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Lights in some rooms on new map stuck "on" while generator is not complete

Normally with indoor maps, you typically look for generators by finding the lights that correspond to rooms where the lights are flickering. This is how you find the unfinished gens if they are easily visible (like most gens in outdoor maps with tall poles that have flickering lights). In some of the rooms on the new map, the lights work as intended, but for at least a few, I've noticed they're stuck "on" which leads to survivors having a hard time finding the generators in such a tight, indoor map.

I've posted a few pictures of rooms so far that I've found with this bug:

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  • ZensunimZensunim Member Posts: 116

    Thanks for this. Last time I came across a gen that was 95% done with the lights all on, but the only way I knew it wasn't done was that it didn't "sound right" to me and went to go check to see if it was a sound bug... no, the gen was just incomplete.

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