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Let a rank 1 survivor and killer tell you why is this game unbalanced

Let me, a R1 survivor and killer to tell how unbalance is this game.

1) Survivor have too many meta perks, killer just have fews. Especially DS, the most unbalance thing in the game, you have to wait for one minute or the survivor will have a second chance is just ridiculous. Survivor can already wiggle, be pallet save, even your unbalanced flashlight save. You give them a perk that can give them another second chance? No, rework it or remove it. Another unbalanced perk - unbreakable, when you finally doen lots of survivor and though you can finally win the 10 % win rate. One survivor stand up and they all heal everyone up then everyone is back on the game. No sense!

2) SWF. Survivor should not be able to voice chat to know everything happens in the match. I never SWF because I know it is unfair. They can just know where the killer is, gen rush, god head on loop and 4 flashlights. Every SWF aura should be seen by the killer out of 70m.

3) Gen rushing. Survivor can do their objective very fast, but killer can't. Doing gens don't need skills, chasing and looping need skills. They can all go toolboxes to gen rush in 40 sec per gen and killer at least need 30 sec to catch a survivor unless the survivor is git gud. Generators only have 5 to be done but killer need to at least down survivor 12 times to win. No sense! One generator should only be repaired by 2 person and after one gen is done, all generator should be block for 25 second so 3 gen won't pop in the same time after 1 mins.

4) Too many pallets and windows. There are more than 20 pallets each map, 1 pallet can at least buy you 10 seconds while chasing by the killer. Windows can't be destroyed and it can buy you lots of time too.

Summary: Devs always listen to those survivor mains that complain about they can't loop for 5 gen and killers have the ability to kill survivor. If you say some thing like you are just bad at killer, I am a R1 survivor too so I know what is happening in both side. First, flashlight should not be able to save someone, you already have pallet and DS so will you survivor mains shut your mouth! Second, reduce the amount of pallets and windows, gen rush fine, just survivor have too much ability to waste killer's time. Disallowed flashlights, DS and unbreakable when there are SWF. If you follow my intrusions the game will be more fun and more players will come. I know it is unfair to new survivor, but every game is unfair to new players ( Including Mario ), you need to improve , learn and have experience, not giving some unfair chances and ruin the game.

PS: pretty sure you are new if you disagree this post. : 3



  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,249

    You won't last too long playing survivor not in a swf. This isn't me saying your not good enough to last in rank 1 without swf, it's actually me saying the game would be too boring.

    I love to talk so playing in a swf is how I do that since their isn't an in-game voice chat.

    There is a lot of this that is just plain wrong. The pallet one in particular is completely wrong.

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    i wouldnt say the game is boring, like i guess swf can make it more interesting because you can mess about with your friends etc. but solo is still fun, you just get ranks 1/2 that have no idea how to play lol. but rank means nothing anymore...

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    well i mean the fact that they have the ability to share information that would equal to about 9 survivor perks should of been enough to prove the advantages, let alone being able to choose the skill of the players within your swf

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,249

    It is for a while but you won't last just playing solo in my opinion. I play killer when I'm solo and swf the other times. It is fun builds but even just general chat is pretty good.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

    There's actually quite a lot new players on red ranks on both sides since it's hideously easy to rank up on both sides if you really want to. On top of that some killers pip wayyyy easier than others (Legion vs instadown killers for instance) and getting rank 1 as survivor is.. Well.. Let's not talk about it.

    So chances are op is actually rank1 on both sides and still new to the game depending on what you consider "new", of course.

    Personally I think op must be new because of complaints like flashlights. Like seriously... How the hell can you call flashlights unbalanced at this point haha...

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    i do agree swf is more fun but i only do duo as the more in a swf it ends up getting too easy. i must admit i dont play the game as much as i use to, i always use to play solo and swap between killer and survivor but i dont tend to play killer much now as i always spin the wheel to which killer i play and some games you have to accept you lost due to the killer, map or just the team you went against which seems kinda silly tbh. i dunno i play games for fun and survivor is easier to do that on as if youre good you can show it but on killer skill doesnt all much matter anymore just depends if people do gens. like i havent seen a wraith, demo, hag, nurse etc. in months and thats what reduces the fun, the lack of killers you see but im not surprised by it either. i dunno if i could handle game chat on DBD, be way too much toxic behavior and screaming lol

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    survivor is a joke in its self, had a nancy the other day that never looked behind her and missed so many pallets (rank 2) like wut even lol. but yeah most of what he complained about doesnt make much sense, some just isnt true and some i dont feel he understands why. like DS and swf is very strong but i feel he misses the reason why... hopefully the new ranking etc, will short the mess out though

  • podkallpodkall Member Posts: 109

    If you complain like this you certainly play weak killer.

