more toxic than any killer could be!" blatantly false. theres no way to deduce if survivors or killers are more toxic than one another. its literally impossible. even as a killer main ive encountered more toxic killres as survivor than toxic survivors as killer. so if its one, killers are more toxic.

  • R52GR52G Member Posts: 257

    I feel for this. Myself and many others been forced off and gotten the ban for “bad internet” even though it’ll work fine the rest of the time. I do agree that I don’t think a ban like this is the best idea to stop DC’s just because some people don’t care and others get forced out. I still think they should do something for those who intentionally disconnect, but I think they need to improve this system so people who don’t disconnect but are forced out anyways don’t get punished.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,620

    1) this is a necro thread.

    2) I said "if you talk about unreasonable facecamp"

    3) still DC is the worst solution. OP said "people DC because of facecamping etc". Simply nope. Sure one reason, but people also DC when facing Spirit, Iri Heads or whatever they dislike. They DC when they get downed within first 20 seconds of the game. So, No! don't get rid of DC penalty. People keep DCing as OP said? Well, at least at a massively lower frequency

  • ZonZon Member Posts: 6

    aite. keep the DC penalty i just want it a tad bit shorter :(

  • FreeDcFreeDc Member Posts: 8

    yea remove this stupid dc penality if i found a ######### spirit i want to ######### change lobby if u killer need to play op killer go play fortnite

  • JustinMayJustinMay Member Posts: 13

    These disconnects penalties are really getting out of hand considering I have never in my life disconnected on purpose. It is not my internet connection. Has been happening more since the update. I have even installed and reinstalled the game to see if it would help with no luck. I am now up to a six-hour penalty it is happening so much. Yall need to turn the penalty off until you get the bugs worked out in the game. Running me and others away from the game quickly.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572


    When the DC penalty was off, I could never have a match play to completion. People would disconnect based on:

    1. What Killer I picked
    2. What perks I picked
    3. If I hit them too early
    4. If I downed them too early
    5. If I was hooking them at any time
    6. What map was rolled
    7. If I closed the hatch
    8. If I downed a SWF member, the whole SWF would leave
    9. What addons I used

    And Killers would leave if:

    1. Gens popped too fast
    2. Final gen popped
    3. Exit gate opened
    4. They missed an attack
    5. They got flashlight blinded
    6. They got pallet stunned

    So no. They should NEVER turn off the DC penalties. It would literally kill the game. No one would get a complete match, and people would leave because they are no longer able to play the game they bought.

    So, again; no.

  • posterumposterum Member Posts: 48

    They should definitely take the d/c penalty out. The game is completely unbalanced. Nobody should be force to spend their time indulging #########.

  • Nyx32Nyx32 Member Posts: 130

    I can't take a post seriously when they immediately insult half the player base for no reason, and act as if only killers can make a game unfun for the other side.

  • lr01lr01 Member Posts: 63

    Personally, I think they need to increase it to an hour or more, 5 minutes is not a penalty, if you are there to play a game, PLAY the game if you suck you die, go try again..... whats so hard to understand about this?

  • toloretolore Member Posts: 101

    basically no one i know DCs from games for any reason. To be frank I think the people who want DC's both over rate how many people "leave the game because they can't DC", and miss out on the point that THAT'S GOOD. I don't want to play with someone who's going to dc in the match, I would rather a smaller community with longer queues than have anyone DC in any of my matches. So if DC penalties drive certain people away from the game that's working as intended as far as I'm concerned.

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