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Lobby dodging is still one of the best strategies of the game!

Who wants to play against sweaty 4 man swf with 6k+ hour each when you can check profiles and go against the weakest ones! Rank means nothing so it is not matter how you gain it! Be honest fellow killers, who dodging instantly when smell anything wrong? My lobby dodge rules:

private profile -----> lobbydodge

fancy characters in name -----> lobbydodge

fancy skins -----> lobbydodge

anything what is offending in the name -----> lobbydodge

hitting ready in one time -----> lobbydodge

friends of each other in steam -----> ofc. lobbydodge

having more than 2x gametime than me -----> lobbydodge

other things what i dont like -----> lobbydodge

Killers are the power role in the point of view of queue times so we can be picky!

Best wishes: a baby killer.


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