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DS and my latest experience with it as a survivor with some data

ZerLukasZerLukas Member Posts: 295


I've always considered DS as one of the strongest survivor perks if not the strongest one. I'm not interested in metas and pick the perks I like but at one point I've been farmed off hook and tunnelled a lot so I took the perk back. But recently I've started noticing that I hardly use it at all. I'm either not tunnelled or slugged or last in a chase for more than a minute or for any reason I don't get to use it with rare exceptions.

So I decided to do some stastistics on that and in my last 25 games I've used it 2 times. But it should be noted that in both of these games DS was the reason that I escaped.

I have a Google sheet with those stats written down. There is more data than that in there but for the most part it means very little yet as it's only been 25 games. But I intend to keep updating it and when the amount of games will reach 100 and above I think these stats will be curious to look at.

But for now my conclusion is that a perk that I get to use so rarely isn't worth wasting a slot for. I'm strongly considering dropping it but don't know what to switch it to.

And what was your experience with DS lately? How often do you get to use it?


  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,432
    edited June 2020

    I dont know how often I get to use it, but when I get to use it, it is 99% of the time justified. But I am also not that player that runs to the Killer to rub the DS in their face, because I know that this will most likely not turn out good for me. But I also know that I did not get some DS, because the Killer took a minute to chase me after I got unhooked, meaning that I got tunneled but was not able to use it.

    What I know is that the one time I recently did not use DS, I got tunneled. Like, instantly.

    Personally, I consider DS needed, because I know how Killers play when there is no Obsession. Simply the fact that there was a Obsession in your games (meaning someone had DS) could mean that you got to use it only twice.

  • SpiritLover1133SpiritLover1133 Member Posts: 214

    in tournaments decisive strike is banned because games don’t last more than 5 minutes and having a 60 seconds immunity is plain unbalanced.

    killers must slug and tunnel because getting 12 hooks is impossible.

  • metalklokmetalklok Member Posts: 632

    exactly. Even if it doesn't activate you still get value because the killer is respecting not getting ds'd

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074
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    This ^

    Against normal teams it matters less, but against "good" rank 1 survivors you cannot win by playing fair and DS, as well as the other second chance perks, force you to play fair. It leaves the killer in a lose/lose scenario against those survivors. If the killer won regardless, the survivors made a lot of mistakes or he was playing one of the few top tier killers.

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,706

    It's an interesting finding, despite 25 games not being a lot.

    However, the value of DS is not simply direct, when you use it. It's also indirect, as a deterrent. With this experiment you get to capture the difference DS makes when it's present in the form of how often you get to use it. What you can't see, it's the difference it makes when you don't get to use it. For that, you will also need is to record when there's no obsession, how often you get picked up before 60 seconds after being unhooked.

    I hope the explanation wasn't too bad.

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