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  • MyNamePettMyNamePett Member Posts: 8

    Lol wut?

    theres always going to be franchises and media that can be considered more iconic. I didn’t like the ghost face chapter because Jason is more iconic and they’re only allowed to release chapters that are the most iconic at the time.. do you see where I’m going with this. Silent hill is hugely iconic, especially in the world of video games, I think many forget or don’t know that silent hill completely changed the game for horror in gaming.

  • dastrudastru Member Posts: 165

    eat it haters hes here and here to stay theres absolutely no one better than him, in my restless dreams i see that...

    wink wink maria new survivor confirmed leak?

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,255

    People have to realise that unless it was the 1 or 2 out of 6 or 7 chapter you wanted then there was always going to be disappointment.

    As soon as we knew it was licensed then that created this "I want this or I'm disappointed". I personally would've been disappointed by Candyman but I know a lot of others would've been happy. Silent Hill was the unlikely choice I didn't expect them to choose but I'm so happy they did it.

    I love everything about the chapter so far. The perks on the killer side are the only downside I'm seeing so far.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,966

    Think what you will. I personally think Silent Hill isn't up there with some of the more classic characters, like Alien, Dracula, and Jason. I'll enjoy the DLC, just not as much as if the hype was accurate. Whether you think it fits is up to you.

  • TheLastGreatStarTheLastGreatStar Member Posts: 1,002
    edited May 2020

    I haven’t been this excited since the Halloween chapter came out. Silent Hill has been in my life for such a long time. I was pretty much raised on it as my brother used to play it a lot when I was younger. Which then manifested into me playing the games and also watching the movies. A few weeks back I joked with my friend about Pyramid Head coming to the game because I noticed that the 4 in the anniversary logo looked just like his head. Didn’t realise this was actually going to come to fruition. I am so pumped to play as and against him. Judging from the PTB he is terrifying in the best way possible.

  • kazakunkazakun Member Posts: 581

    I personally agree as a long time horror fan. If you discount movies from the argument,I would say he's easily one of the most iconic monsters in horror gaming history. I really don't think there's many more that are even close.

    My last tweet this morning before the stream was saying "I think it'd be cool if it wasn't something from a movie. Like from a show,game,or book." So I really wasnt disappointed. I wanted something that didn't fit all the "clues" and that a ton of people didn't guess.

    I feel like they must have had a hell of a time getting Konami to sign off on this. Probably found out they sell $10-12 skins and it was a done deal,lol. He's an icon from a classic horror franchise. Wasn't like they were lying.

    I'm sure a lot of players are horror fans,but I'd say just as many are gamers first and foremost. Any gamer (especially ones into horror games) is going to know what Silent Hill and Pyramid Head are. Can a person really say the same about Candyman? A property that hasn't had a film in like two decades and wasn't that popular to begin with.

    I think it's a really great choice and I can see why it was emotional and meant something to them. They made an online horror game. I'm sure they really are fans of the property. The franchise has had a big influence in the horror communities. I hope this means some of the rumors about a Silent Hill game coming for next gen are true. Heather...was an interesting choice. Seems kinda odd, considering.

  • NoireNoire Member Posts: 41

    I'm 18 and knew what Silent Hill was and even knew about Pyramid Head.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,555

    Well that settles it, I'm convinced. If you know about it then every teen out there must, too 😉

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    Silent Hill has had a massive influence, basically moving survival horror into more psychological territory. Games including Dead Space; The Evil Within; Amnesia; Outlast and numerous indie games owe a huge debt to Silent Hill.

    In terms of other media, Stranger Things was strongly influenced, and both musically and artistically impacted heavily on the use of atmosphere. Various Creepypasta and SCP references are also bound to Silent Hill (SCP-106) in popularising the alternate world/reality technique.

    I think it was also the first series that explored previously unexplored subjects such as incest, domestic abuse, adoption and psychological abuse.

    In terms of a video game, I would certainly say this is iconic.

  • JacksonWiseJacksonWise Member Posts: 618
    edited May 2020

    Silent Hill is a series I was always fascinated by when I was younger, but i never had the opportunity to play it. I don't have a PS2 anymore and I've always wanted to try the HD collection, but reviews convince me not to because it apparently doesn't do justice to the original Silent Hill 2 and 3. It also seems like the newer generation SH games like Homeocoming or Downpour don't hold up either.

    So I am beyond excited that Silent Hill is coming to DBD! When I first started playing back in 2018, I thought Pyramid Head would be a great addition to the game and it's actually happening now!

    I'm watching my favorite content creators play on the PTB and I am astounded. The killer and survivor perks look interesting, Pyramid Head looks like he'll be a strong killer, and the map's terrifying atmosphere has me speechless (the sirens in the trailer and when you load into the map get me excited every time).

    Thank you for another amazing chapter, devs. I love DBD and I love you. I hope my appreciation post makes you smile amid the "Killer OP pls nerf" and "PyRaMiD HeAd IsN't IcOnIc" posts. <3

  • SpookyStabbySpookyStabby Member Posts: 621

    "I'm a Horror fan"

    "Silent Hill isn't iconic"


    Sno-Kone and I are gonna wreck your ######### when this chapter drops, survivors. LOL

  • StrancolStrancol Member Posts: 158

    I'm actually pretty happy. Pyramidhead fits this game much better than Pennywise or Alien and he is also much more interesting. Perks are pretty weak in my opinion. I won't talk about survivor because it's just a skin

    Now tell me what you are thinking about this chapter!

  • Nun_So_VileNun_So_Vile Member Posts: 404

    As a long time fan of the series, that pretty much sums up my sentiments too. Well...and this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjQtzV9IZ0Q

    I had to make an account just to say devs, ya'll are bona fide rockstars for this DLC.

  • A_Can_Of_AirA_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 1,387
    edited May 2020

    Everything that has been announced for the game, like the contest winners, cross play and map visual reworks have me so stoked and my faith in the game as a whole has went up, but what made it shoot through the roof was ######### SILENT HILL BEING ADDED TO THE GAME. Silent Hill is iconic for me personally because I grew up with it, I was so fascinated by the lore, world, monsters and overall story and atmosphere. It holds a place in my heart as one of my most favourite horror franchises.

    The speculation was there but I NEVER actually expected you to do that, thank you so much for finally implementing my main into the game. I exploded from excitement when I saw the trailer and it all still feels like a dream.

    To those out there who didn’t get their dream chapter or their prediction was wrong, or you just don’t like or relate to SH, I get you. I was fully prepared for Candyman or some other license and I was ready to accept it, as long as they did the character justice and their power and aesthetic was cool and decently strong. To actually get what I personally dreamed of is...beyond words. I do hope however, that licenses that other people would die over do eventually come to the game.

    Again, thank you for everything this years anniversary devs, you made my year, especially with everything going on.

  • JacksonWiseJacksonWise Member Posts: 618

    I know people are disappointed it wasn't a movie slasher this time, but BHVR have now shown they can bring in horror icons from movies, TV shows, and now other video games. They are killing it!

  • Dead_by_chrissyDead_by_chrissy Member Posts: 120

    Literally never been happier with a chapter release, you guys did fantastic ESPECIALLY with the ability to change to Lisa or Heather literally love that sm. This isn't sarcasm I geniuenly think this is quite literally the best chapter and anyone who complains that it isnt good enough clearly doesn't know the importance of Silent Hill! Keep doing great devs ily <3

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135






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