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Should keys reward the killer instead of the survivor?



  • YumiiXOYumiiXO Member Posts: 89

    Why would killers mori someone 2nd hook when it's a waste of time and they can just hook them again to sacrifice? What's the point of a mori.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,651

    I do like some of these Ideas and I can get behind them

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,173

    Plunders 3 gives keys out quite regularly.

    Basically both Mori and Keys are unhealthy for the game because they skip core mechanics.

    While they feel great for the person using them, they are polarizing for the person they are being used against and the effect of both does not mesh with how the "pip" system currently works.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 528

    For Once I agree with Peanuts here that something does need to be done. If survivors hatch on me (as killer) i actually give them a "grats on hatch". Because we ALL know the adrenaline RUSH we get as actual human beings, how exhilarating it is to ESCAPE DEATH and find that hatch. Being in their position that would be a rush for me as well!


    I really lost that thrill and enthusiasm when they brought in Hatch closing. You know. ECG could have been MORE of a RUSH and THRILL had they left the hatch stuff alone and MAYBE went with something such as a one-hit down, but no hatch grabbing. That is the only reason why stand-offs occurred in the first place 🤣

    If the killer was standing on the hatch, it wouldn't work either way unless they then, were forced to chase, swipe and pick a person off the ground :P

    oh well.

  • SeeYoureWrongSeeYoureWrong Member Posts: 89

    I’ve honestly thought that pips and emblems were the problem. I’ve gotten 10 hooks but no pip? Somethings a bit off. In my opinion, pips shouldn’t rely on what the killer is doing. If he’s camping, give the survivor more points in boldness because they’re distracting the killer. Enough to finish at least 3 gens, and enough that they don’t depip. With first hook tunneling mori, I’d have no idea how to make it so they leave with at least 0. For killers, I guess just take the amount of hooks they got, divide by 2 and multiply by the number of people who escaped via key (not hatch because hatch on its own is a balanced mechanic), so if I got 8 hooks but all people escape through the hatch, even when I had a good set up with the gates, I’d get 16 more points for emblems. If only one person escaped then it would just be counted as hatch. This is just a half formed idea I just came up with though so it’s probably not that good

  • LufanatiLufanati Member Posts: 192

    if you think tombstone is a good iridescent, I'm going to disregard your opinion as being from a low-skill player. There's no reason Michael should be able to get enough stalk in a match to activate tombstone, unless he plays exceedingly well and has a full slowdown build. And this doesn't speak to the power of tombstone, as he probably would of won without it. The blue ribbon, memorial flower, and Judith's journal are all much more practical and versatile add-ons.

  • LufanatiLufanati Member Posts: 192

    in like 5 matches as killer at rank 1 last night, I encountered 4 keys. Two of them were in the same game, granted. Survivors constantly bring keys, and then bitch when you tunnel them. They just want the free win.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    But they don't need Iris to dominate a killer. And demand that killers follow their rulebook.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    The point of the mori then would just be the animation and skipping DS. Moris shouldn't be in the game at all. They skip more than half of the killers objective if its an ebony, and an early game ivory is almost as game changing. I don't ever use moris on my killer because it's just unfair, and a free win for when i do use it. Offerings should not have that big of an impact on the game, survivors have no comparable offering, and keys are not nearly as bad as moris. (They are still bad tho)

  • brocktreebrocktree Member Posts: 37

    Not what I said, kill them fair and square not oh go tunnel them to the ground and screw their entire game because they might find a way out. A key requires more than a mori cause the hatch has to actually spawn to be usable whereas a mori you just need to hook the person once with the exception of yellow ones

  • 23flash23flash Member Posts: 73

    Wow. Lol talking about balance but yet everything is always favoring the killers. Bro you got more points then the whole lobby and yet you saying well can i get more? lol are you kidding me. Like there is no way you're actually serious. First and foremost it takes a ton of bloodpoints to even get the opportunity at keys which im sure are amongst the lower half of % chances to pop up on a bloodweb. Also an easy counter to a key is franklins demise perk. Lastly, survivors still have to do 1 more gen than the amount of survivors alive to be able to even use the key. So all that work isn't for waste. But you just want free bloodpoints for doing nothing? So sick of the heavy killer advantages and continuing advantages and then consistent survivor perks or item nerfs, and then consistent complaining for killers that any and everything is still too op. Ridiculous. So in turn I heavily disagree and this is super unbalanced

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