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Healthy Obsession Achievement Not Working

Last game I played, I probably healed the obsession about 3 times and once I went to go check the Achievement Progress, it was zero. I probably healed the obsession in past games without knowing and it still hasn't counted it.

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  • LilyyoLilyyo Member Posts: 2

    Bugged, happening for me too. pls fix !!

  • DarKnight_DoomDarKnight_Doom Member Posts: 54

    Yeap! Me too!! "Healthy Obsession" is bugged.

  • SanKraNSanKraN Member Posts: 8

    Behaviour INC dont you want to hire a professional tester for this game ? i am all in, 10years + experience in the field. This game is amazing but it cand be way better without this bugs escaped in production after each patch :)

  • PsychoKnightPsychoKnight Member Posts: 8

    I'm also getting no progress on obsession heals with this achievement in Steam. I know I've healed 10 obsessions already, so it still isn't awarding on full completion either. Definitely bugged right now, hope it gets patched soon!

  • PsychoKnightPsychoKnight Member Posts: 8

    I rescind my previous comment. I just got the achievement a few games ago. The Steam achievements page just doesn't count the progress correctly, but will reward it after all 10 obsession heals are completed. Keep in mind though, this achievement does not simply count when heals are finished, but instead counts the progress of entire heals. I was awarded the achievement after finishing a heal of an obsession that had already healed themselves 50%. Good luck to others trying to get this achievement!

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