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Unbelievable amounts of griefing on Midwich

DragonnoidDragonnoid Member Posts: 5
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I recently played a game with my 3 other friends and were sent to the new map, Midwich elementary school. After completing the first 2 gens and having no sign of the killer, we decide to run around and see if they might be AFK. When entering one of the bathrooms and running up to the second floor, I run into a breakable wall. I realized it was a dead end and turned around and tried to go through the doorway I came. I couldn't get through the door, and then I realized it was a wraith blocking the doorway (you can hear him breathing). I originally thought he had NOED and was going to camp me once the gens were completed. Upon completion of the gens, he didn't uncloak or move in the slightest and continued to block me into the bathroom. I asked my friends if they could search around the map for chests to maybe find a flashlight so we could burn him and I could run past him while he was stunned. We were not blessed with RNG. I then noticed that he brought a scratched coin to lessen our chances. His entire plan was to body block someone and keep me there until endgame killed me. More or less to waste all of our time. Even after the gates were open and the end game timer started, he still didn't budge. I had to wait until end game timer and spent probably 15+ minutes sitting there because he wanted to grief. Below I posted a link to the video I posted showing exactly what I'm talking about. Someone might say "Oh but he could have been AFK the entire time", but no, he wasn't. I wouldn't have been able to get into the bathroom if he was. Extremely annoyed from the entire thing, we all reported him but I'm sure nothing will happen. Couldn't have DC'd either or else I would be penalized for it. Sorry for the rant, but this should 100% be bannable.

Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kXrCIZB6o4

Link for video, [BAD WORD] you mod.

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