    Before you call me survivor main, I'm a killer main, and I play variety of killers not just strong ones.

    From my experience game is pretty ballanced almost, thanks to item rework you can't have 4 survivors running 4 toolboxes that can repair whole gen slightly faster instead it's a tool that breaks after barely touching gen, trappers traps can't be disarmed.

    If you hate DCS bring Enduring it's not that difficult to catch someone who barely gains distance.

    If you often find yourself dealing with decisive players, you are a tunneler that instead of focusing on bringing everyone closer to death and delaying gens you rather focus on kills which isn't even objective of the game... the objective is to slow down gens while killing survivors in process.

    Wiggling is an option for free bloodpoints that never ever ever works unless someone is quick enough to sabotage the 4 hooks around you that are really close.

    There are creative ways to stop decisive an example: when decisive person goes into locker that wants you to pick them up so it activates as trapper you can put trap in front of the locker.


    The point that I'm trying to say is that, yes this game is not ballanced but it's not that unballanced if you think about it.

    Both sides have chance.

    There's so much a killer can do but that is also same case with survivors: they can't be working on 3 gens if one of them is hooked and maybe you find the another...

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,249

    Well demo is the killer I'm playing a lot recently so I'm trying to help you out lol I got 4 pigs in a row last night also (3 had double very rare add-ons).

    I play this everyday, whether that be 1 hour or 2. I know for certain I wouldn't be playing now if I didn't get chatting to people. The chill experience is something I relate to only call of duty zombies. You just chill, chat and play which is what I like.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    You didn't even mention the unbalanced things the killer has. Are you actually an... I don't know, non-main, or are you just trying to slap that label on yourself to lend some legitmacy to your rant? Seriously, where's the section about NOED, Infectious Nurse, Spirit counterplay, Doc's add-ons, Deathslingers counterplay, random broken add-ons, massive deadzones...

    Oh, wait, I disagreed with your post. I'm apparently new to the game and my opinion and experience is invalidated. You are clearly superior because you accept no ctriticism. Please forgive my intrusion.

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    Oooo id love to face a demo, but something tells me youre on a different platform or something because damn i miss those killers lol, and well thats what every game should be, every game should be something you go on to have fun and enjoy yourself which i find easier as survivor. like i enjoy killer too, i was actually a killer main on game release ;) but that changed over time but some games as killer just put me off, thats usually the tryhard meta swf that have no chill while im playing a weaker killer on a bad map... like can haddonfield just go away please

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

    So it's not just me who keeps noticing odd Nancy players? Some of them truly are "stranger than things"... *cough* ...

    As for SWF they're obviously able to play more efficiently than solo players but I think the devs will find a smart solution. I got a good gut feeling since they mentioned they're going to change up the early game by adding something similar to the EGC but for the start of a match.

    Would be nice not to feel like DBD was a racing game haha...

  • Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

    The game is not as unbalanced as many claim it to be. As killer, I always 4K any kind of potato SWF squad.

    When I face really good teams, I’ll win more than I lose but it’s a challenge. That’s how it should be. Skilled teams should have the means to win. I never go into a match feeling defeated loading in, unless I’m Trapper or Hag on Ormond/Rotten Fields (seriously, screw Ormond).

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    Im r1 both sides, and i think the game is almost fully balanced

    Second chance perks: All the second chance perks have counterplay imo just like noed

    Swf: i dont have an opinion on because i dont go against them that much

    Gen rushing: both sides can do there objective fast tho? Its not that hard to get a 4man slug as oni and billy or just tunnling and ending chases fast

    Pallets and Windows: theres around 10 to 11 pallets and some of them are unsafe, infintes were removed and maps are smaller with more dead zones making it much easier to apply pressure as killer

    Imo the games not THAT unbalanced

    I disagree even though I'm not a new player

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    Ormand and haddonfield are the worst maps for sure, and you should be beating potatoes afterall if you didnt then whats the point in playing killer where you cant even beat bad players lol. my issue isnt just one aspect of the game but more when theyre all placed together, i do still think its fair to add a de-buff to swf to slightly counter the advantages they get and make ruin an anti-tunnel perks so you cant be hooked again or mori`d straight after being unhooked. i just feel you should always feel like you have a chance to win as either side no matter what or who youre playing as, but what do you class as a win mate? because for me a win is getting about 10hooks or the 4k and for survivor its escaping through the exit gates, i cant go off the pipping as its way to easy to safety pip or just pip in general

  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    My guess would be adding corrupt tier 1 by default and changing the perk itself, that alone would massively help games at the start. like the fact you can have 4 people spawn near separate gens at the start is an insane amount of progress of the match within a short period of time

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    I disagree with this post, so I suppose that makes me a 2 year newbie.

  • Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

    A win for me is a 4K or 3K (due to hatch or key). If it’s a REALLY STRONG team then I will take a 2K as a “win”.

