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Face camping has to become a bannable offence

Now I know this has probably been long discussed and am late on the train for this one but I am seriously getting SICK and TIRED of these mf face camping killers. It’s not a strategy as much as killer mains like to argue that it is, it’s toxic af and is against the way the game was developed to be played. And not to mention that it obviously just takes away our fun as survivors which at the end of it all is why we play this game cus we otherwise love it.

but face campers are one of the very few reasons I just switch the game off and go on some single player game cus it literally cuts my mood off playing that game sometimes for hours or rest of the day.

Behavior have recently made DC bans more severe which is understandable because it’s annoying but when you put the toxic behaviours you can do in this game, disconnecting from a game to me anyways falls considerably lower than face camping because unlike face camping, disconnecting can sometimes be justified whether it might be a connection problem or the player has suddenly have something important to do that means he can no longer play the game unfortunately so when that player comes back he’s faced with a ridiculous 48 hour ban from the game (yes I’ve had this once before anyone doubts that’s a thing). Face camping there is no reason to do it other than knowing you’re being a troll or simply because the killer is crap so he/she has to rely on camping.

I believe face camping has to have the same severity of punishment as DCing because it’s honestly more frustrating than some player leaving the game. Even if it’s just that they’re banned from playing killer as a starter but progressively the punishment would reach where you are temporarily banned from the game entirely if it’s repeated.

I really hope this gets reconsidered because I know Behaviour mentions it in their guidelines that you cannot report a player for camping which i think is ridiculous but that needs to really change.

I know this is going upset a lot of killer mains but honestly don’t care about your excuses cus they’re not justifiable. toxic survivors don’t ruin the game as much as killers. You can still win a game as a killer even if survivors are tea bagging you or unnecessarily flash lighting you but as a survivor you can’t win a game if you get hooked and face camped, your game is effectively over. The only way of getting a second chance is if another survivor practically sacrifices themselves by rescuing you if they don’t get downed in the process.

please Behaviour, make this change. Your game is becoming less fun because I’m seeing more and more face campers than ever before in both low and high ranks.



  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633
    edited June 2020

    The devs will never ban someone for it, but they're working on a way to make it so unappealing that only pure idiots will do it.

    It could be something to do with BP - maybe camping will guarantee 0% BP for a sacrifice, making it completely useless to camp.

    Or it could be a more survivor sided solution - making gens go wayyy faster when the killer is in a certain range of the hook, enabling them to get all of them done before that 1 survivor dies.

    Or even better, could be both.

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    What if Survivor's 3 Gen-locked themselves and a Killer hooks a Survivor in the middle of it? Should they be punished because the Survivors made mistakes?

    What if exit gates are already powered and the best way to get a kill is to face camp to get a possibly guaranteed 1 Kill?

    Everything is based on the moment.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    You CAN'T ACTUALLY face camp someone anymore. You can always be rescued, so quit calling it that! I swear, if half of you knew what face camping actually USED to be, you'd crawl in a ball and cry... And the killer gets penalized for being within the proximity of the hook.

  • GomolazoliGomolazoli Member Posts: 336

    Bubba, Billy, Myers, Oni, PH would like to have a word with you.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    Great..so what will be given to killers since they will no longer be able to salvage hooks after the gens are done? because right now the killer cant stop survivors leaving without noed because doors open really quickly...plus ds becomes insanely overpowered at that point of the game as well..

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    Unless you're running Spine Chill or Wake Up, doors do not open that quickly.

    Killers can also stop Survivors from leaving by Blood Warden, Remember Me, Slugging, Camping, etc.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    No just make it so the longer you camp the more points you lose until your BP for the game reaches zero.

  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 2,557
    edited June 2020


  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 6,008

    Killers already gain negative score towards their chaser emblem they stay around a hooked survivor as long as they aren't the last survivor, in a chase, or other survivors are also around the hook.

    Basically punish face campers by doing gens and letting them lose the game for applying 0 pressure.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    Blood warden requires a hook and an open door for a mere 60 second block and if you open it survivors will know you have it..hell they 99 doors for that reason-_- remember me was nerfed into oblivion , slugging barely helps since survivors have no more obj to focus on and are getting even more anti slugging measures next patch...and this suggestion would make camping bannable

  • MauriceMaverickMauriceMaverick Member Posts: 242

    I agree mostly, but I'm not okay with your sentence that basically says „toxic isn't ok, but only the killers should be punished for doing it, because doing it is more fun than facing it as surviver.“ (yes, it is pretty simplified). And that is not ok. When we get a toxic punishment-button, it should be for survivers aswell. I'm not saying, you didn't got a point, because you do, I really agree with you, but I had a bit conversation with some face campers, and the say, they only do it because there tired of being offended via t-bagging by survivers in other matches. That's still no reason to do it, but it is part of the problem.

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    Survivors know you have BW AFTER the hook when the gates are open. That is 60 seconds of you finding Survivors anywhere but near that gate Pair it with another perk like NOED for example and you got the wombo combo. Remember Me adds 16 extra seconds to opening the door which is an extremely long time. Unless that has changed recently, it's a good perk for end game. Slugging encourages altruism in end game. You have no more objectives except to walk through the door. It's up to them if they want everyone to escape with them.

