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The Pig's Add On rework

Greetings and Welcome to my concept to The Pig Add On rework.

In here I will not be going in any particular order of Add On class or rarity.

As a Disclaimer, "reworks" are intended to make things better and more useful. With that said, anyone who has played The Pig, knows most of her Add Ons are RBT(Reverse Bear Trap) base which are heavily rng reliant, promote tunneling and no longer useful in the mid to end game. I will also mark a short explanation with a || after the reworked description. These can be skipped. Lets begin

Workshop Grease

currently: (BROWN) Slightly increase Jigsaw Box Skill Check Trigger odds. 

rework:  (BROWN)  Weapon sheathing and extracting are completely silent. Foot Steps make no sound for 3 seconds.

|| Much like the Wraith Add on "the ghost", this change ensures a better mobility towards a grab action and surprise attacks. Dedicated servers being somewhat hit or miss, I'm sure anyone who has played a stealth killer, and have the grab animation proc, then cancel is extremely annoying. The player loses the grab/hook, points and map pressure. Along with the missed attack hit and now is in a unnecessary chase.

Amanda's Letter

currently: (RED) When crouched Auras of Survivors within 12 Meters are revealed to The Pig. Available RBT reduced by 3. Available Jigsaw Boxes reduced by 2. 

rework: (RED) When crouched Auras of Survivors within 12 Meters are revealed to The Pig. Available RBT reduced by 2. Available Jigsaw Boxes reduced by 1. The Pig can no longer see scratch marks of Survivors with a RBT. The Pig can Retrieve a Removed RBT from the indicated Box in yellow for reuse; any RBT that has killed a Survivor can not be reused. 

"A slightest knock in the wrong place could trigger it, I should know, I built it.." -Amanda Young

|| Reusable Traps!? This is a "Ultra Rare" Add On and at the current state takes away 50% of her power? Ok because Huntress Iri heads and Clown Pinky finger is not broken at all, right? Wraith All Seeing Blood and Swift Hunt can be used throughout the entire match as well. The purpose of the RBT is to deter Survivors from doing gens for a period of time. With this change it keeps all her powers in motion from start to finish. The Pig can choose to retrieve a recycled RBT, investing that time to break from a chase or patrolling area. So if the "rng" is not favorable for A Survivor (meaning ONE), this is an Iridescent Add On and should be strong enough to change certain odds in a match.

Bag of Gears

currently: (GREEN) Slightly increases Jigsaw Box Search time. Slightly reduces RBT Setting time. 

rework: (GREEN) Slightly increase Jigsaw Box Search time. Moderately decreases Repair speed of Survivors caught in RBT, Effect lasts for 120 seconds after RBT is removed. Stacks

Crate of Gears

currently: (PURPLE) Considerably increases Jigsaw Box Search time. Moderately reduces RBT Setting time.

rework: (PURPLE) Considerably increase Jigsaw Box Search time. Survivors caught in a RBT suffer from the Broken Status Effect. Status lingers after RBT is removed for 120 seconds. Stacks

|| Similar to other killers that have Add Ons with lingering effects, like Billy and Bubba with begrimed and rusted Chains. Why didn't The Pig get any? I've seen so many players go against The Plague without cleansing, so for the Broken Status to be OP, its really not. Cocky Survivor with a RBT still working on a gen, until 90ish percent progress and then going off to search the Jigsaw Boxes. I think these changes will slightly be more of a deterrent to those actions. Lastly, I really don't think the speed of placing a trap makes a difference from base kit.

Utility Blades

currently: (YELLOW) Survivors caught in a RBT suffer from the Hemorrhage Status Effect. 

rework: (YELLOW) A successful Ambush Attack hit will cause the Hemorrhage Status Effect until healed.

Slow-Release Toxin 

currently: (GREEN) Survivors caught in a RBT suffer from the Exhausted Status Effect. 

rework: (GREEN) A successful Ambush Attack hit will cause the Exhausted Status Effect for 120 seconds.

