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Why I hate Freddy (and why he's unbalanced)



  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,031

    Sure, accusing someone of meta fanatic or other stuff just points out how mad you are just bcs you can't get over simple facts. Talking about salty mentality yet u are screaming nerf freddy (balanced killer) and this just shows again that all that years youve been playing are nothing bcs u didn't improve at all. As i can remember i never whined about that, just stated simple facts and u are still angry bcs u got clapped with facts. U told me that i have petty mindset and i told you if i do i wouldn't hit r1 multiple times, its not jail free-card (which shows again that u are the one with petty mindset).

    Trying to put me down with facts doesn't work, simply bcs they are all wrong, imagine accusing someone of something that u don't even know, just shows how mentally unstable u are, u prob lost against freddy, then came here to scream how op he Is. All that years of playing and u are still at the bottom, comaplaining and whining, and again, this just shows how petty mindset you have even outside of the game, in i few words i point out a few simple facts that u cant beat even with all that long text that Is trying to change the subject.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,619

    We don't need to nerf every killer around the lowest common denominator. Freddy is perfectly manageable against 4 solid survivors of equal skill.

    His pallets become problematic when people are using too many pallets and he's able to lay 10 pallets down in good spots. A pallet Freddy is loopable with minimal pallet usage.

    Snares force pallets down early, but the long side is usually still playable with the right spacing if he tries to snare bomb the loop.

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 2,859

    "Not true really not many killers can be good with freddy,i have steam rolled quite a few freds"

    Freddy has pretty much the lowest skill required to master his power.No problem that a killer is easy to understand and learn,not every killer has to be nurse kind of difficulty.The problem about him is that you need very little time to grasp his power and how it's used effectively and how extremely strong it is in comparison.

    Freddy has:

    -One of the best map mobility ability with his teleport in the game

    -His snares provide him with an extremely strong chase power that can shut down most of the loops in the game.

    -Due to the fact that his power is really strong in chases makes the micro sleep (passive sleep timer) the strongest slowdown mechanic in the game,because survivors are constantly pressured to stay awake (finding clocks,failing skill checks,getting help from awake teammates)

    Even the other top tier killers have some kind of weakness (weak early game,map reliant,no map mobility etc.) freddy has none.

    "Now if you said doctor i would agre.Pop static burst = easy mode"

    Static burst is nothing but a tracking/minor slowdown ability that requires the player to only use it if he/she knows that survivors are somewhere nearby or he/she will be punished with a very long cooldown of 60 seconds.

    "In the killers boring thread someone made the same response their proof was a picture of a rank 1 freddy 3k screenshot..... Rank 1 killer...."

    While i agree that's not a good proof of how unbalanced freddy is,i still have to say that ranks really don't say anything about how skilled the player is.I've seen plenty killers and survivors that were high rank and played absolutely horrible.Rank is more of an indicator that you played quite a bit this month.

  • sLeT1shuy4sLeT1shuy4 Member Posts: 3

    How about getting good?

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,242
    edited June 2020

    Sure, accusing someone of meta fanatic or other stuff just points out how mad you are just bcs you can't get over simple facts.

    I'm just simply stating a few common facts, no different then what you "claim" to be doing. But of course everything that goes against your perspective is "whining" and "mad".

    Talking about salty mentality yet u are screaming nerf freddy (balanced killer) and this just shows again that all that years youve been playing are nothing bcs u didn't improve at all.

    "screaming to nerf Freddy". Imagine being so worried and paranoid the slightest criticism sends you into an outrage. The only one losing their temper is you, I never even asked for Freddy to be nerfed in the entirety of this thread. I just pointed out your faulty emotional argument and you started unraveling. Also can you please start using "You" instead of "u"? Its quite annoying, we aren't texting you can afford to add two more letters

     As i can remember i never whined about that, just stated simple facts and u are still angry bcs u got clapped with facts.

    Oh god, my lungs

     imagine accusing someone of something that u don't even know, just shows how mentally unstable u are, u prob lost against freddy, then came here to scream how op he Is.

    Imagine ignoring the mountain of screenshots that alone destroy your silly little "facts"

    All that years of playing and u are still at the bottom, comaplaining and whining, and again, this just shows how petty mindset you have even outside of the game, in i few words i point out a few simple facts that u cant beat even with all that long text that Is trying to change the subject.

    Are we talking about you or me now? Do you realize your behavior and postings have done nothing but substantiate and prove my claim to be 100% correct? I made an assumption and you've proved yourself to be one of those vain goofballs that can't bare to tolerate and actually debate a single topic. You have zero self-awareness, introspection, nor the ability to see issues from both sides, and quite frankly you are part of the problem. You can't tackle any issue headon so you try to derail it using all those terms you heard from the youtubes as well as accusing any dissenting voice of being an absolutist and being a completely biased "main" (while being one yourself) and you hope nobody calls YOU out on it. That is your entire shtick and overall I find it


  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,031

    Just now saw this, mate, after all the facts i told you u still can't get it, u are delusional as it gets. Its funny how u call that that criticism and when i mention perks im toxic killer main lol, only thing i saw at that ss are green rank, idk what are u trying with that. Im the mad one yet u simply type km long texts and telling me how shouldi i type lol, i was stating pure facts unlike you, when it was your turn to tell me facts u changed the subject and started telling me how petty mindset i have, u are sad soul mate.

