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Reaching rank 1 question.

WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24
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I am currently trying to reach survivor rank 1 just for the steam achievement and was wondering if it is possible if I only have time to play on the weekends before each rank reset?

Is it possible? or will i need to find time to grind out more games during the week?

Any info appreciated.

Thank you.


  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 2,042

    What rank are you at right now?

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24

    Currently rank 5.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 2,042

    You should be able to get it within the next Rank Reset assuming you rank up once every day you play.

  • LegionOfDumbLegionOfDumb Member Posts: 432

    If you're starting from Rank 20, I don't think it's possible in a single month on weekends only, or at the very least it'd be very unlikely. However, if you stay consistently on this kind of schedule, I think you will inevitably make it to Rank 1 regardless of rank reset, give or take you can persistently Pip Up in most of your matches. Best of luck to you.

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24

    Thank you for the reply, I think I rank at least once per day but not always.

    I will try my best to do that. I'm still not very good at loops.


  • JasonisanicefellaJasonisanicefella Member Posts: 237

    Hello, I can answer this I reach rank 1 every season :)

    The answer is yes, BUT you need to play to pip not to win.

    How do you consistenly pip as a survivor?

    1- You need to do something gen related, repair a bit of a gen, if you can repair a full gen.

    2- saves and heals, these are super important for your benevolent emblem, make sure the saves are safe unhooks, so BT helps a lot

    3- you need to take the killer on a ride a bit, especially if gens are popping

    On average 1.5 gens, 2 safe saves plus under the hook heals and a bit of time in a chase, especially if you can win the chase is enough to pip at red ranks

    What really hurts your emblems is being left on the hook, dying on first or second hook and dying quickly.

    Unsafe unhooks and leaving other survivors to die on the hook is also very detrimental to your score

    So is avoiding the killer all match.

    Finally gen rushing and not going for saves and chases makes you black or depip.

    To recap, winning is not important if you want to pip, if you follow this strategy you will mostly pip even if you never escape. A typical pipping match is a match where there are plenty of hooks and you save your teammates while doing gens and chases.

    If the match is unbalanced for the killer is too weak or too strong, you will likely depip unless you really try to take most saves and do as much as possible gen wise to try and black pip.

    Good luck

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24

    Thank you for this info , much appreciated.

    Number 3 will be the most challenging for me. I am still getting used to looking behind while running, hugging walls as tight as possible and trying to somewhat route to safe areas (I mess this up the most when panicked).

    Any tips on how to get better at evading / looping the killer?

  • JasonisanicefellaJasonisanicefella Member Posts: 237

    So you don't need to actually loop well to go to rank 1, you have 4 emblems, if you do well in 3 out of 4 you will mostly pip as long as your not constantly one shot so your chases are basically zero.

    I think the best advice on looping comes from watching strong loopers on youtube, people like JRM, Monto , Ayrun or Noob3 and see how they run specific tiles.

    Essentially learn when to throw the pallet, learn when to take a window and when to leave a tile.

    The essential of dbd is how much distance can you put between you and the killer? if an action increases the distance, without putting you off position, that's a good action.

    Lastly when you go and sit on a gen, your priority is to come up with a plan on where you will go next if the killers shows up. Check for a pallet or a window close to you and plan your escape.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,482

    You can also play safe at loops, and drop the pallet relatively early, and force a break (since 90% of the loops are safe for survivors). However keep in mind that this can hurt your team, if they are afraid to do generators. Which can happen relatively often in solo-queue.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,564

    With how rank reset is completely botched right now, absolutely.

    It takes a very, very long time to derank now, which is part of the problem currently.

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24
    edited May 2020

    Wow! Thanks for all the info everyone.

    "The essential of dbd is how much distance can you put between you and the killer? if an action increases the distance, without putting you off position, that's a good action."

    This quote really makes me realize how I've never thought of it that way, blows my mind. It kinda makes me understand lopping more.

    Also how do you guys "learn" how to scan for the next safe area after I have already put my exit plan into motion? Sometimes when I'm at the 1st safe area I panic and shoot off into the open because I could not juggle looking behind and routing at the same time looking for the next safe area and I just gun it blindly out.

  • JasonisanicefellaJasonisanicefella Member Posts: 237

    This skill you are asking for comes with map awareness. Maps in dbd are structurally randomised but many different elements stay consistent in the different maps.