    Now idk what's coming next patch, but Slugging is a good a strategy that is encouraged by slugging perks.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    Idk dude, those were the only 2 things I could think of that would actually stop it.

    Don't blame me, the devs were the ones who said it on stream \_( )_/

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Good, because they would like to have a word w you also to explain like I said, you can still be saved. Ever heard of BT? Seen plenty of teams do it.

  • matchmakingworksfinematchmakingworksfine Member Posts: 240

    Devs arent gonna ban a tactic purely because it's not fun to play against. Body blocking isnt fun to play against and can completely cheat you out of a kill sometimes but its a legit tactic. Learn, adapt, overcome.

  • animalmakanimalmak Member Posts: 399

    I wouldn't say bannable because that's extreme for something that's a legit tactic (even if not a good one). And killers already lose points in the Chaser category for doing it.

    However, if I'm the survivor on hook, I would love Distraction or Assist BP events if I'm being facecamped. At least give me something if I'm not going to be able to get off the hook.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,275

    I think this would be the best immediate course of action. Give the survivor some consolation points for getting camped out of the match to at least partially make up for the fact that they probably only got to play for a small percent of it (and likely helped 2-3 teammates escape for free). It's still not great for the survivor getting sacrificed like this, but it's better than they currently have it.

    Something else I'd like in this regard is a BP multiplier/bonus that all survivors receive based on how many of them escaped a trial. The more survivors who are able to escape, the more bonus BP that EVERYONE on the team gets (even if they didn't make it out).

    Camping is an available in-game tactic that does not take a match hostage, so it cannot (and will not) become a bannable offense. All the devs can really do is increase the incentives for a killer NOT to camp and to give the hooked survivor a few extra benefits to increase their odds of being able to be unhooked in this situation.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,237

    It only takes 15 seconds to open a door. It can take longer just to walk to that gate on some maps. If there are 3-4 survivors running around, you're not stopping them. Remember Me doesn't work on the obsession. Blood Warden isn't that long if you have to walk across the map to actually get the survivors, and most people 99% the gates anyway.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,237
    edited June 2020

    So killers who camp too close to the hook already start losing chaser points after 10 seconds, and the penalty accelerates over time I believe. I think the survivor who is getting camped should receive emblem points for distracting the killer while that is happening, similar to how you now get lightbringer points for running the killer around while your team is doing gens. That way the survivor who got face camped can at least black pip.

    I don't think killers should be punished for face-camping any further. It's already a bad strategy that only works on potatoes.

  • Vale3100Vale3100 Member Posts: 19

    I’m not denying that survivors can be toxic but survivors toxicity does NOT stop the game for you. You can still actively play the game and kill them. You can’t do anything if you’re being camped. There’s a huge difference here. I’ve played killer and faced toxic survivors and it’s not a big deal honestly, sure it’s a bit annoying but I still play my game and end up 4king then 🙂

    killer mains that are saying that are making a unreasonable excuse

  • Vale3100Vale3100 Member Posts: 19

    It’s not a “legit” tactic because that’s not the reason it’s done that way. People do it cus they’re salty or purely just to be a troll. A tactic would suggest there’s some logic behind it. There isn’t. Survivors if they’re smart would gen rush and that killer is gonna get one petty kill and very little BP. Don’t give me that bs, sorry not having it 😂

  • Vale3100Vale3100 Member Posts: 19

    Most face campers do it just to be a troll so I don’t think they could care less if they get hardly any BP. You already don’t get that much BP from face camping as it is and yet it’s not deterring them from doing it

  • Vale3100Vale3100 Member Posts: 19

    But face campers don’t care about BP. They don’t do it to get BP cus u don’t get much from camping as it is. They do it to troll you and/or out of spite. Removing BP from them wouldn’t deter them

  • animalmakanimalmak Member Posts: 399

    Not necessarily. They'll do it to secure a kill or get someone out of the game to skew balance in their favor. They'll do it because they're relying on the altruism of teammates to get more hits/kills. I'm not arguing that it isn't done for petty reasons (I've been facecamped because I managed to land a Head On stun and the Spirit was NOT happy about it) or to troll (hello Insidious Bubba memeing), but it's done for more than just that.

    But even if it were for just petty reasons, those are not bannable offenses, which is the main point of this discussion. And because they're not bannable offenses, people will continue to do them for whatever reason floats their boat, so the least BHVR could do it offer some consolation to the survivors that get ######### over because of it.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,237

    It's emblems, not BP. Face campers will depip. Banning for face camping will never happen because there are too many scenarios to consider, and there is no good way of determining whether they should be banned or are just trying to make the best decision in the situation.

  • Vale3100Vale3100 Member Posts: 19

    Can’t face camp anymore? Have u stopped playing or something? U can most definitely face camp in this game. What are u on about?

  • Vale3100Vale3100 Member Posts: 19

    Yeah my point was that it should be bannable because however you like to argue that it’s a “legit strat” it takes away the fun in the game. There’s no skill to it, you can be the crappest killer in the game and still get a petty kill with it.

  • elvangulleyelvangulley Member Posts: 569

    And It shouldn't be banned anything that ruins survivors fun is good since all survivors do is demand nerfs to remove killers fun.

  • GomolazoliGomolazoli Member Posts: 336

    Not against them Lmao. Maybe with a 2 for 1 trade. But against Bubba even that is impossible.

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