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If BHVR was to revisit Left 4 dead

Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,397
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I found this video on youtube, fan made theme for left 4 dead and witch music in DBD and I thought. Why didn't BHVR do a full left 4 dead?

Would any of you like the devs to revisit left 4 dead and what killer/map would you like to see from the games?


  • BlazeNightashBlazeNightash Member Posts: 230

    tbh the witch would be only infected viable for being a killer, the rest are extremely mindless zombies and wouldn't work that well in the game or the lore. They could add more survivors from l4d to the game but other than nothing viable

  • BlazeNightashBlazeNightash Member Posts: 230

    not gonna lie it would be funny as [BAD WORD] maybe for an event they could do something like that, but as just a normal killer hes way to damn big and his power is literally throwing [BAD WORD] around xD

  • chase131119chase131119 Member Posts: 842

    The tank sounds like huntress, but instead of hatchet-sized semi trucks he will be throwing actual semi trucks.

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 810


    I love how in the menu music, you start to hear the DbD menu theme, then it transitions into the L4D menu theme. It's honestly fricking brilliant. The chase music is just as good, if not better. It starts dark, and omnious, but then as it gets closer, you can hear the choir notes, which are the same notes that you hear when you approach a witch in L4D. DAMN THIS IS SOOO GOOD.

    This dude has created some legendary chase music. I'd highly recommend anyone to check his stuff out. Here are some of my other favorites from him:

    Anyway, before I get too off track. I definitely think BHVR should revisit the L4D chapter in some way. I was thinking about this earlier, and I thought that the best map would be the Finale Area in The Passing Chapter of L4D2. It's pretty big, but not too big. In the game, you have to fill up a generator with gas in order to escape. That specific gen could function as that map's special generator location, where one always appears (similar to the bathroom gen in "The Game".

    As for a killer, I think its safe to say that common infected are out of the equation. Which leaves the 8 special infected: The Charger, The Hunter, The Spitter, The Jockey, The Tank, The Witch, The Boomer, and The Smoker.

    I think the Jockey is out of the question for being too short, and not really having much of a DbD-applicable power.

    Despite how cool his mori would be, The Hunter is most like out of the equation as well, since he looks too similar to the Legion, and doesn't really have a power outside of pouncing on survivors, and waiting for a teammate to rescue them. It theoretically could work, but it would be boring since the killer would just have to sit there with the survivor, until either they die/go down, or a teammate saves them. In my opinion, there are far better options.

    The Boomer is literally The Plague, so that's almost a guaranteed no.

    The Charger could work pretty well, but he's essentially a hillbilly clone (maybe a legendary skin for billy would be nice)

    The Tank would be way too big (even though he'd be SUPER fun).

    and The Smoker is kind of like the deathslinger (maybe a legendary skin for him would be possible)

    Here are the options that I would consider probable:

    The Spitter I feel could work pretty well. Her ability would have her spit out acid from a pretty far distance, and once it comes into contact with the ground, it would create a puddle, that would damage anyone within it. This could be really useful in shutting down some loops or something. In order to balance it out, it would need some sort of recharge time (like in the L4D versus mode).

    However, the Witch would most likely be the pick to go with (and my personal pick too). Her power would have to be semi reworked from how it reworks in L4D, since in that game, her power solely lies on survivors provoking her. In DbD, my guess would be that it would be somewhat like the Oni, in the way that she'd have some sort of rage mode after something occurs. Perhaps, as she becomes agitated (through certain actions such as being pallet stunned, flashlight blinded, or going long periods in chases without a hit), it would fill up an "Agitation Gauge" of some sort. Once she becomes full agitated, her hits apply deep wounds, and she can break pallets and generators using her hands at a much quicker rate. This only issue I see to a power like this is that you dont want to punish survivors for doing good things, or else that might be hard to find counterplay to, but then again, this is just a concept.

    I used to play L4D a TON back in the day (I have ~165 hrs on it), and when I picked up DbD in May 2018, to find out that it had Bill, I almost completely lost it. Bill is still my main to this day. I really hope BHVR considers finishing up the L4D chapter, because I, for one, would be ecstatic if it was one day completed.

  • GreyBigfootGreyBigfoot Member Posts: 165

    The Witch would be an interesting pick, and one of the only ones with a feasible power. I imagine it would be some kind of stalking mechanic that makes the Witch angry.

    As for maps, the port from The Sacrifice finale would be very cool, a mix of indoor segments and streets. It would be a little bit like Haddeonfield in that sense. There's even generators from the L4D map that could be guaranteed spawns, like a main building gen.

    For survivors, I think just legendary outfits for Bill would suffice, but Coach would also be a good addition.

  • bLoodSLoth97bLoodSLoth97 Member Posts: 27

    Maybe the witch could have a power like survivors looking in her direction fills her power bar. When its filled she enters a very fast state with instantdown. Otherwise she is slow. Flashlights and firecrackers and other stuns will charge the power moderately. The counterplay to the power would be to look away from the witch would also allow the killer to better direct the chase and mindgame easier.

