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Micheal Myers (survivor main)

I feel like people would argue strongly against this, but a feature allowing you to avoid one killer would be amazing. I know that there’s always the argument of “there’s not always people like this” but in my case, it is. Every MM I play against is a proxy camper, and severely annoying to play against. I really wish there was a feature to help avoid playing against only one specific character, etc. a selection choice to block one killer. I really hate all stealth killers (especially Michael) and think they ruin the fun of the game, but that’s just my opinion. I mean, if I could just not get ANY Micheals, then I’d be super happy. “WhAt AbOuT aLl Of ThE mIcHeAl MaInS?” Yeah, that sucks to be them in my case, just saying that, to me, a choice on avoiding certain killer match-ups would be awesome. I’m not a pro either, which makes it extremely difficult for someone who climbs ranks too easy, as I get matched up with very agro or toxic Michael Myers.


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