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So another idea that i've put a lot of work into got moved again and will simply be ignored

NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765
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The dead by daylight forum still has the problem that nothing but general discussions is seen by anyone because there are no incentives to see the other categories.

It's the second time that i spend between 4-6 hours in a post and then it is moved to a section that has no attention at all. It's really frustrating because i want people to give feedback for something that i created and there will be no feedback at all. This happens to a lot of people and i will stop creating any kind of post because they get the "throw away" treatment, basically.

It's just a little rant, i think...?


  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 16,006

    I'm assuming you posted a suggestion or something, so my question is: do you want attention from the forumgoers, who have zero say in the game but will post a lot, or from the developers, who actually do have a say in the game but don't post much (or at all)?

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765

    See how many posts have an answer from the devs in the feedback and suggestions and then compare it to the general discussions one.

    Also, there's something called "Bhvr read" and i got it only once from a post i made a year ago (it counted 3 at the same time idk why). None of my 5 or 6 threads that got moved away were seen by a dev.

    It doesn't reflect what your're saying. Also, the community has a very important job on helping something improving. Discarding it would just be silly.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 16,006

    The people who post here are community managers. I rarely see people involved in the programming side of things posting here. Not trying to diminish their work, just that "developer" is a broad term and community managers aren't the same as the guys who make the decisions.

    You have one "BHVR Read"? That's great. I was here before it was even called that (can't remember what it was called back then any more), and over the span of over TWELVE THOUSAND COMMENTS and EIGHT HUNDRED THREADS, I received NINE of those. Do the math, see how many that is, percentage-wise, and then compare to yours. Oh, and I have the highest "BHVR Read" count of any member of the forum (or at least I did, prior to my leaving it).

    A lack of "BHVR Read" doesn't mean the devs didn't read your thread.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765

    Then it is weird how it works and they should show some signal that they are paying attention to what we do in any category in the forums.

    I have actually 5 bhvr read instead of 3. 3 were from that post that i talked about and 2 were a chat with peanits him asking for any suggestions that i had to improve the forums before this forum overhaul.

    Either way thanks for the clarity, but i still feel kinda ignored because of the forum's structure. It just feels like a shot in the dark when no one watches your posts and you don't know if someone is ACTUALLY seeing them.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 16,006

    Do you have any idea the number of threads and comments that get posted every single day? To have a dev comment on even half of them would be a full-time job in and of itself.

    They are paying attention, even if it doesn't always seem like it. Just think of bug reports, for example. How would the devs know about extremely rare bugs and how to fix them if they didn't read the forum?

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765

    I'm not asking for them to answer everything, very far from that. I just think that there should be something that gives you a notification that a dev has read the post or something like that.

    It would be phisically impossible to answer everything on the forums these days.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 16,006

    And then people conflate "read" with "will do what I'm saying" and the devs catch [BAD WORD] for not working on suggestions by random forum members. Wanna know how I know that? Because that's happened before.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765

    Then, do you have any solution for it?

    Because i have one: the devs should make it clear that a bhvr read doesn't mean what you said. Ex: In the notification it appears something to clarify that.

    It's a big downside, at least for me and for some more people that i know that dedicate some hours of their day to this. You never know when you're being heard.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 16,006

    My solution is for people to stop expecting feedback from people who're working and trust that BHVR reads their suggestion threads.

    I said that the absence of "BHVR Read" doesn't mean it wasn't read by BHVR. Obviously the presence of "BHVR Read" means that it was read by BHVR.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765

    Your 1st point- I guess you're right, but still... i like to have community feedback.

    2nd point- I know that but why is there an absence if bhvr actually read it?

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 16,006

    Because it's a reaction, like Vote Up. They have to manually click it.

    Also, I just checked, it used to be called "Promote" before it became "BHVR Read". It was also called "Read by BHVR" or something along those lines, but it was too long, so they shortened it to "BHVR Read". Just mentioning that in case you're curious.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 8,044

    Just to add to this as @Orion is perfectly correct in what he's saying. Remember that the forum moderators and Peanits also are on this forum, in the majority rather than the Developers who quite frankly don't have the time during their working day and we do take relevant feedback back to the team, that is our jobs.

    We will continue to maintain the forum structure as otherwise threads that are relevant to what is needed would be completely overlooked, so please don't be offended if your thread is moved to a section of the forum that you do not want it to be in, we have the forum set up specifically to make it easy for our teams to find what they need to find easily.

    The BHVR read does tend to get people thinking that what they'e suggested is going to be implemented and there's pretty much no way to stop that, which is why it's only used on rare occasions as and when we need to use it. I am sure we'd all love to have the time to comment on the majority of threads but there simply isn't that many hours in the day, and if we had to do that, then we'd only get around to being able to do a few threads and I personally think it's better if the team get through as many threads as we can so that we don't miss anything vital.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765

    "promote" is a strange word for what it simbolyzes, I'm only on the forums since april of 2019. The thing is that Bhvr may be more inclined to follow a idea if the community generally agrees with it. Having almost no support from the community is a big downside imo.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 8,044

    that's not the way it works, otherwise things like NOED would have been removed from the game.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 16,006

    I think "Promote" was just the default name or something.

    Just because the community wants something doesn't mean it's a good idea. If BHVR just implemented popular ideas (or if an idea's popularity even mattered to their decision-making process), we'd have this game so survivor-sided the only killers left would be literal masochists.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765

    Just to make it clear, I don't think that the "bhvr read" is a "we are definetely doing this", it just means that they read it period.

    Thanks for both of you for the clarification, then i will keep up posting what i have in mind to help the game improve. If it is to make your team's jobs easier its fine as it is, but i still feel that the community has a big job at judging a good/bad idea.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 765
    edited May 21

    I'm not saying its mandatory, i personally disagree with most of the threads about noed. Im just saying that it is a good factor for you guys take into consideration when changing something, like "the community is very vocal about noed... but after all these thoughts and listening to the community, we still think it is fine, so NO CHANGE". This is an example.

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