Rusty Attachments 

currently: (GREEN) Survivors caught in a RBT suffer from the Mangled Status Effect.

rework: (YELLOW) A successful hit from the Ambush Attack will cause the Mangled Status Effect until healed. 

|| Moving these Status Effects to The Pig's Ambush Attack encourages the player to use her power more often. At the moment it is geared to tunneling the Survivors caught in a RBT and also does not have a lasting effect after the RBT is removed. With this change, The Pig has an added Status Effect bonus to her Ambush Attack, that lasts throughout the entire match.

Video Tape

currently: (YELLOW) Slightly reduce Ambush Attack Charge time. Slightly decreases missed Ambush Attack cool-down. 

rework: (GREEN) Slight reduce Ambush Charge time. Removes the halt position when charging.

|| The Pig needs some sort of Add On speed buff during a chase, similar to "insta-saw" and "machine gun hatchets". This will moderately change the 50/50 mind games while in chase. Bettering the odds of a hit, very similar as how Demogorgon uses its power. This is still a one hit instance, unlike the insta-downs other killers have.

Jigsaw's Sketch

currently: (PURPLE) Available Jigsaw Boxes increased by 1. 

rework (GREEN) ''  "

Jigsaw's Annotated Plan 

currently: (GREEN) Available Jigsaw Boxes increased by 1. Moderately increase RBT Death timer. 

rework: (YELLOW) " "

|| Rarity have been changed.

Face Mask

currently:  (YELLOW)  Survivors caught in a RBT suffer from the Blindness Status Effect. 

rework:  (PURPLE)  Survivors caught in a RBT suffer from the Blindness Status Effect, Jigsaw Boxes are included. Timer is paused when searching through a Box. Upon searching a Jigsaw Box, all Auras of other boxes are shown for 3 seconds, this includes completed Boxes. Hitting a full health or injured Survivor caught in a RBT will impaired the Survivor vision for 3 seconds. -Items that can track killer belongings will track the Jigsaw Boxes-

|| Rarity changed. Certain builds encourage a certain type of play style (tunneling); this Add On does that. But, it is absolutely viable with how The Pig works at the moment. With that said, this Add On changes how the Survivors need to play; being more cautious, learning the map of locations to certain areas and Jigsaw Boxes are vital. Making The Pig more scary to cocky Survivors.

Amanda's Secret

currently: (PURPLE) Gain a notification when a Survivor removes a RBT. Auras of Survivors removing a RBT are revealed to The Pig for 6 seconds. 

rework: (PURPLE) When crouched removes The Pig's roar and stinger audio. The Survivor Aura is shown on successful Ambush Attack hit for 6 seconds. 

 "You are not a good listener.." -Amanda Young

|| This is the worst Add On for her, at its current state, and its a Purple in rarity. Similar to Huntress Add On: Glowing Concoction; This change adds a strong support to chase. On top of that, it strengthens her stealth ability. Whereas the current state promotes tunneling.


currently:  (RED)  Disables the Survivors' ability to see the Auras of Jigsaw Boxes until their RBT is activated.

rework:  (RED)  RBT is Activated as soon as the Survivor is unhooked or revived from dying state. All Jigsaw Boxes Auras remain active regardless if completed. An attempt to search a Completed Box will deny the Survivor's action. The Jigsaw puppet will laugh again and The Pig will see the Aura of any Survivors within 6 Meters from the Box for 6 seconds, Completed Boxes will have a cool down of 6 seconds.

"Those who don't appreciate life do not deserve life" -John Kramer

|| Guess who's back? Back again: End Game Pig is Back. Tell a friend. ❤️

The purpose of the RBT is to get Survivors off of gens and find Jigsaw Boxes to remove their "party hats". The current state of this add on does the opposite; forcing the Survivor to complete a gen and then go search for Jigsaw Boxes. This change adds more synergy with how maps are being made and encourages the Survivor to do what the RBT was intended: Search Jigsaw Boxes. It makes her power not useless in the EGC (end game collapse), by making all RBT active as soon as the Survivor is able to walk/run. Also adding a memory game for the Survivors to know which Box they need to go to next. This is an Iridescent Add On and still has an rng circumstance to it; capitalizing on Survivors mistakes- a potential Mori waiting to happen.

