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Paid $5 To Stare At Grass In My Face

I play pig all the time, what is the point of having no terror radius when I can’t see them, but they can see me? It’s infuriating to stare at grass literally clipping through the camera and it’s still not going transparent. 

This is low low resolution grass too mind you, please allow pig to see through 8 meters of vegetation, it’s so frustrating that she has been out for a considerable amount of time and yet nothing has been done to fix her running into walls and being blind as a bat in forest maps while crouched. 

No where in the description does it say I will be paying $5 to stare at the texture work of grass. 


  • RozenliedRozenlied Member Posts: 22

    Pig isn't really good in general right now. I love her, but the RNG that comes with the RBTs and the grass staring simulator (considering all maps except Gideon Meat Plant has tall grass) don't help her either. I want a refund.

  • HP150HP150 Member Posts: 352

    @jiminie said:
    And i paid for Laurie only to get DS nerfed, [BAD WORD] happens

    I'm sorry, that was HOW many months after her release? DS is still OP. Atleast it had it's time to shine. Freddy was released as the weakest killer in the game and STILL got nerfed a week later. Pigs also just been bad from the start.

  • laKUKAlaKUKA Member Posts: 307
    edited September 2018

    i paid for the ACE tiger shirt. now im sexy, and you can see me in the forest.!

  • HookedonDemandHookedonDemand Member Posts: 179

    @laKUKA said:
    i paid for the ACE tiger shirt. now im sexy, and you can see me in the forest.!

    Ace and Pig action confirmed ! ;)

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,078

    Her crouch viewpoint is way lower than the Pig actually is, but this has been an issue since release and still totally ignored. Don't worry though, her ambush is trash too.

  • SilverMasterSilverMaster Member Posts: 12

    She needs a god damn buff. I mean if you are very good and a pig main you can climb to rank 1. But it's getting harder every time. She needs a buff. In this Forum there are lots of ideas for buffing her. From Rules NO.2 in her base kit to full add-ons rework to her. Please Devs. I am begging you.

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