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Devout Emblem not giving Iridescent according to the description

Just finished a game with Legion while doing the "Get 15 Iridescent Emblems" challenge. I didn't get it for Devout (Hook actions) so I hovered over the description and saw "Iridescent quality is granted for Nine or more hook actions". I know I did 11 because I hooked 3 people 3 times and the last person twice.

Screenshot attached, though I misread the point bonus in the chat. I really got 11 hooks, though 10 should have also given an Iridescent emblem

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  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35

    Same here.

    3 survivors been on a hook 3 times. and killed.

    Last survivor is hooked once.

    That's 10 actions. An I only got Gold.

  • davidKinkydavidKinky Member Posts: 6

    Yeah that 10 Hook actions can give you Iridescent if you sacrificed them all.

  • Xephox_EpochXephox_Epoch Member Posts: 14

    I've been noticing this lately as well. I played a Myers match and hooked survivors 11 times and let the last one escape and I just barely got the Gold emblem

  • PubSquirrelPubSquirrel Member Posts: 4

    I've been trying the 3 Devout Challenge and I get so frustrated (not a killer main, but like to play them) that I just have stalled there. Well, come to find out - you are challenging us to do something with a broken emblem! I didn't even get GOLD this time... And I've also hooked all survivors 2 times, hooked another to kill and then moried the rest and I don't think I got it then either... I have been trying this til frustration sets in on and off since this rift began. No - I'm not a good killer, but I darn sure should have had this challenge done by now. And I can't get to any of the others until I can pass this one. But I have no clue HOW to pass this one. Stop forcing challenges on us that we have no idea if we can complete. This discourages players from playing killer.

  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35
    edited October 2020

    It has been like that all year.

    Feels like you need to get all 12 hooks actions.

    3 Devout Challenge. Took me 4 rounds. Rank 3 as wraith.

    Don't bring a mori. Really bad for your emblem points.

  • Cashews54Cashews54 Member Posts: 3

    I ran into this same baffling issue.

    I think the confusion comes from the fact that it says 10 - Hook actions when it REALLY means 10 points awarded for non-sacrifice hook actions. (You certainly didn't get 60 sacrifices, so this tally is the num points, not num actions.) So you must have not gotten 10 hook actions.

    Agreed, very frustrating. The wording on the point tally should be improved.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,609

    Judging by the 60 sacrifice points, it looks like you only killed 3 survivors instead of 4 (else you would have got 80 sacrifice points). So did the last one escape? If so that is why you got gold.

    To get iridescent you need 4 kills AND 9 hooks atleast.

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