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Is there any killer that legit scares you in dbd?



  • SuxyaSuxya Member Posts: 6

    Huntress and her lullaby is so creepy for me. I always have chills going against a huntress.

  • MiraakMiraak Member Posts: 241
    edited May 2020

    Oh yeah! Michael and Ghost Face are the only killers which scares me a lot

  • MadcatMadcat Member Posts: 1

    I run spine chill so i'm not exactly scared of Myers or Ghost Face.

    Oni is pretty creepy because of how menacing he sounds, but Doctor takes the cake for me, i'm a big believer that I can't win against doctors (i'm at rank 1 that's how sad it is) because he creeps the crap out of me

  • DNMDNM Member Posts: 58

    All of the above which is why I mostly play killer c:

  • timidluketimidluke Member Posts: 8

    Ghostface catches me out all the time, pig too sometimes

  • Martesa55Martesa55 Member Posts: 208

    When I started playing the game I used to be scared of Myers. I remember I was seeing him from the nowhere and scream. Now it's hard for me to be scared from any killer

  • NetherduckNetherduck Member Posts: 1

    Not really to be honest. I have been surprised of course, but I can't say that I'm scared of anyone.

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854

    A Nurse with an OP operator controlling her is the best.

  • illiumredilliumred Member Posts: 10
    edited June 2020

    Ghostface has given me actual jumpscares before with him sneaking up in stealth, Hag traps can jumpscare me quite a bit...and Myers has freaked me out once before when I caught him slowly walking up right behind me getting a good stalk in. 😰

    I don’t think I’m genuinely scared of any killer I face in a match, but I can get caught off-guard depending on how they play.

  • alullabyfortheclarksalullabyfortheclarks Member Posts: 47

    the spirit cuz now you see her and now you dont.

  • JayDoesGamesJayDoesGames Member Posts: 193

    Any killer is scary lately, cause no matter how good you play, you get hit from impossible distances, even with pallets infront of you and walls.

  • AyuZekeAyuZeke Member Posts: 1

    Beeing diagnosed with coulrophobia i'd have to say Clown scares me the most. I allways have to dissconnect from matches against clowns as to not get a panic attack lol. Besides from that i also find pig to be very scary because it is hard to see her sneak up on you, but it is scary in a fun way, while clown for me is not a fun scare at all :)

  • TotemsCleanserTotemsCleanser Member Posts: 617

    Casting Myers, Ghostface and Pig jumpscares aside for a bit... when I first started playing I found Huntress the scariest. Her humming is so disturbing and feels so out of place in a realm where people being brutally murdered is the main thing going on. Her backstory being so sad doesn't help either because once you learn why she's humming like that it becomes even scarier somehow...

    Idk how to explain it, she just creates this very specific melancholic, hopeless atmosphere that other killers don't.

  • WhispersWhispers Member Posts: 5

    I agree, a good Meyers can be creepy. Makes me anxious and worried he's always stalking me.

  • TwistedJoke65TwistedJoke65 Member Posts: 316

    I've been consistently scared by oni whenever I play as survivor (which isn't much) He scares me because of the roars and the feeling of immediate danger. If I'm caught by him I'm screwed. It hits a bit more than just the jumpscares cause when I hear him and he sounds near I about crap myself

  • KawaakariKawaakari Member Posts: 3

    the demogorgon frightens me so much!!! I hate looking at him, I hate seeing him lol

  • ToppingPanicToppingPanic Member Posts: 74

    Not any of them really. This isn't a horror game anymore.

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