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Planning an Xbox one dbd tournament

Sprauty6304Sprauty6304 Member Posts: 2

Teams of 4-5 will play through 2 games. One game with one teams killer and the others survivors and vise versa. Whichever team collected the most bloodpoints between the two games (survivors and killer for each team) will win the round. Each killer will be allowed one yellow add on or two brown add ons they can’t have anything else. No survivors may enter the trial with items. No facecamping or your killer will gain 0 bloodpoints for their game. All killers are allowed and all survivor perks may be used (2 of each per team). I will update the post for the maps and date once I have at least 4 teams entered. Glhf. Feel free to message me with any questions about the tournament on discord.

Discord: Sprauty#8109


  • Sprauty6304Sprauty6304 Member Posts: 2

    this is the discord server for the monthly dbd tournaments on Xbox

  • eleetmatteleetmatt Member Posts: 11

    Hey, if you wanna do something like this, hit up the dead by daylight xbox group on facebook. We do stuff like this all the time, I'm always down.

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