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Pyramidhead perks rebalance suggestions

By the time already spent on ptb for now I can say that 2 pyramidhead perks seem completely useless.

Forced Penance: I spent quite time thinking about where this perk can have any use at least particulary,but I concluded it is the most useless and ridiculous perk in the entire game for the moment. It reminds me about gearhead,and God I dont want this game to have perks like that so there are my suggestions:

The duration of perk is extremly low and makes no point,so

-Increase duration for each level 1)60 sec 2)100 sec 3)140 sec accordingly

-Or probably change the broken effect to something else for example: exostion for 20,30,40 for each level;or even exposed for 30,60,90 seconds each.

Trail of torment

Seems more balanced than previous one,but still very questionable perk as for me

-Reduce cooldown on levels for 1)100 2) 80 3) 60 seconds

-or/and buff the duration time for the existing cd I suggest 25 sec and for rebalanced 20

-what is the point of yellow glow of a gen? It would be more interesting in case there were more yellow glowing survivor perks in game,but at the moment there are only 1 existing perk that is not even used in a most part of a builds,so this perk becomes very easy to detect or avoid and the value of this 15 seconds goes below zero. For that reason I suggest to get rid of the yellow glow if only devs dont have plans for this mechanic in future( which I think not likely to happen)


For now Im very satisfied with this perk because it seems to be well balanced and the only good perk of this killer at the moment,it would be shame if it will be nerfed to the ground.

As for killer itself,I think he is pretty skillful somekind reminds me of huntress and doctor a bit,and his abillity seems not broken or op,moreover I think I can say that he is good balanced killer,but still needs to fix some aspects,but this is not the theme of this article.

So that's all for my perk suggestion,it will be interesting to hear any other ideas about perks rework/rebalance,and I hope Behaviour will hear this ideas and dont let such an amazing killer to become a boring character with pointless perks.


  • NoxeriasNoxerias Member Posts: 93

    This! I don't understand the dev's reasoning when it comes to making perks. It like they don't want to release anything viable or good for either survivor's or killer's!

    Your suggestions make Pyramid Head's perks viable and worth using. I hope they see this post and take these suggestions into consideration, because as of right now, 2 out of his 3 perks are trash.

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