    What often changes is the configuration of the tile, is it going to be a jungle gym or a L T wall?

    Is the pallet on the left or on the right? what about the window.

    Playing the different tiles in the different maps will give you that confidence that you need.

    Now how to avoid being out of position after the first loop?

    Essentially you don't abandon the first loop without having a plan on what to do next, if this is by any chance impossible run towards structures because that's where you will find safety and if possible run to a main building. These are commonly the strongest loops in the game.

    That said, avoid doing a gen in a death zone, this is an area with nothing around, no pallets, no windows. If you are caught there you are D-E-D, ded :)

    Finally remember what I said about the distance, it is sometimes really useful to abandon a tile when the killer is not seeing you to go to the next and gain distance on the killer.

    Many tiles prevent the killer from constantly seeing your position and if it takes 3 seconds for the killer to realise you have left the tile, you have now gained 12 meters and distance is THE most important coin for looping (unless you end up in a dead zone).

    Watch carefully the master loopers and you will see that they often leave a safe tile if they can get distance without being noticed by the killer

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24
    edited May 2020

    Thanks for all the explanations and advice!

    I started to play with these points in mind and the game is really starting to 'click'.

    I'm really enjoying and understanding the game more than I already did.

    Thanks guys!

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24

    Quick question, does one need to use the flashlight to reach rank 1?


  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    So reaching rank 1 will just be on how much you play, currently reaching rank 1 is at its easiest but if you want some pointers i would say use BT, its a very strong perk and can make every unhook pretty much safe. dont worry about flashlights etc. they dont actually help you, theres a huge difference between earning BP and earning emblems. Bring a medkit in, this will make healing fast and make more time for gens.

    2gens = gold

    2unhooks + 1 heal = iri

    death at endgame = Silver

    Chases, just do your best. im making a loop guide for the contest so check that out later if you need help.

    if you have any questions Quote me, iv been rank 1 for 3 years so i should be able to offer advice or go in more detail

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24

    Thank you for your reply and advice.

    Will try to keep those points in mind.

    Looking forward to a looping guide =)

    I do have a couple of questions.

    1) Can you control where you land after vaulting a window from the second floor?

    2) About unhooking 2 safely, its hard for me because most matches I have alot of the other survivors just immediately rushing to unhook. Is there a way to offset this?


  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,101

    Ranking up past 4 is much harder than going from 20-4.

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24

    Definitely agree. I noticed that I have to be abit more try hard after rank 4 , kinda stuck but its a good challenge ><

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,101

    Yeah. Doing enough to get a pip at purple just makes you break even at red. I feel like I have to be at absolute peak performance, at all times, to get anywhere once I hit 4.

  • JasonisanicefellaJasonisanicefella Member Posts: 237

    Nope, you just need to follow the emblem structure :)

    And bring borrowed time for the unhooks, it is super important

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    The guide is out btw, hope it helps! while its simple and is more focused on basic common loops it should prove useful or at least i hope!

    As for the vaulting it will depend it you fast vault or slow vault, fast vault you shall be ever so slightly further out but not by alot or any noticeable distance.

    My advice is never run go to far out of your way to get a save (across map) also keep in mind there is often unhook challenges in tomes which can make it harder, you can still get an iri medal by healing others though. Or if you own the perk you can use "Kindred" this will show everyones aura when someone is hook, this will let you know if youre the closest :)

  • WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24
    edited June 2020

    Good to hear that the guide is out. Is there a link to it?

    On another note, I am having some trouble orientating myself when it comes to finding totems on the map.

    I have watched a YT video stating that totems are usually laid out in a pentagram shape? Is there any truth to it and is there a proper way to try to roughly guess the positions of totems?

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer all my noob questions.


    *I did forget to mention that I'm using a controller on a PC as I cannot use the KB+M, does that matter?

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  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    The link to my early guide https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/157659/guide-to-surviving-the-entity-including-loop-illustrations-with-basic-tips-by-stitch7833-zak#latest

    As for the totems, its only possible to spawn 1 in each tile. so usually if you find one another isnt likely to be too close, its hard to explain tiles but usually just time teaches you them and the spawns totems can be in so IMO totem spawns are the more you play the easier they are to find/ predict

    Well for survivor i would say that a controller is far easier, you can gain much easier control through the analog than you can through keys. i use a controller, so id say no it wont hurt you in anyway as a survivor.

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