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My friend got me back into dbd again and I noticed that devotion still doesn't do anything. Any updates on devotion rewards or anything?


  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    In one of their last stream they said something about it but cant remember exactly.

  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 284

    Man I was hoping my devotion 6 would've done something by now 😅, eh at least I'll get something for my shmexy used tampon looking prestige 3 David LOL

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 708

    I hope they'll do something with devotion as well, I'd be happy even with just a bunch of bonus shards for each time you get a new devotion level.

    Now, how do I get that image of David King off my mind? 😂

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860

    Devotion is so useless it's actually frustrating.

    You think that the players who are the most devoted would actually be rewarded somehow but they're not. It's mind boggling to me why they included this feature at all when it literally has no meaning whatsoever aside from bragging rights (positive view) / how much time I've wasted playing this game (negative view).

    Honestly I would take devotion rewards coming to DBD first than whatever they have cooked up for prestige. Because prestige actually has a somewhat practical purpose you get an increased chance of rarer drops in bloodwebs and some bloody clothes, Devotion. Does. Nothing.

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 708

    Devotion does nothing but you do nothing except playing to earn it..I mean..there is 0 extra effort, and you already collect shards while you go towards the next devotion level, so not the end of the world and personally nothing to complain about.

    It would be nice for it to add some bonuses, yes, but if it doesn't, why being mad?

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860
    edited June 2020


    Old meme I know, yet it still perfectly describes what my face looks like and how I felt reading your response.


    Devotion isn't some prestige that you can reach through some 2 million BP, it takes forever to get a single devotion level. One. The "effort" is quite literally in the sheer amount of time it takes to gain. It's literally called "devotion" because it represents how "devoted" you are to playing the game for hours and hours and hours putting time into DBD, giving them business, boosting their player count, probably somewhere along the line spending money, and all I get is a dumb number in the top corner of the screen??

    "Yeah, but you're choosing to spend time on the game. Nobody is forcing you to, stop being so entitled"

    Yeah sure, I spend my time willingly how I want to and as I see fit but that doesn't change the fact that my logic still stands. Devoted players who put that much time into the game should be rewarded in some capacity.

    "You are being rewarded for playing though: through the bloodpoints and iridescent shards you gain, and the experience you earn as you slowly become better and better at the game"

    If that's all we're being rewarded with, and that was the only intention the developers ever had, then why have the devotion level in the FIRST PLACE?????



    Nobody asked for this feature, nobody told the devs to put a level of "Devotion" but now that they have to keep it from being completely pointless and meaningless they should do something with it or get rid of it. It just sits there tauntingly in the corner of the screen as an empty and hollow number with no purpose.

    Giving Devotion some reward or something attached to it, even a simple achievement, gives a player a "light at the end of the tunnel" a goal to work toward. It provides an incentive to continue to play to fill the gap created by the fact there is no "campaign" there is no reason to keep playing beyond your own personal enjoyment or goals you have set for yourself like P3-ing characters. But even that is under scrutiny since apparently there's a large chunk of the community who does not believe prestiging is worth it, hence why the devs are working on creating "new prestige rewards".

    It seems like such an honestly straightforward thing to do that's why it is so frustrating, it's a pointless feature. Pointless features with no reason for being should not be. The logic behind that is infallible, there's nothing more to understand or read into about that, it's an extremely simple statement with simple logic to boot.

  • NotDBDNotDBD Member Posts: 182

    The devs said they didnt have anything planned for it at the moment. Rather, they are working on prestige rewards

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,592

    So the solution is delete the green devotion number and just have the reset. No longer there so no reason to complain its doing nothing.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860

    Basically, yeah.

    That or exactly what I said tie some reward to it.

    Two different approaches - fix the problem, or get rid of the problem completely. Either way, something should be done about it.

  • TheRoyalOwlTheRoyalOwl Member Posts: 749

    But its not a problem? It's meaningless as it doesn't do much but how is it a problem, like just because people want it to do something doesn't make it a problem.

  • HealsBadManHealsBadMan Member Posts: 1,120

    Exactly- a bunch of games have this idea. It's obnoxious to go up to Level 682 or Level 3791- they just keep it Levels 1-100 and add Devotion to make it easy. Overwatch does the same thing, with the stars and bronze/silver/gold/platinum borders. It's just a more convenient way to measure levels, there shouldn't be a reward to go along with it.

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 708

    Aaand what's the difference between them hiding the number, and it being a simple "Hey, you played this much" number?

    Would you prefer seeing that your player level is 476 instead of Devotion 4 Level 76?

    Again, all your reasonig is based on "I WORKED FOR THIS, I WANT SOMETHING" but I fail to see where playing the game as you would do without the Devotion level is "working for it", seriously, you really care THIS much about that small number that you MUST HAVE a reward for it? If they think about something great, if they don't, meh, ok, not a problem at all.

