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Rank Reset

So a friends started out the season with Rank 8 then the game reset her to 13. It gave her an error code set her back to 16. When she logged in it said 17. Restarted the app and it put her at rank 20 what should she do about this?! Is there anything she can do?! “What’s the point in playing if I can’t get anywhere?” Those are her exact words to me. I’m personally afraid to log in myself.


  • bythewayBTWbythewayBTW Member Posts: 2

    You’re afraid to login because you’ll have a higher chance of facing off against Noobs and therefore scoring BP, shards, and rift progress way more easily?

    Rank is pretty much literally just for matching. Think about it, and take fullll advantage. My rank hasn’t reset at all and I’m pretty miffed.

  • lunaposalunaposa Member Posts: 88

    It's not like that at all. I have this error where I can't rank past rank 15 before, now I am stuck being rank 20 for the time being after reset. It is frustrating because you want to have a CHALLENGE , not being stuck with people in lower ranks. Also loosing ALL your progress with shards and BP + devotion level , while loosing challenges and having to restart them is such a hassle, it leaves one depleted.

  • ShadowsAngel09ShadowsAngel09 Member Posts: 4

    I agree 100% with Lunaposa. We’ve worked hard to be at the ranks we are and having that ripped away makes you not want to play. Especially since on some of the lower ranks you get farmed off hook and hardcore camped. Don’t get caught is easy enough if you don’t mind not getting chase points, but when you have people working with the killers on switch that makes it harder. I had a Claudette last night work with The Pig, caught footage of it and posted it on Twitter tagging Dbd and switch. They will sandbag you every chance they get. “They game isn’t fun if they destroy the progress you’ve made and remove everything you’ve worked to achieve through player code errors during rank reset.” -my friend

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