Her other Add Ons: Shattered Syringe, John's Medical File, Combat Straps, Razor Wires, Last Will, Interlocking Razor, and Tampered Timer, I feel are very good and add synergy to the rest of her Add Ons. Not needing any change.

If you made this far, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it. If you did like this, please give me a "vote up". Thank you ❤️


  • CitrusfruitCitrusfruit Member Posts: 29

    Really love these well thought out changes, especially the idea that Rule Set #2 can bring back an interesting part of Amanda's power that was cut since the beginning of EGC.

    The only problems I could possibly foresee are in Crate of Gears...

    The broken status effect lingering and applying after the RBT is taken off is a great idea, but I think two minutes might be a bit long. It gives the survivor a penalty for successfully removing the RBT for an extended period of time and this isn't an bad idea I just think it needs to be tweaked to be around one minute after the RBTs removal. Other than that I think it could play an interesting role in causing more aggressive players to act with a little more caution against the Pig and make her a bit scarier to go against overall if she's running this add-on

    Video Tapes tweaks would be absolutely lovely, and changing it to green are all much appropriate changes imo. There are too many times I feel like just a little more distance would've given me the 50/50 and this add-on could give the pig's mind games a bit more of an edge.

    I adore the Amanda's Secret change idea you gave. It fits with the add-on's quote and seems like a wonderful idea. Since I like running monitor and whispers on my Piggy to allow a stealthy and efficient approach at the beginning of the game for early stealth plays this would definitely allow for easy early game deviousness, which is what Pig tends to struggle with unless you want to crouch and dash when your right up against a survivor in an attempt to get your deviousness. The added bonus of making her mindgames harder to predict are godly The 6 seconds of aura reading are just a wonderful cherry on top.

    The Face Mask changes are much needed considering the blindness effect on it's own is... well... garbage. Especially currently with the Face Mask add-on since it's tied to her bear traps and doesn't hinder box auras. Not to mention I'd say 60-70% of survivors are in a swf of some kind and will have some assistance from their teammates and that's what makes Third Seal so poor against swfs on maps with notable landmarks like Autohaven, Coldwind, and Macmillan maps.

    Slow-Release Toxin and Rusty Attachments are some of my favorite changes. It gives the Pig a bit more of an incentive to dash in some situations other than getting deviousness points and it would make her dash a bit more frightening for survivors when they hear the tell tale roar... and that's if you're not running the changed Amanda's Secret that is ^^

    Amanda's Letter gives it a real reason to be a Red add-on with the reusable traps and not being able to see the scratch marks of a survivor with the RBT is an added built in anit-tunneling feature for those that might be newer to playing the Pig. This makes the add-on a lot more valuable than it is in it's current state. In it's current state it should be brown ^^'

    Really love ALL of the changes and really glad you linked me to these after you posted them. I'm so glad to see such loving thoughts and ideas put into changes for the Pig's power! <3

  • widescreenwidescreen Member Posts: 49

    @Citrusfruit, Thank you so much for some awesome feedback and lovely comments ❤️I'm so glad you enjoyed those ideas to Amanda's powers. With that said, I feel a killers' power should be strong and bring some sort of ominous feeling in a particular instance. In comparison to a Survivors' perk, Adam Francis' Deliverance: when proc, the Survivor stays broken for 100-60 seconds pending tier; during those instances, how the Survivors plays in that time might be very different when not in the broken status effect. Bringing back to my point of a killers' power should be strong, with the same desired intention of producing that ominous feeling and game play. The Pig still suffers from large maps with producing pressure in the early game. Very good survivors and the efficiency of swf brings into a match makes this even more difficult regardless of map. The 120 seconds for that particular add on/build, will give The Pig a moderate chance to add decent map pressure in the early to mid game and is by choice for the killer player to aid in those instances. As I'm quite sure there has been a time where we get a particular type of survivor or swf in our killer lobby that we do not like and want to play a certain type game style and build. Having these options adds a variety of possibilities for an entertaining game imho. Again, Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback 💓

    @Peanits, @Almo, I'd really like to hear what you think if you have the time to reply. ❤️

    I am also considering doing Add On reworks for Billy and Bubba, if anyone is interested?


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