    And I think this game does a decent job of giving both sides a fair chance. To me, some maps are just poorly designed to be either too killer sided (Hawkins, Lerys) or survivor sided (Ormond, Blood Lodge).

  • ActionjacksnActionjacksn Member Posts: 186

    You just have to understand that this game is extremely lacking of survivor players, so the devs have to do sg. to lessen the amount of killers and make ppl want to play more survivor.

  • calemcalem Member Posts: 448
    edited June 2020

    Here we a see an entitled Killer player in his natural habitat.

    1) Nah, Killers have plenty of meta perks. And oh boy, more DS complaints! DS is fine as is. Unless you are purposely trying to tunnel people. I, who am also rank 1 in both roles (although rank is not a good determinant of skill!), very rarely have games where DS actually gets used. Typically it's when I force it out early or just forgot about it. DS only gets abused in 4-man SWF squads which are insanely rare. Flashlights are NOT unbalanced lmfao. Not even gonna go into that one (use Lightborn, Franklin's Demise, or Overwhelming Presence)

    2) This one just sounds like you are upset you don't play with your friends. The game would lose a lot of players if SWF wasn't allowed. And again, they are very rare. Like 80% of matches are 4-man solo or a 2-man SWF at most.

    3) Killing survivors isn't supposed to be fast. That's the entire point of killers having gen-slowing perks, that you seem to not know exist. Use Corrupt Intervention, Hex: Ruin, Thanatophobia, Pop Goes The Weasel, Surge. There are literally tonnes of perks to stop gen progression (and guess what, they're all meta killer perks!). Toolboxes have been reworked and are not as strong anymore. They have barely any charges and don't do much in terms of progression. Doing a gen in 40 seconds means there's probably 3 survivors on one gen which is just unlucky and something you need to figure out during the game.

    4) Nah, not too many pallets and windows (in general). Some maps are different. Lery's obviously has the most windows. But it's not really a survivor-sided map. Hawkin's has the most pallets I think. And 90% are unsafe and result in free hits if the survivor wastes time throwing it down without getting a stun.

    PS, pretty sure you're an entitled player who doesn't know how to play the game properly if you say anyone disagreeing with you is 'new' and implying they are wrong.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    I agree with you and wish more players would realize that the game is pretty balanced as is. No one wants to because then they would have to admit that perhaps the problem is with them and not the game.

    The only things I think that need to be looked at is:

    1. DS should either deactivate or have it's duration reduced if the Survivor is fully healed, works on a gen for more than 10 seconds, or fully heals someone else.
    2. Hillbilly needs to be toned down a little now that maps are getting smaller and have more dead spaces.
    3. Bubba needs a rework. He is only strong when he camps and I would be the first to defend anyone's right to play as they want to but Bubba really has no counter camping except rushing gens, which isn't fun at all.
    4. Trapper needs to have his stitched bag as base-kit and all other bag add-ons removed.
    5. Keys should only work for the key holder.
    6. Moris should only work on death hook. They can remove brown and green moris and increase the rate that red moris appear on the bloodweb if they make this change.
    7. Mobile DbD bots should be implemented into this game when someone DCs for either side.
  • OldWiseOneOldWiseOne Member Posts: 159

    So you change it depending on who you verse? i do agree that a 2k against a really good team is doing well but im not sure id class it as a win, but maybe im a bit too harsh on myself about that. i never expect to get a 4k every game but i also dont feel you should feel at a disadvantage for the killer you picked or the map you get. for the most part i always try take both sides into account considering i play both sides, so hawkings has alot of unsafe loops which is good but it also has alot of strengths such as more pallets, line of sight blockers and known pallet spawns. and i hate bloodlodge but only when im certain killers, like basic M1 stealth killers suck as they just see you over everything. i am interested in what changes you might wanna make, personally i think a small change to DS and swf and the game would be near perfect

  • Smoker101Smoker101 Member Posts: 52

    I honestly just wish they added more to do with gens then just make the timer longer. Like look for parts or fix cables something cooler then just holding M1.

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    The game now is more balanced than ever, go watch a gameplay of 1/2y ago. Nurse simulator and ds at the first pick up for everyone

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,440
    edited June 2020


    "P.S. pretty sure I am new if you disagree with this post. : 3"

    fixed it for you.

  • Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

    The thing is, like I said, maps can have a huge effect on the outcome of a match.

    For example, I can be up against a really good team but if I’m Hag on Hawkins or the Game they’re not escaping. Conversely, if I’m Hag on Rotten Fields or Crotus Asylum even a potato squad can knock out 3-4 gens before I get 2 hooks because the gens are so damn spread out (I barely leveled up to get Corrupt tier 3 on my P3 Hag so I should be better off lol).

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