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What perks are you using?

LivuxLivux Member Posts: 27

What perks are you using (survivor)?

... and what is your best strategy to avoid the entity? Tell us.



  • VesselOfSatanVesselOfSatan Member Posts: 9

    Up The Ante, Slippery Meat, Sprint Burst, Self Care. I don't need any teammates when I have LUCK.

  • hegewalddhegewaldd Member Posts: 30

    purple flashlight, sprint burst, self care, decisive strike, borrowed time. I tbag after i drop a pallet and i rush hooks. I also only play swf kappa

  • ToxicTappToxicTapp Member Posts: 63

    Tenacity, Stake Out, Decisive, Kindred. Hold m1 and press space.

  • BoxingRougeBoxingRouge Member Posts: 606

    Self Care, Borrowed Time, Dead Hard, We'll Make It. :p:p

  • PizzaMafiaPizzaMafia Member Posts: 19

    Premonition, Self Care, Sprintburst/Lithe, Leader/Vigil
    Play the genjocky/coward game. The killer can never find you If you're never near them ;), my friends love me in swf because it means the gens will ALWAYS get done. kyf is hell because the killer ignores everyone else to tunnel me because thats the easiest way to secure a win ;w;

  • DomTheSkunkDomTheSkunk Member Posts: 24

    When I wanna go full tryhard survival I use;
    Self Care, Balanced Landing, Iron Will, Adrenaline.

    When I play Ace;
    Self Care, Plunderer Instinct, Ace in the hole, Pharmacy.
    Already got over 50 green med kits on him lol

    And if I play with a friend who just recently got the game or I know is still new/bad I like to run
    Self Care, Empathy, We Will Make it, Wake Up,
    and just make it my job to make sure they will survive.

  • MiiRiiCoMiiRiiCo Member Posts: 5
    I play safety and repair fast and good ^^
    Technician, Stake Out, Spine Chill, Streetwise :+1:
  • RareRare Member Posts: 37

    I play safe/stealthy so I use:

    · Iron Will.
    · Urban Evasion.
    · Quick and Quiet.
    · Adrenaline.

  • VisionmakerVisionmaker Member Posts: 2,051
    • Premonition
    • Technician
    • Stake Out
    • Urban Evasion

    Not my usual build, but I like it so far.

  • theagitatedapricottheagitatedapricot Member Posts: 78
    Self Care, Borrowed Time, We'll Make It and Lithe currently. I change things up constantly tho.
  • robinrobin Member Posts: 149

    Dead Hard
    Borrowed Time
    Self Care

    Going to start using Feng Min to get Lithe teachable so might replace dead hard, we'll see
    also sometimes I'll use Empathy, Leader, or Unbreakable to replace one of them

  • Overlord_WillOverlord_Will Member Posts: 20
    David King
    Self Care
    Sprint Burst
    Borrowed Time
    Decisive Strike 

    its all around been good to me and helps me at all points in the trial.
  • ValkariValkari Member Posts: 27

    Self Care
    Iron Will
    Fourth slot is my free slot, which is usually Urban Evasion or Adrenaline.

  • skrillidexskrillidex Member Posts: 1

    Bond, lithe, adrenaline, and plunderers. Used to do self care/quick and quiet in place of bond/plunderers, but it was the same build over and over I got bored.

  • USADave85USADave85 Member Posts: 8


  • RagingCalmRagingCalm Member Posts: 399

    I change my build all the time, but as I type this my currently equipped perks are We'll Make It, Iron Will, Quick and Quiet, and Empathy.
    My strategy is usually to do whatever I am closest to. If I am close to a hooked/injured survivor, I go for that. If I am closer to a totem, gen, chest, etc. I will do that. The idea is that I am never just standing around wondering what I should do.
    I try to avoid chases, but when I do get in one I attempt to not get hit for at least 30 seconds(evader emblem) and then try to lose the Killer.
    A great tip is to pay attention to pallet and T-window locations. That way, if the Killer sneaks up on you then you have a planned route to loop/escape the Killer with.

  • GrandmaGrandma Member Posts: 36

    I have two builds, my tryhard and my for fun build.

