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The executioner may have just given us the answer to moris..

So hear me out on this..I once designed an entire end game scenario around moris and keys..it was quite a design undertaking ..ph has part of that design for moris I suggested..moris granted under specific conditions..got me thinking , what if we did this with everyone ? Then the mori offering can be changed as needed..now I think like ph, survivors need to be under specific conditions for this

Say spirit, in order to access her death hook mori , or as I'm calling it..the DOOMED state, she would need to land say 6 out of phase hits to gain access to this, or perhaps trapper, to prevent 4 trap escapes..that way the killer gets rewarded for using their powers effectively , rather than it just being given, that way it's like a small reward for good killer play and not something you can get by tunneling hooks or something..it could very well solve the mori issue and spice up the game all at once


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