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It's funny how this game has worse character models than 17 years old game

SolidSnakeSolidSnake Member Posts: 25

Just look at this. On the right side - is pinnacle of modern engines evolution, used by company that earned millions from selling this game. A clipping hand only adds special flavour that is screaming "we do not care, you will eat this and ask for more". And on the left... it's just 17 years old graphics.

Developers of this game are so afraid of people seing how actually low efford is put into their work so they asked moderators of reddit to delete the posts about this, lol. Proof: https://www.reddit.com/r/deadbydaylight/comments/gszl4h/ladies_and_gentlemens_let_me_present_you/

I mean, they could at leask ask Konami to share their old model with them. I am sure they do give a 17 year old asset for free to people who can't achieve same quality on modern engine ^)



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