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Chapter 16 - Alien (UPDATE 05.25.2020)

DarKnight_DoomDarKnight_Doom Member Posts: 54
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HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! (05.25.2020)

First of all, don't forget! Today is Alien's 41th anniversary. What we will have tomorrow? hummmmm...

Second: Look to that picture below. Can't you see a same pattern? Like the Ghostface one??

@PatBrutal , @not_Queen you are clever people!!! Hummmmm.... -_-

What do you think guys??

Jason? Candyman?? Pennywise??? ALIEN!?!

We will know tomorrow!

See ya! =D

A new point of view (05.23.2020)

Dead by Daylight's Discord on April 1st.

This one is old! People looked at the bees names and quick thinked about Candyman. No problem at all, makes a lot of sense!!

But this discussion is about a possible Alien Chapter! What I want to propose here is: we can look that discord names from another perspective...

The Hive mind is the bee knees! --- God save the Queen Bee

  • Basic behavior of hives, especially aliens hives.

Bee one with the hive!

  • Question: Do you know how you can be one with an Alien hive?
  • Answer: Try a facehugger...lol

I have some other clues, but at 3 days to their announcement I think it's enough.

What do you think? Probably Alien chapter or probably big mislead?? lol

See ya in the fog! ;-)

AKA's video (05.22.2020)

I was searching for more clues and then I found another coincidence (video below, look to 2:02) .

Alien’s anniversary is coming up on May 25th and the chapter announcement on May 26th. Also, the Xenomorph fits every category the devs stated.

Hummm... -_-

King's video (05.20.2020):

Some clues:

  • King said the killer's codename is "wales", do you want to try a "funny thing"? Just Google It: "Aliens Wales".
  • The map codename is "wall level 01". Did you know that the Aliens movie has a "wall level 01" in fusion-powered atmosphere processing station?


There are a lot of hints (or misleads?) in the "Dead by Dayligh! - Work from home" site, but there are a curious photo that gets my attention --> Jane painting the trapper and Patricia painting something.

  • Question: Do you know another artist who painted a famous licensed monster?
  • Answer: H.R. Giger! The artist behind Alien.

Paulie's video (05.19.2020):

Curious clue:

Just go to 3:21 and pause (or look to the image below).

  • Skeleton --> NO ONE
  • HyperX Head Phone --> CAN HEAR
  • Ghostface is looking to --> YOU
  • Ghostface, a killer from ---> SCREAM
  • Notebook from --> ALIENware


Mysterious survivor: Someone from the future? (Ellen Ripley, Amanda Ripley, Hicks or maybe an adult or teenager Newt).

PS.: Look to the 4th anniversary banner: A skull with a black goo --> Prometheus

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