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Devs losing touch with community



  • Lee_theLeoLee_theLeo Member Posts: 1

    PS4 has a bad problem with campers. The more they camp, the more they’re just hurting themselves by missing out on chase and hook points.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,447

    I agree there's a lot of campers but also a lot of survivors willing to reward them. Like I got facecamped by a bubba in the basement recently, chainsaw revving no insidious or anything, and I had kindred - and the other 3 survivors all came running down to interfere and ended up dying in there too. I dislike campers and I'm sick of survivors giving them a 4k for no reason because they all seem to lose whatever common sense they had once they realise someone's getting camped.

  • Wubsyy__Wubsyy__ Member Posts: 116

    Cote said himself to "play something else for a change" if you're not enjoying DbD.

  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 965

    Easy fix: remove the time penalty if the Killer enters a chase, or if another survivor is within 16 meters

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,447
    edited June 2020

    So they added a tip for something they themselves deemed as "frowned upon", and not actually changed the way a mechanic can be abused by simply adjusting/creating other options for a "camped" survivor, other than the perks (which are already meta enough) DS/BT, and addressing the actual issue. 🤣

    Got it.

    Here is a hint. Most situations where a killer is face camping very seldom result in the other 3 survivors escaping. Why? Because sometimes the killer doesn't make it known that face-camping is their intention so they make the other survivors waste time until they get there and find out the killer was in fact meaning to face-camp.

    I don't expect everybody to understand that, because most killers camp in one way other another because it can be a strat, but it can also be abused to an extent. Which is where I have a problem with it.

    I'm also going to put this into perspective, because this is the mentality of a lot of players on these forums:

    (Killer camps) Those players: "Just do gens! Don't feed the killer"

    Those SAME people: "Genrushing needs to be nerfed immediately!"

    Bottom line is. Many people on here just seem to one sided on where the "real" problems are with the game, and cherry-pick whatever suits their fun.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,168

    A killer can only be at one place at a time. If he hangs around the hook gens are free. Force them to move or lose

  • TheAntiSantaTheAntiSanta Member Posts: 122

    Less Killers would do this kind of camping, if survivors would just do gens and stop rushing in to die to it.

  • ayayaayaya Member Posts: 163

    Just do some gens. Very interactive.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675
  • ayayaayaya Member Posts: 163

    I agree but it becomes problematic when half of matches are like that

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    It would become problematic if half the matches were like that yes, but they're not. Even if they were, that just exacerbates the need for survivors to punish it by gen rushing.

  • TuckzysGayMengTuckzysGayMeng Member Posts: 72

    Or, You can have one person fake the save for all of that time. Keeping the killer there for probably about 5-10 mins. Meanwhile. All gens have been done, and the dude on the hook is literally nowhere even near being on second state. Granted for anyone that’s smart that wouldn’t be any issue whatsoever. But about 5% of players that play the game are smart. So that’s a pretty big percentage swinging the other way!

  • N0T0Ri0USN0T0Ri0US Member Posts: 59

    Boy lemme tell you something face-camping is always going to be a part of the game. The best thing you can do as the victim is buy your team some time.

    FPS games have been out for 2 decades and camping is still an issue. What do you expect from a game that's only been out for 4 years ?

  • MongolPSRMongolPSR Member Posts: 1,032

    so this is broken tenfold. a survivor from the moment they get hooked has 2 minutes of being on the hook. in this two minutes if the killer decided to camp, or even worse face camp. Almost all five gens can be done. Lets assume these are the most average survivors to ever survive. they will never fail a skill check nor will they ever get a great skill check. All 3 survivors who are not on hook each get on a gen as soon as the 4th survivor is hooked. 80 seconds go by and 3 gens pop. one survivor goes off by himself to work on a gen and the other 2 meet up to work on a gen together. 40 seconds go by and the hooked survivor died, 7 more seconds go by and the 4th gen pops and only 33 seconds remain for the lone survivor to pop the 5th gen. thats a lot of power that the kiler is giving away by camping. The only thing survivors are doing when they try to unhook the camped survivor is wasting time and giving the killer control of the game. if you are on comms you just let the others know hes camping, work on gens. If your not on comms and you spend say 20 seconds trying to unhook the survivor or at least checking out the situation the best thing to do is abandon the survivor and pressure the killer by doing gens. the killer will most likley leave if he sees a bunch of gens pop off.

    With all that in mind giving a slowdown of up to 90% is absolutely broken. lets say he gets a middle ground of only 45% for the whole 2 minutes. that means the survivors get and extra 54 seconds to work on gens and still go and save the survivor, that means that they are guaranteed to get all 5 gens done and have time to spare to save the other survivor with ease as the 2 survivors who finish gen 4 would go grab the survivor and the other survivor would finish gen 5. The math for this is of course if the survivors could magically teleport to the next gen one after the other and isnt taking into consideration travel time but even then one hooked survivor is at least garunteeing 3 gens done if the killer refuses to leave them. At the same time this is also ignoring great skillcheck bonuses and toolboxes, and the perk prove thyself. This again is also only based on a 45% slow down if you do it to the max of 90% the survivors get a whole whopping additional 108 seconds. This means at max survivors on hook can get a whole 228 seconds on hook making them be able to spend almost 4 minutes on hook. This simply holds the hands of the survivors in a situation they already have the advantage in. Camping on hook is a terrible strategy and is already punishable there is no need to make the punishment even more severe since its already a fail state strategy. if it happens to you, last as long as you can on hook and call it a game, move onto the next match. Just like killers arent garunteed a 4k you aren't guaranteed an escape.

