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Is there a new meta?

I keep seeing killers with Unrelenting and Save the best for last... Why are those perks so popular? I never use them as a killer


  • shadowsfall42shadowsfall42 Member Posts: 201
    I don't know why unrelenting too, but with plenty of save the best for last stacks, the blood wipe animation is pretty quick.
  • CoolAKnCoolAKn Member Posts: 677

    Unrelenting reduces the cool down for attacks you miss (up to 30%), while Save The Best For Last reduces the cool down for attacks you land (up to 40%).

    Both perks together make it so all attacks have a reduced cool down, so you (as killer) can attack more often.

  • KilraneKilrane Member Posts: 88

    Having faster attack cool down messes up Survivor's reliance on missed attacks. It allows for mind games and catching people off guard.

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