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Legendary Skins

chrupekchrupek Member Posts: 37

Give us opportunities to change heads, torso and weapons!

It's very weird when we can't change anything...


  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

    Yeah that's super frustrating.

    it just me but is the standard Pyramid Head graphic just so much cooler than the premium Executioners Apron.

    Though I wouldn't mind being able to swap and change the Premium sword in with the standard model.

  • Yeah i'm agree. It's really weird. Why BHVR did so?(

  • Wes_Wes_ Member Posts: 1

    I understand why you can only equip Lisa's or Allesia's skins together but what's wrong with wearing others skins separately?

  • Just_CharlzJust_Charlz Member Posts: 1

    Please make sure that new skins can be worn individually.

    And fix the flashlights, it became impossible to shine with them.

  • RothulRothul Member Posts: 72

    I agree with this. Apparently the new Nea skin is going to be a set as well, which doesn't make any sense. Would like to wear what I want and not be forced to wear the entire set. IMO if the skin doesn't change your entire character it SHOULDN'T be in any case a set. BHVR is going the wrong way with that and I think they might lose money.

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