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Searching for NA Tournament Xbox

KillerMonkey236KillerMonkey236 Member Posts: 35

HI everyone,

I am on xbox and searching for a tournament to play in. I play both sides. Just came off of a break so my rank is purple in killer and purple in survivor. If anyone has anything my name on here is the same as my Gamertag on xbox so message me anywhere.


See you in the fog.


  • AbstractVisionAbstractVision Member Posts: 2

    I’ve been looking for one too. We just need someone to start one up

  • SphelpsdesignSphelpsdesign Member Posts: 1

    I’m down to be in this tournament. Feel like a god tier killer and I’m like an okay survivor.

  • TristrixtaTristrixta Member Posts: 1

    I’m down if anybody wants to do any sort of Xbox tournament. I can basically never get downed at rank 5 help I play this game too much

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