  • JustCatsJustCats Member Posts: 298

    Hold up there's a killer that discourages the loop BS and forces survivors to play as survivors and lets the killer be a killer? Damn there goes seven bucks.

  • SeeYoureWrongSeeYoureWrong Member Posts: 89
    edited June 2020

    I'm getting all these messages that I don't know how to play against him but the best thing I've seen is "Drop pallets early," But that doesn't stop you from getting downed a second later, especially with the map reworks. And on stronger loops, Wow! You just lost looping time! Literally anyone give me any counter to Freddy that doesn't eventually waste pallets

  • SeeYoureWrongSeeYoureWrong Member Posts: 89

    I'll repeat. I don't play Freddy because I know it's an easy win and only play him for dailies because of how easy they are

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    "He has 4 Add-ons that are worthless in an actual game, that being the Blindness and Hemmoraging add-ons."

    Uhh.. Blindness is actually one of his BEST add-ons. Play Freddy until you get someone with OOO, and you will see why it's necessary.

    It's also useful as a slugging tool or to slow the game down by removing hook auras. But mainly, it's there to hard counter OOO which is devastating to Freddy, more than other killers because you see him 100% of the time while asleep. He can't mind game you at all.

  • SeeYoureWrongSeeYoureWrong Member Posts: 89
    edited June 2020

    I mean, I just want to hear, from you, what's so balanced about him? As far as I know, he has absolutely no balance, counterplay, or skill required. Personally, I see balanced as something that punishes the killer for doing wrong, like Pyramid Head's cooldown for missing punishment and an easy way to get rid of torment, Plague's cooldown for vomit and counterplay, Trapper's strong traps but he can also get stuck in them, the list goes on and on. In all of my time playing I have never seen a good example of counterplay. I'm red ranks on both sides, by the way. Not a main in any sense

  • JustCatsJustCats Member Posts: 298

    The problem with that (and the game) is that you want a counter for one survivor versus one killer. Pallets and looping suck as a game mechanic in general because the game is 4 v 1 and balanced around having any one of those survivors countering the lone killer, basically anytime they're in danger. This game is more tense when you play as a killer than a survivor.

    Maybe there isn't a 1v1 counter for Freddy. Luckily you have three other teammates. Gen pressure, snap out of it, a decoy who is awake - plenty of things you can do to minimize Freddy but they all require approaching the game as a 4v1 and not four separate 1v1s.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Thana + Sloppy + Pop + Rope will make the game VERY VERY slow. They nerfed the add-ons but it's still incredibly effective. Throw in Dying Light and Swing Chains and it's even stronger. All he has to do is hit everyone once and now it will take 24 seconds to heal another survivor, 49 seconds to Self Care, and 99 seconds to solo a gen. If he gets 6 stacks of DL and also has Swing Chains, now it will take 33 seconds to heal someone else, 65 seconds to Self Care, and 132 seconds to solo a gen. All Freddy needs to do is equip the perks/add-ons, hit everyone, and get a few hooks. Then when you factor in Pop, it will be damn near impossible to finish a gen unless you triple team every one and the guy in a chase lasts long enough, which is difficult considering how strong snares are at breaking loops.

    Pretty much every game I've played as new Freddy with the Forever Freddy (by Calvin Klein) build has ended in a 4k with no more than 2 gens done. Maybe 2 groups made it to gates ever. Sometimes a guy gets hatch because I can't be bothered to drag out the game any more. Almost always end with 30k BP, most often end with a perfect 32k.

    He is quite ridiculous if you use this build and are a skilled killer.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227
    edited June 2020

    When he kicks a gen with Pop and thus adds another 33 seconds to the gen each time, not counting the extra regression from chasing you away from the gen and then repeating the process on the next survivor, it is indeed forever. By the time you actually finish a gen, 3 survivors are on death hook and that's the ONLY gen done.

    I play this build exactly for the reason that's it's absurdly overpowered. I reserve my Freddy for toxic SWF or dailies. All I need to do is hit a few survivors and get a few hooks to pretty much negate any progress the survivors have made. I only need Thana, Sloppy, Pop, and Outdoor Rope for it to be mostly effectively against most groups. If you also use Dying Light, Jump Rope, and Swing Chains it becomes even stronger.

  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    Yes, its effective, no its not forever. Forever freddy was done away with. We can both just keep repeating ourselves that doesnt make you any less wrong.

  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,031

    He Is basic M1 killer which u can loop for days, he got cooldown on teleport, snares are really not that strong, his big counter Is that if u stay awake he got no power etc.. he Is very well balanced, u must play differently against him, u must be patient

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 1,788

    Nice, see you guys tomorrow when people post the same thing on another thread as "why Freddy deserves a nerf"

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227
    edited June 2020

    It wasn't done away with at all. Read my post, it is still entirely too strong. If it takes you until everyone is dead to finish a gen, it's basically forever.