  • mentalpopcornmentalpopcorn Member Posts: 181

    Okay I'm a killer main and I'll explain why not being able to give.up a survivor and progress generators is just plain stupid. I mainly play the hag, so no, I don't need to face camp. I can literally just teleport when someone's about to unhook. This leads to many games where there are very few unhooks, and when there are I just down the person who got unhooked right away again. I was against a sfw team that would not let their friend die. They had exit gate powered but the 3 of them were still trying to save this one survivor. Even with the exit gate powered this lead to me getting a 4k. A game that could've been a 1k turned into a 4k because the survivors weren't willing to give a survivor to a killer that is amazing at keeping the survivor hooked. Here's my other problem with people that cry about camping. If i as the killer know 2 or 3 other survivors are trying to unhook the survivor, why would I go patrol generators that nobody is at? You're asking the killer to intentionally lose the game when you tell them to leave the survivor alone so you can unhook them. This would be like a killer flaming you for repairing generators, it's literally your goal as a survivor. Just like my goal is killing survivors and not letting you unhook them.

    No, I'm not going to sit by a hook because that's a waste of time. But if you think the killer should go to the other side of the map when they have someone hooked you're just being an irrational child that needs to learn how to play better.

  • mentalpopcornmentalpopcorn Member Posts: 181

    You don't need direct evidence to understand where the survivors might be. It's a just game sense, you develop it over time in any game. Like how in league of legends with no vision on enemies it's not too hard to tell where most would be. If the previous pattern of the survivors in a stage has been sending 2 or 3 to unhook then I'm going to play around that and not go to the other side of the map because the survivors want me to.

  • Sweet_FengSweet_Feng Member Posts: 72

    You can also get no Terrorradius with Insidious. Tbh in my opinion, players shouldn't lose pips if the killer always stays near the hook. Because what are you going to do against a killer that is camping? Like a Bubba. You can't do anything and losing a pip for it. Gg

  • mentalpopcornmentalpopcorn Member Posts: 181

    A killer can abuse certain types of camping, sure. But the fact is there are perks and strats to be abused on both sides. I personally think survivors have no right to talk about any dirty killer tactics as long as infinite looping exists, because that should just be blatantly impossible as a survivor.

  • SloppyKnockoutSloppyKnockout Member Posts: 1,505

    In order to lose something, they have to have it. They never had it. Content creators made DBD. Not the devs. Without streamers/youtubers, nobody would know what this game is.

  • mentalpopcornmentalpopcorn Member Posts: 181

    Instant rebooks should not be nerfed. If a survivor rescues another survivor in a situation where it's easy to down one or the other, that is absolutely the rescuers fault, the killer should not suffer a penalty because the survivor made a really dumb decision.

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    Already did it, survivors abused it with 2 ppl just outside killers range so the killer would hook someone. See two people. If he chased one the hooked.person got freed, if he didnt the hooked person would take forever to die.

    Survivors encouraged the tunneling and camping meta and dont wanna deal with the consequences of it.

  • mentalpopcornmentalpopcorn Member Posts: 181

    What would you suggest the devs do about this then? There's nothing they can do that keeps it fair for the killer. 2 - 3 survivors keep going to save the hooked survivor? Too bad, camping isn't allowed and you have to let them save the survivor? If you're going to cry about a "problem" offer advice to fix it. Not that it's a problem in the first place, considering it's very easy to counter just by repairing.

    If it was a strategy that works way too well and carried you to rank 1 then id get doing something about it, but that's just not the case. Instead those people lose out more than they win. The only time they win is when dumb survivors reward them for the behavior by not letting the survivor go.

  • 30677743067774 Member Posts: 3

    Honestly I already found away they can fix it add a new mode that's what they need add a mode called like 3 death game mode the killer can mori 3 times in the game after first down you die you wait 1 min and respawn till all 3 lives are gone from the survivor no bleed out time either so he cant camp while downed boom problem solved benefits killer by always having a mori faster then being hooked and help ls survivors from being camped problem solved but the dev's dont know what a new game mode is so idk what tf they are doing.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675
    edited June 2020

    The people who suggested that the sacrifice speed be slowed when the killer was near the hook thought they had all the answers, too. Turned out they didn't.

  • CK_DemomCK_Demom Member Posts: 11

    Remove the effect if the killers in a chase? That way if survivors are wasting time around the hook trying to pull killer away only 1 is probably doing gens

  • Artemis_LHArtemis_LH Member Posts: 113
    edited June 2020

    They could do something like that, just negate the reduction in sacrifice speed if another survivor also happens to be nearby.

    The biggest issue with all of this, when playing as a survivor, is how long it takes to get into a match. Nobody likes to wait for an extended period of time just for camping and tunneling. A killer with real skill won't have to do either.

    Win or lose, I just want a healthy match for the 30+ minutes of waiting I just did to get into said match.

    As a killer, it's far more entertaining to just harass and scare the ever loving ######### out of survivors. Go for kills, but prioritize keeping pressure on the map. With smaller map sizes it's never been easier to patrol gens and keep the pressure on everyone. Hell, there are even more deadzones now. Even if a few escape (which is still not as often as I would expect) I still, most of the time, get at least a brutal killer rating (or better) and plenty of bloodpoints to boot (35k or more).

    To feel the need to deliberately ruin someone else's day must be a telltale sign that one must actually feel quite small and pathetic IRL.

  • ShrekTheThird69ShrekTheThird69 Member Posts: 327

    This is exactly what I do and more survivors should do the same. If the killer is face camping just rush all the gens and escape.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 3,409

    That image imo is false, they don't just wait there they commit suicide simple as that.

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