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Question regarding Cheryl's cosmetics

MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

I've never purchased a licensed character so i'm not familiar with how their cosmetics work, but I'm pretty confused about Cheryl's (I might buy her, depends on the answers I get on here)

So, normally in the store if you like an outfit but not a certain part (lets say the head) then you'd buy the pants and shirt separately and then choose a different head, however I noticed I couldn't do that with Cheryl. It was either buy a full outfit or just a shirt....

My question is, if I bought a full outfit and then bought a separate shirt would I be able to merge them? Or would the full outfit disappear once I equip the separate shirt?


  • xaphlxaphl Member Posts: 48

    You should be able to merge the shirt as they wouldn't give you the option to buy only the shirt if you couldn't

  • xaphlxaphl Member Posts: 48

    actually reading into it you might not be able to as the agreement with konami (trying not to spoil silent hill) might say that they cannot mix and match the skins for characters they have licenced as skins for the new surv

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    Thanks. It's a shame because even though I really like some of the separate shirts she has, i'd like a different head piece. I feel like her character is kind of an odd shape and her neck looks weirdly long at the back with the vest tops + default short hair

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