  • FrankieFrankie Member Posts: 807
    edited June 14

    Charger or Hunter. Witch would basically have no power. Map would have to be No Mercy Hospital. Period.

  • EmotionalDaisyEmotionalDaisy Member Posts: 122

    I love this idea! Left 4 Dead needs the upgrade from paragraph to chapter! Some legendary skins for Bill and another survivor from L4D that gets to be a unique survivor (Coach, Louis, or Nick would be my guesses? ) A killer I would think would be the witch? I would think she'd have the most potential for something and everyone knew the stress of dealing with a witch when they played l4d. The map could be either the roof of Mercy Hospital or The Passings final area.

    I would like to think Silent Hill's dlc success will make the other game companies see the benefits of working with DbD and we'll see more iconic licenses enter the scene.

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    That would be similar to SCP-096 The Shy Guy, who goes into a rage when looked at. Whichever, that would be a new, inventive power that actually encourages survivors to not look and rely on ears, etc. That would be a new playstyle - good idea, I like it!

  • bLoodSLoth97bLoodSLoth97 Member Posts: 27

    SCP-096 could also make for a neat legendary skin for the witch.

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    I was literally thinking that the moment I posted, but didn't add it! So long as they change the sound when they scream. Both screams are equally horrific (in a good way!)

  • bLoodSLoth97bLoodSLoth97 Member Posts: 27

    Don't they both like cry as you get closer? Maybe they could have like a smaller huntress humming thing going on.

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    I think they both cry regardless of distance, but SCP-096 takes longer to wind up when activated. Unfortunately, it can take that extra time as with Shy Guy you're already dead. At least with The Witch you have a small percentage you'd survive if people help you.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 11,524


    I've always wanted them to add the Tank, but lately i've grown doubts on him being possible.

    He's too big for vaulting and general narrow spaces, but reducing his size is not something i'd prefer.

    Don't like the idea of the Hunter & the Witch, and for generally the same reasons: In order to make them balanced for the game, the Hunter wouldn't be allowed to pounce high, and the Witch definitely wouldn't be stuck in one place until a Survivor gets too close.

    And if those things aren't the same as in L4D, i think it would ruin the image too much.

    Smoker would've been a good choice if Deathslinger wasn't a thing.

    Boomer can't call hordes of zombies here, and just vision blocking makes him too close to being Clown.

    Charger would seem like another Hillbilly/Oni.

    Jockey & Spitter sound like the best choices to me, though my vote would be for Spitter, as Jockey would undoubtedly have a Hag PoV.

    But steering Survivors might be fun, though i do wonder where you'd steer them to.

    Spitter would have a long-range attack, and once the projectile falls on the ground, it creates the massive acid pool, which if spat on Generators, would mean Survivors have to go away, or they'll take damage. (It wouldn't deal damage immediately.)

    Also, if you've seen the Spitter spit in L4D2, you know the ball of acid that you spit drops like an anvil after a second or so, almost completely removing the momentum it had before that.

    Meaning you can use that as a tactic: If you see a Generator's Aura behind a wall, you could angle your shot a bit high so it doesn't travel too far forward, making the drop happen right as it goes over the Generator, making it land there and driving Survivors away from it.

    Yeah, i'd like the Spitter.

  • bobcat946732bobcat946732 Member Posts: 764

    I want them to revist the chapter just to change the taking one for the team trophy. Everything else would just be a bonus. :D

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 483

    One thought I'd had, though I doubt it's feasible, was the Special Infected as a whole being the Left 4 Dead killer. The idea is geared around how playing as the Special Infected works in Left 4 Dead itself.

    You start as a specific Special Infected, maybe pre-determined, maybe random? As the game progresses, you build up a power meter. Once full, the power meter can be used to "reset" which Infected you're playing as, much like how in L4D's multiplayer if you died as one Special Infected you'd respawn as another. The respawn is on some other portion of the map, which might help with map pressure issues since it's something of a teleport.

    The Special infected would have lower-tier versions of existing abilities The Smoker would be the Deathslinger, but lower range and/or not putting Survivors into Deep Wounds, the Hunter's pounce would operate like the Demogorgon's Shred, the Charger would operate like the Hillbill or Oni, the Boomer would be like Vile Purge Plague while the Spitter is Corrupt Purge plague. The ability to become the Tank and/or the Witch would be Ultra Rare addons. The Boomer's self-destruct would be similar to the Doctor's Static Blast, only infecting any Survivor caught in it with Infection to the point of Broken on the spot. Possibly with a time limit rather than a place to cleanse.

    Their Mori would be summoning a Horde to maul a Survivor to death.

  • SpacingLlamasSpacingLlamas Member Posts: 584

    L4D is one of my all time favorite video game franchise. That video reminds me how good L4D music and scores are!!

    Love for DbD to revisit it. So much missed potential when they only did Bill, though I still appreciate having him in the game.

    And now with legendary skins, they could add every L4D character in DBD.

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