    Tryhard: Borrowed Time, Sprint Burst, Self Care, Adrenaline/We'll make it (switches around)
    (I usually do this when my friends are on a losing streak and they want me to help carry)

    For fun: Plunderer's Instinct, Bond, Open handed (to see chests and people sooner), and Balanced landing, my new fav exhaustion perk. The killers never expect balanced landing, the loot is awesome and I love hording it, and bond + open handed is surprisingly amazing. Especially if I can get another person in on it and they run bond + OH as well, and boy you can see pretty much every survivor on the map 80% of the time.

  • TrundlerTrundler Member Posts: 20

    I have a bit of a sneak/altruism build that is countered by killers camping my fellow survivors.

    On Claudette I'm running:
    Botany Knowledge
    Self Care
    Urban Evasion

    So... pretty much how a Claudette is supposed to run. Fast heals and sneaky crouching usually leads me to wins without getting hooked.

  • BPSaiBPSai Member Posts: 7
    Urban Evasion, Sprint Burst, Iron Will and Balanced Landing
  • Slapped_A_T_RexSlapped_A_T_Rex Member Posts: 14

    On Ace I run Self care, Borrowed Time, Urban Evasion and Empathy.

  • JakeMainJakeMain Member Posts: 5

    I really like meta perks (Sprint Burst, Self Care, Adrenaline, Decisive Strike).
    But my favourite build will always be Iron Will, Lightweight, Urban Evasion (Or Self Care) and Sprint Burst <3

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 56

    Sprint burst, self care, botany knowledge, and we'll make it. good to take care of myself and the team incase of saving them, and they need to get healed fast, or even using the heal speed of we'll make it after saving someone to revive another down'd person depending on situation, it can make a game changing move.

  • BigAsh123BigAsh123 Member Posts: 22

    I use Borrowed Time, Sprint Burst, Self Care and Empathy. BT guarantees Benevolent points so it's a staple for all my survivors now. I have DS, have used it before but I didn't really need it. More of a killer main so I understand the frustrations of it. Sometimes use Urban, if I want to be immersed.

  • FwozenColadaFwozenColada Member Posts: 7
    • Wake Up!
    • Small Game
    • Urban Evasion
    • Self Care

    I really don't know why so many Players hate Wake Up! >:I It's a good perk… often saved me and my mates

  • GunManSpyGunManSpy Member Posts: 49

    To be honest I just use whatever is available to me but...

    • Self Care
    • Sprint Burst
    • Vigil
    • Kindred
      That's what I normally use most of the time.
  • Azgard12Azgard12 Member Posts: 335

    I've gotten strangely too comfortable with my perk set and have it on half of my characters. I feel naked if I'm not using these:

    -Self Care

    Which would you cut first and for what other perk?

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 56

    @Azgard12 said:
    I've gotten strangely too comfortable with my perk set and have it on half of my characters. I feel naked if I'm not using these:

    -Self Care

    Which would you cut first and for what other perk?

    I would cut premonition, you need to have awareness to save yourself a perk slot better, and it will get better with practice and learning from mistakes. I would replace it with an exhaust perk, lithe ( if u were in chases more often, vaulting from window will boost you for 3 secs of 150% speed.) or sprint burst, this one triggers once you click shift and same effect as lithe, another one is balanced landing, same concept except you when you fall it will boost your speed of movement to 150% as well, and you land faster regaining your balance fast.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,464

    Personally, I use the teachables of whatever character I'm playing at the time, the different roles they are supposed to play provide me with a slightly different experience each time. Although there are a few perks that are my go-to's regardless of who I'm playing. Premonition, Iron Will, Urban Evasion, Bond, etc.

  • AbyssionknightAbyssionknight Member Posts: 69
    edited May 2018

    Sprint Burst, Self Care, Bond, Urban Evasion.

    Really only have Urban Evasion there to support Sprint Burst (don't have to waste Sprint Burst if you just avoid killer) but really thinking about replacing Sprint Burst for Lithe, and then I can free up Urban Evasion's slot for something else like Vigil or Leader or We're Going To Live Forever. Also thought about toying with Wake Up, but I've never used the perk so I'd have to test it out.

    Oh, and I use Bond over Empathy because I find it more useful. Trying for a save? I know exactly where allies are. Doing gens? Easier to find a partner. Being chased? I can see allies in advance and avoid their area. Hear a heart beat approaching? I can see through objects the person being chased and whether or not they're heading straight for me. Used to use Empathy for the range instead, but once I went Bond I just can't go back.

  • ThePloopzThePloopz Member Posts: 1,010
    I use self care, lithe, urban immersion, and either borrowed or iron will.
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