    I love how you say "you're wrong" when Forever Freddy is indeed very much a thing and the build is still ridiculously strong. Most groups I face where I use this build barely finish 2 gens before everyone is dead.


    You can't loop a good Freddy. If they know how to use snares there is no looping him. Snares break pretty much every loop in the game.

    The cooldown on his teleport isn't that long. It's less than the length of the average chase. Not to mention he can fake it and only lose about 10 seconds from the cooldown.

    "Just stay awake". Sure, let's spend and ever increasingly amount of time Snap Clapping each other awake. Or let's fail skill checks regularly, both losing progress and giving Freddy a notification of our location. Or run clear across the map to use a clock, only to be put right back to sleep the instant he hits you. "Just stay awake" is such awful advice. No matter what you do to stay awake it's a time sink, and the Freddy will benefit from it.

    He's not very well balanced at all. Freddy is ridiculously strong, he has way too many things in his base kit. This coming from someone that was an old Freddy main and still plays new Freddy regularly at rank 1.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 2,042

    Assuming he is facing someone with Object.

    How often is that? It isnt his best add-on, its one of the worse because of how little use it has in most games.

  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,031

    Listen, i know freddy main, only plays him, he Is really good, but when people who knows how to play against freddy come he is not that good, u should spread out with gens, most of freddys use discordance, u have to play stealthy, his snares are good but if u are awake they are useless, he Is unique killer that you need to adapt to, u can't just rush gens and get out, you have to play smart

  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    I did read your post, I dont agree with you that its overpowered. Ive been in solo where weve beaten it and ive vmbeen beaten while running it. "Forever Freddy" was a build that no longer exists. But keep chanting it if it makes you feel better.

  • SeeYoureWrongSeeYoureWrong Member Posts: 89

    The issue with the big counter is that it doesn't last forever, nor long enough to make a huge impact on the game. He can put you back to sleep as soon as he hits you, making the second hit even easier. If you want to look around to see efficient pathing when he comes, that wastes time

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Then the Freddy you faced simply wasn't very good. Anyone can beat an overpowered killer/build if they aren't very good. Play against a skilled Freddy using this build. You will change your tune. Outside of a coordinated 4 stack there is no beating a skilled Freddy using this build. You can't say no it ain't so all you want, I [BAD WORD] use this [BAD WORD] all the time and the game is a complete cakewalk.

    And what if the Freddy plays smart? Spreading out is not an option when he has Ropes/Thana/Sloppy. It will take 100 seconds to do a gen, look at the math. Then he hits the gen with pop, scrambles the group, slugs a few of you. I seriously doubt your friend is that good with Freddy if he uses this build and loses to anything but the absolute best survivors on your platform in a 4 stack.

    Often enough for it to be worth using. Trust me, you get an OOO user it completely changes the game. There is no mind gaming them. OOO is the only perk that truly levels the playing field against Freddy.

    Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Sheep Block is a permanent add-on for my Freddy.

  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,031

    Hey, if any killer really wants you dead he will do it, its on you to make it harder, freddy Is strong killer, he Is like that in the movies. When u are awake he has no power, u can use that, not a lot of freddys are god tier, its not gonna be a cake walk against him, and imo thats how it should be with killers, it shouldn't be easy to counter, but thats just my opinion

  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,031

    Trust me he Is great Freddy, well he shouldn't play dumb right, when u are awake he has no power, and trust me i beat a lot of freddys and im not god tier survivor and im most of the time solo, he Is not like u described, he Is very beatable, u can't play against him like u would play against Leatherface for example

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 2,042

    Even so that still leaves him with half of his add-ons because more than useless.

    OoO games are edgecases, and personally as a Killer I don't stumble upon them too much to run Blindness add-ons on killers that do have them

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    "I beat a lot of Freddy's" is not the same as playing a top tier Freddy with Forever Freddy build. You. Will. Get. Demolished.

    I stomp every group of survivors with Forever Freddy. It's not even a challenge. Even against good survivors in a 4 stack I barely have to put in any effort to get a 3k. At rank 1.

    I have 3k hours in the game, survivor main, former old Freddy main. NEW FREDDY IS TOO STRONG. Remove some of the stuff from his base kit, shift it to his add-ons, and he would be balanced. Right now he is a mostly brain dead killer. Especially if you use the Forever Freddy build.

    Again "when he is awake he has no power" means you have to waste time staying awake, which still benefits him. That means less time on gens and thus more time for him to kill you.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    The only useless add-ons are Kids Drawing, Cat Block, Z Block, and to a lesser extent Pill Bottle. Two of them do the same thing. One is a BP booster. And the other is just a poorly designed add-on.

    Doesn't matter if OOO is an edge case, the moment you go into a game without Sheep Block/Unicorn Block you will see what I'm talking about. Literally the ONLY thing that beats Freddy is OOO (of course this assumes the survivor is any good).

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