    Heck following your reasoning Steam should remove the Hours Played from the platform because it is a "completely pointless and meaningless feature", does it make sense? Nah.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860
    edited June 2020

    Your response basically fell in line with my pre-written response of what I thought you might say and you still said it so I'm just going to re-copy and paste that here:

    "'Yeah, but you're choosing to spend time on the game. Nobody is forcing you to, stop being so entitled'

    Yeah sure, I spend my time willingly how I want to and as I see fit but that doesn't change the fact that my logic still stands. Devoted players who put that much time into the game should be rewarded in some capacity." Otherwise, don't call it "devotion".

    And to restate it's a simple concept in game design, you give something for players to work toward, an incentive to continue to play (especially for a multiplayer), an end goal for them to reach. You'd think that end goal in DBD would be Devotion since it is what takes the longest to earn a single of, longer than getting a million BP, longer than prestiging, longer than saving up shards for a new character or even a premium cosmetic, etc.

    You twisting my words and tapping that caps lock on your keyboard is intended to make me sound unreasonable but this is nothing but a reasonable request. Especially since the example I gave is such a low bar to clear I'm not asking for the world on my plate here, are you telling me that asking for a simple achievement on Steam is too difficult to make?

    Or maybe putting a quick number value upon reaching level 100 you get 1000 iridescent shards (you get 300 for every level before then) is that too difficult to program? Or are you saying that 1000 iridescent shards would completely upend the in-game economy and be too much to ask for, even though good cosmetics cost 13500 and premium cosmetics cost 21600? 1000 iridescent shards would hardly put a dent in those prices so it wouldn't deter people who would have bought it without the 1000 shards you would hypothetically get every 100 levels.

    Or hell 750,000 BP, that's too difficult to code? Too much to ask for? Even though Bloodpoints have nothing to do with monetization in any shape or form in Dead By Daylight? That's unreasonable to ask for, every 100 levels, according to you. Even though the grind in the game is a huge issue that has repeatedly been discussed within the community even for veterans, and far worse for new players who join and see a massive wall of characters to grind for, teachables to eventually unlock, prestige to earn, perks to level up, etc.

    No, all of this is completely unreasonable on my part right? It's my fault for even bringing the idea up??

    Because it is meaningless that is the problem. Because nothing is done about it that is the problem, in much the same way that if you were hit by a car and nobody did anything about it to take you to the hospital that would also be a problem.

    Obviously a big jump there from "devotion level" to "car crash" but the underlying point being made there still shines through: a problem doesn't have to be an issue that is actually happening like a bug causing something not to work, it can also be an issue because of a lack of something happening, a lack of action, like introducing Freddy Krueger as an extremely poor killer and not balancing him for basically 2 years until he finally got his huge rework. That was a problem.

    Eating unhealthy and putting strain on your heart leading to a heart attack is a problem, but also not taking heart medication if you're predisposed to have heart issues can also lead to equivalent consequences.

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  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 708

    Oh man, you clearly didn't understand what I've been telling you all this time.

    I'm in favor of having something in return for my Devotion level as well, I simply don't get why you seem so "angry" about the fact that it still does nothing.

    The only "unreasonable" part I see in your responses is you being SO upset about it.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860
    edited June 2020

    My man, I am sitting here plucking the strings of my guitar, how upset can I be.

    I tend to be quite flavorful here on the forums. Don't mistake my tone and language for being legitimately upset, I am frustrated only within the bounds of the context and reasonably so, that's about it.

    The entire point of the forums is to provide feedback, and feedback isn't always good or positive. That's the short of it

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 708

    Maybe I misread your tone then, idk, it seemed like you were very (too much imo) sensitive about the topic.

    Of course feedback can't be always positive, and I agree with most of the things you said about Devotion being meaningless rn, it has been brought up in the anniversary stream, so hopefully they'll think about it in the future.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860
    edited June 2020

    Talking a lotta shmack from a guy who's a cultivated fool. Your first post on the DBD forums and you're just here to talk down to people? Really?

    Also, waffle?? Who the hell uses that word in such a context?

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,203

    It would be nice if each Devotion level got you some substantial amount of BP, or something.

    Like, a million BP per Devotion rollover would -- increasingly -- be a drop in the bucket for someone who is committed enough to get there, but it would still be a nice reward, and I imagine it wouldn't be that much of a hurdle to implement, since it doesn't involve adding any new mechanics.

  • tixerptixerp Member Posts: 270

    I think it'd be nice if Devotion permanently increased the amount of BP or shards you gain, by a very very small amount. So with 1 or 2 Devotion, you might not notice it, but eventually when you hit Devotion 8 or something it's definitely going to make an impact. Just something to reward players for playing so much of the game. And also, it just feels crap to hit devotion, and start earning less shards than you used to for a while. Something to alleviate that feeling of just going backwards in progress.

  • BubbaMain64BubbaMain64 Member Posts: 546

    Devotion will never do anything because BHVR needs to have cosmetics impossible to unlock so you give them money.

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104

    Alright he has 12 health and I got 10 black devotion from Tymaret, Murderous rider, Ayara, and underworld dreams. Now i play Gray merchant and... wait wrong game.

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