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Julie Legion Knife by Deaconfrost__

DeaconFrost__DeaconFrost__ Member Posts: 3
edited June 2020 in Crafting Contest

Usually a survivor main but play Legion (Julie) for whatever reason if I play killer and always thought she could use a new hand cleaver because I think they're kinda neat and somewhat brutal looking, almost like a straight razor. The blade is made from metal and was ground down (didn't have a forge) and then sanded to make it smooth. Handle is made from ironwood and sanded down around the metal. I decided to burn (wood burner) "Mount Ormond Resort" into the handle as the idea is this would have been a knife they picked up while in the area from a restaurant at the resort or a gift shop( yea I know never mention but it's possible, what resort doesn't have a fine dining restaurant) I also decided to wrap the handle in athletic tape as I thought that was something Frank might have had left over from when he was on a basketball team. Made fake snow for the picture because it seemed fitting and I've seen a few atmospheric pictures so I thought I'd try, conditioner and baking soda apparently. Anyway I started on June 6th and finished it tonight and not having used a grinder or a woodburner before I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. If you read all that thanks! Everyone's posts have been awesome and keep up the good work!

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